Why that FIRST step is what counts.
- And it does.

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You visualize all you want, my friend – everyone does it whether you know it or not.

You worship your sun sign all you want, believe in hocus pocus, mumbo jumbo about (curiously, as I’ve said before, all this crap really came to a head in 2020 “when the shoe started to pinch” hehe) “how you listen to this guru and that and eat this and that to achieve your goal on auto pilot” and all that …

But nothing, I repeat nothing happens either constructively or not until you take MEANINGFUL action.

Life, biz, fitness, all of it.

This morning I was thinking about sending you an email, my friend.

And then I was wondering what to send, and without revealing too many of my writing secrets, I sent one, just ..I just sent it.

And that one morphed into, almost instantly, six for my other two businesses.

And of course, a host of unsubscribes from idiots and morons who signed up for the list but never, for years, have any intention of buying anything – I mean dont get me wrong, if you’ve just signed up, thats different, but if you’re on a list since bloody 2017, and wont spend one red cent on anything, then you dont need to be on the list, period. Much like with this biz here, you can always get (most of my) free updates on via bookmarks etc (speaking of which, anyone that bookmarks the site – and isn’t on the list to start with – sure shod sign of a penny pinching bozo that will NEVER buy anything, hehe) ..

I mean, and again.

Dont get me wrong.

There’s two ways, to me, of running your show – one “be nice” and spout crap about how “experienced you are in terms of fitness” when you’re really a hypocritical fat Bozo (I ain’t even getting into the Schofield part, hehe) who can’t do a pull-up properly to save his or her life, and when you do ’em you take the easy way out with hammer grip.

Spot crap about how “amazingly awesome” you are, when the reality probably is the polar opposite, and surreptiously copy techniques from the DOERS (dont get me wrong, there ain’t no copyright on ideas, but hypocrisy is what I cannot stand!).

And thats perfectly fine if you gotta be that way, friend.

But the second way is the practical way.

Nothing survives without money.

Results speak.

And here’s the bottom line – I’d put my results up (both fitness wise and otherwise) against any of the do gooder crowd – open challenge!

CAN you back your shit up?

The answer would be no, and the second way, to me, is to be upfront, very much so, about the fact that while I do believe in providing value par none, thats only for doers who understand life and everything in general ain’t “free”.

If you want something, you do what you have to get it.

You make whatever sacrifice you have to, if you really want it you go through hell and high water to get it – be that my products, anyone’s products, fitness, life goals, whatever it might be.

And Id rather just sell directly in my emails as opposed to hypocrites who can’t sell worth a damn so publicly spout the “I’m giving this to you for FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE” nonsense while in the background their beady little minds (is there such a thing, hehe) are working ferociously and unsuccessfully to make the next big sale.


Where did that fuckin rant come from. Hehe.

Come it did, perhaps from last night… long story. Anyway – two ways, and so as I wrote all those emails, its now #8 and back to –

TAKING that first step, which was a mundane first one for me (to be honest I’m never out of ideas, but I was doing other things then so..) …

But it led to a host of others.

Look – a journey of a 1000 miles begins with one step, to break it down an keep it simple, you can only eat a bear a bite at a time (or an elephant) – if I had not taken that first step – nothing would have happened for a while … capishe?

Hopefully THAT is simple enough, youd think so, but most people – well, you gotta explain it that way!

Same thing with fitness

Do that first doggone squat, do – or TRY – that first pull-up – do – or GET into the pushup position or so forth.

If you’re a businessman, and unsure where to start, TAKE that first step no matter how scary it might be…

Hell, if I hadn’t, you would not have the 0 Excuses “Rolls Royce, world beating” Fitness System at your fingertips NOW…

And thats that.

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – I forgot to add if you write back with rants about “value” then (and you’ve read these emails) you’re an utter fool and moron who wouldn’t know the meaning of “value” if it smacked you in the ‘nads – SQUARE!

(which is fine too, hehe, takes all sorts eh).

PS #2 – You Podcast and Alexa fans (I love the latter) – check out our podcasts as well, make sure to put the link in your favorite player

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