Fat boy called me blunt (and why my blunt style truly works wonders)
- Hes so right too. HEhe

I gotta say one thing, my friend. While chucking (or cuckling, if you’re Glyn Bozo Incarante the one and only trawling this) .. or chuckling, hehe.

I’m truly the one addiction nobody can live without – both my haters, and those that despise me – and the opposite bunch ie. those who love me, and “truly cannot get enough of me”. (hey, I dont blame either bunch).

I mean, when you have people that publicly troll me yet still have me on their bookmarks and surreptiously, or so they think, since they never thought to … ah, let it be, I wont reveal some of my tracking secrets – check this site and the other one every morning (and a couple others they “hang on to eagerly” and publicly claim “I’m my own man!”) …

When you have fat boys that hate being publicly shamed for who they are i.e hypocrities unable to look in the mirror and face the brutal, cold hard reality about themselves for what it is, which for many of these nutjobs boils down to “never having money to spend on anything”, “living off their wives” – and most of all, fitness related, being fat, obese and lazy and passing that off “I’m big, but not fat” when a quick look in the mirror reveals “what is” – and yet, desperately following my every word and then including opaque whiny references to me in their long, truly indecipherable idiotic and BORING rants about … well, only they know …

When some of these fat boys whine about “he’s SO blunt!” and then rant about “he keeps talking about wife hating!” – or … IIRC, “their marketing skills are immaculate, but their products are a rip off!” (when they’ve never bought a product to start with, but are so cheap they’ve been desperate to get it for free for months – lots want the stellar book Animal Kingdom Workouts for one – nah, the price ain’t coming down either pally) …

I mean, dude, and this is w.r.t “Benny Boy” who replies to everything with the usual non sequitor about “you know nothing about me!” (well dude, it’s pretty bleeding obvious, and that is why you disabled all but comments you “approve” on your site eh (as opposed to BEFORE you started gawking over here)) – I had forgotten all about you but I had to mention you a coupla days ago because a person who knows you got in touch with me, thats all it is, and of course, Benny couldnt keep away from replying as I suspected.

Which is fine …

Anyway, blunt, that I am, I’ve always been blunt to a fault.

I’ve been told to tone it down, to be more “politically correct”, to “not be so honest” in all situations, but when you get the shit beaten out of at age … I think eight it was for a simple fight at school when you replied to another guy trolling you in the best way possible i.e .WHACK him – when you yourself constantly get whacked all the time when you’re a kid and are told to … respond with words, not fists … and other nonsense, well, you learn two things quickly.

One, when it comes right down to it – its YOU against him, and you better hammer him or else.

And two, be honest – no matter what.

I distil BOTH these lessons into my daughter all the time.

Thankfully the wife doesn’t hate me for doing it. Hehe. She actually encourages the former – thank heavens for that.

But anyway, my brutally honest style my friend truly works wonders because it keeps those of the same ilk close to me, and the fools, parrots, wanna be’s, do nothings, price whiners, wankers and other idiots away …

And thats how I’d rather be.

I’ve never been called a liar despite being called over 2000 names in that book I so proudly keep.

Maybe I should frame it and put it on the wall ..

Hey, fat boy may start whining again so I’ll keep this short.

According to him what I say is “irrelevant”. (because it doesnt meet his whiny LGBTQ loving agenda apparently of being niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee).

Hey, my friend.

I’d rather be making money than be nice and broke, and thats the bottom line.

So would most reading this.

I’d rather be fit as a fiddle and ready to kick ass as opposed to talk tomes about how I can lift X amount for one rep before I kick back on the couch and fall asleep, I mean that latter option is just pathetic in my view, maybe it makes fat boys feel good about themselves, and thats fine.

Just be careful that heart keeps up with that one rep … ah yes, conditioning. How dare i talk about it.

One of these fat boys I believe also a few days ago spoke about how he keeps talking about conditioning and it’s irrelevant.

Dude, it’s very relevant, look at any sportsperson, athelete, anyone that actually trains as opposed to doing one rep and then sleeping all day later like a pig and whining to those that notice it “you know NOTHING about me!” … (well, it’s evident from the preening you do Benny for one) …

And results speaketh, my friend.

In the 0 Excuses Fitness System I put you through your paces in a workout that has brought most DOERS to their knees when they try it.

You’re right there, doing it with me in my living room.

In my books and products, namely Pushup Central, I give you workouts that even martial artists have called “brutal”.

And so forth.

Conditioning, and how much you can lift and push (or kick) – repetitively – is ultimately what matters, and counts, my friend, and if you rail against to find excuses for your own slobbiness *ugh* – well, you’re just making yourself look like an utter fool and hypocrite.

OK, I’ll stop, I’ll be nice now.



Rahul Mookerjee

PS – End of fun, but get the products above. Brutally honest, they will kick your ASS, and get you into TOP shape – the BEST shape of your life. Try it, and get back to me!

PS #2 – I dont know if it was fat boy above that said what I am going to detail beneath, I think it was, but not sure, but it was one of them …

“he knows nothing about training!”

(when fat boy never bought the product, of course).

I think he was referring to a book “Lumberjack Lodestone Fitness”, which isnt’ even out as yet, which also shows you stupid these people are, I mean dude book ain’t even out, and you’re already promoting … I mean, trolling it. Hehe.

I really think it was lil ole Benny, its gotta be, guy seems to have the brain of a two year old, attention span of a six month old, anyway, reminds me of a certain “Ryan Mack”.

This guy paid me to build a website.

I did so.

He kept adding requirements on – and expected it to be done for free, which to a point I did in the interest of customer service – huge mistake, he kept expecting more.

When I stopped doing it, his rants started, and amongst one of his long crappy indecipherable rants back in the day in 2009 – one of them was this

“He knows nothing about web development”.

For an idiot unable to build his own site, someone that paid me to do so, then making those comments about yours truly who is his own webmaster, developer, I.T guy and all rolled into one.

I mean, it’s just stupid … Hehe. But carry on, Benny, sometimes we all need the chuckles. Hehe.