Why Leslie Lo was spot on in terms of what he said about preferring to work with men
- In a professional sense.

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I still remember Clement and Leslie, the only two people I really “spoke to” at my first job in China.

Most of the rest were from mainland China with a complete BITCH for a HR manager (dont even get me started on how she deliberately delayed my visa renewals etc – the boss, I believe did not like her much either, but he knew he couldnt get along without her, so he would not say a word to her) …

.. .the rest of the staff was pretty cool, but the consensus was this – a typical entitlment mentality of “he gets paid four times the amount at the age of 23 that we get paid at the age of 45” – so its not right.


Take that up with the company , pally, plus I’m the foreign devil, not you – and even if I wasn’t, there is a reason the company was paying me what it was. Expertise counts!

So does language proficiency …

And a host of other things, but anyway, over lunch once at our favorite restaurant we were discussing appraisals.

Clement got a great one, Leslie, not so much so (and therefore he was switching from the current position).

Yours truly?

Good ole Uncle J really “tore” into me – so he said – on my three month delayed appraisal, then asked me “how I felt after he “nailed me to the wall”” and was probably disappointed when it bounced off me like water off a duck’s back.

I still remember him saying “you can escalate this appraisal if you like, but no-one’s ever done it” i.e. he was implicitly threatening me not to (not that I would have anyway, I could care two hoots less, bottom line was I wasn’t kissing ass as he wanted me to, therefore…) …

So much for democracy eh. Hehe.

Anyway Uncle J was overall fine, I’d work for Freddie over him anyday though.

But back to it – so Leslie was a manager there, and I was asking him about his team, and there was some issue going on with women whining he was complaining about.

(both Clement and Leslie are from Hong Kong “back in the day” if you get my drift, so it was very easy to communicate, and I dont mean just language, again, if you get my drift).

So I asked him if he preferred working with men over women, and if so, why.

“Because men dont cry over idiotic things, men dont…” he trailed off, but his import was clear, what I said about my last email i.e. “we can because we’re women”.

Except that shit dont fly in the workforce – or it shouldn’t.

(Actually now that I think about it, the issue was a certain woman in his team in an important position wouldn’t work late “because of family” – and no, not a young family either.

I get it if there are safety issues involved, but in a country like China or in HK for that matter, the fact is there are NONE, or next to none, so that dont fly either. Leslie was spot on).

More –

You’d be amazed at just how many times I’ve dealt with a woman professionally, and gotten pissed off – because she just wasn’t interested in doing her damned job.

Even my wife said it once privately to another woman who I believe was working with her as a recruiter.

“Try and find a guy! End of the day, guys need the job, they’ll do their best, women, not so much so”. 

She could have been speaking for herself. Hehe.

(ain’t women so brutally honest when they need something. Hehe).

Or this – again, true comment –

“Men can’t ask their families for money, women can – so find a guy” (for whatever position they were headhunting for – about as useful as screen doors on a submarine this lot is, but you know that!).

And while it might not sound palatable, I’m dealing with two women from support right NOW who are not only the extremely “I could care less about  my job” sort – but are unapolegetic about it too.

Dont get me wrong.

There’s guys that are unprofessional too, but when called out – they get their ass in gear, or else. Women, not so much so.

It has happened time and time again to me, I suspect to YOU reading this as well.

You can say I’m a chauvinist or other BS, but there’s a damned good reason MEN are leading most successful companies, not women, and in the ones where women are leading, it ain’t them thats started it for the most part, and here’s the thing – I’m not saying females in general should not be allowed in the workforce.

It is just the lower to mid level that I’ve found this problem to occur the most.

Higher manager level and above, I’ve actually found women working in those positions to be as responsible professionally as men, if not more, and I get it – they’ve got to have redeeming qualities to break those “glass ceilings” if one were to believe in that term (I personally do not).

Anyway – I dont know.

I had to do up a bit of a rant on this… so I have.

Leslie, you were right. Hehe.

And as far the topic HERE on this site goes – fitness?

All of what I teach is equally applicable to men as it is women.

Perhaps not so much some of the pushups, then again, I’ve seen women do pushups far better than men (those that actually TRY).

I’ve DEFINITELY seen plenty of women ace pull-ups while men stand around scowling about “we’re big so we can’t do them” or some bullshit in that regard.

So no, this isn’t for the sake of being a chauvinist, it is for the sake of being honest and keeping it real as I always do.

And that, my friend is THAT.

Nigh EVERYTHING in the 0 Excuses Fitness System can be done by men, women, children and everyone in between, ditto for Kiddie Fitness and all my other courses, and thats that.

Back soon.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – That company towards the end of my tenure did all they could to make my life a living hell (pretty much thanks to Uncle J, who despite his “outward” support of a certain “Yang” – the HR bitch – was also constantly telling her to “hire women only for customer support, as “thats what women do””. Of course, he never got called out for being chauvinist? Hehe).

He was merely playing the game.

Hey, Jim, I get it. But Id rather be brutally honest, as I always am!

End of the day I did manage to get back at the company in the best way possible.

I would have filed a formal complaint about being laid off wrongly as well, except they, either by hook or by crook did it right within the allowed timeframe (by HK laws at that time – my contract was in HK).

Anyway, I suspect Uncle J knows all this. Hehe. Doubt he holds much of a grudge, I sure dont. But I still remember my Dad telling me “you can’t fight with everyone at your age, or all your life” (yeah, right. Sure can when someone is doing something wrong! What is right is right, what is wrong is wrong, you were the one that said that my friend – or Dad, I should say) …

I still remember a certain Clement cheering privately when I said I was going to file a formal complaint against the company, like my mom once said, everyone’s got an axe to grind.

Showl do, Mom, Showl do… Hehe.

anyway, thats that. Off for now …

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