What truly seperates Scorpion “in butt” Schofield from the lot…
- And it aint nice. Truly a vile bastard is he...

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First off, dont get me wrong.

I “love” Glyn – if just for the fact he’s made me more sales than any other troll has – by far.

And that one indicator alone is enough business wise, which is why I welcome more of his trolling – unfortunately he’s not doing it publicly any more.

I still remember when he wrote something about “worshipping cocks” and claimed it was me who wrote it, and posted that review on another site (under some alias of his) which promptly got banned, but not before I shared it both to this list and the “Ship” members. Hehe. All had a hearty chuckle at the Bozo, hey, can’t “beat” that – no puns intended, no matter how “micro” Glynnie.

But anyway – what really makes this bastard stand out from the rest of the idiot trolls he leads?

Trolls, and you’ll see this in the upcoming book “Profit Troll” – are usually a pretty harmless bunch – 90% of them.

Theyre usually sad little clowns with nothing going on in their lives that dont just get their jollies from trolling behind the computer screens – they get it from the reactions they generate. Hehe.

Its sick I know, but these clowns are such losers they get their jollies from upsetting others.

And so they’ll think of inane things to say, and sometimes actually smart things that hit home – except they dont apply them smarts, if they ever show up – to anything but their own lives.

And of course, with how PC and molly coddled the world has become 90% of the world is shit scared of these fools i.e. “what people think of me”.

And so their trolling continues. Not necessarily “profiting” anyone except them mentally (like a quick but unsatisfying jerk like Bozo once claimed he did on a bus in Nanjing in response to a Facebook promo on Gorilla Grip. Apparently Bozo posted something about “thats how I built my gorilla grip”, well with his non existent gorilla, anyway, I best not go there heh).

But it’s the 10% that are really vile, mean, nasty – and that like Bozo get the crap kicked out of them at regular intervals.

You know what makes Glyn stand out though?

His propensity to target women and children – the elderly – people that couldn’t fight back if they tried, people that dont know any better.

His propensity to first be friend someone, and then rip them off in the worst manner possible.

His tendency to be a lowlife, scumbag, scam artist and backstabber – and stuff like that.

It is nothing else – I dont care about his tendency to sniff butts wherever he goes, his constant rants about “I want to be a woman” – hell , if a member of the UK parliament can cop a manly feel if you get my drift when drunk, I guess so can Schofield …it is not the fact he gets drunk and poos in class (ugh) – it is not his habit of throwing beer bottles out of 11th floor windows in China, it isn’t a host of other lunacy … it is THAT above bit.

I mean, here’s the thing.

I’ll call people out till the ends of the earth if they’re full of shit in the most inventive, imaginative, reasonable and profit making manners possible.

(and it would be all TRUE).

The ring of truth, as my buddy once said!

But I would never, ever, no matter what the provocation might be, stoop to the levels Glyn does which is attacking the weak.

I mean, even Hannibal Lecter didnt do that …

You don’t target women and non combatants, period, my friend. Thats the bottom line!

Especially not family either – say what you like about the dude, do what you like by all means, but “what goes on on the field stays on the field” my friend – and thats how it IS.

If you dont believe in that maxim, you’re not my type of person, and not a real man, period.

And even on the field, there are lines.

You do NOT, not unless you’re a lowlife and scumbag of the grandest order like Schofield is target, either verbally or otherwise, women and children, I mean when you’ve got this ass clown talking about “snuff movies” and stuff (to him it’s funny) – then all you’re thinking is “how I can have him hanging from the nearest tree”.

Funny – or not – I aint the only one thinking that either. His long suffering once upon a time friend who he viciously attacked, stole from, targeted his girlfriend – feel the same way too.

Hell, I for one dont understand how the fugg Chuck put up with him for so long, I’d have given him the almighty BOOT and heave ho a long damn time ago.

Anyhow …

That rhymed didnt it?

And to me, thats the difference.

Look, despite a lot of the stuff I say coming off as arrogant or what not (and so it shall remain, hehe) – those that know me in person know I’m one of the most humble people going around, always willing to “share”and so forth …

And no matter how fat you are, no matter how full of shit you are in terms of promoting stuff you clearly don’t do, how much of a wacko you are for attempting to troll products that dont even exist (well, they do, but not on the market as yet) – I dont really care.

Hence, my constant thing about unlike what most people say, you “wont” hear from my lawyers.


And you wont.

I actually enjoy all of it, it makes me BOOTY … BOUNTTYYYYYYYY … sorry, hehe.

Honestly, it does, and even if it didnt, it truly gives me a laugh, so hey. Carry on – but when it crosses a red line, then it crosses a red line, and that is what I have never tolerated and never ever will.

and if you on this list feel any different, or the reader, or anyone reading this, well, you ain’t my type of person…

… I dont think a single person either on the list or Ship DOES feel differently in that regard.

And I hear ya!

Ok, enough of the profit trolling – wait for the book when it comes out.

For now, place your pre-order HERE.

Truly, this book will not just help you grow the thick skin we all so need, but you’ll learn how to not just not care about trolls, but to want, WELCOME them – and make MONEY off it , which is really the reason I wrote the book, and YES, it applies to life, business, everything – those lessons in there are real world, practical, absolutely PRICELESS – like the Bozo’s expression, hehe, when he learnt of it.

And thats that.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Bozo once wept up a storm about “pictures on websites” when they weren’t even there, now that they’ve been there for ages, hehe. Poor chap …

Glyn, two lessons, sometimes you bite off more than you can chew (and I ain’t even started on you boy) and two – – well – be careful for what you wish for – you might just get it. HA!

PS #2 – If you aren’t a card carrying member of the Ship as yet (yes, we have cards as well!) – then why not? Remember, free access to everything digitally for the duration of your membership (but no cancellations, once you’re in, you’re IN, no el cheapo stuff) – a FORUM – more advice from you, which you’ll never get here much like some of the member’s only emails I send out on life, fitness etc … and so forth …

and not only THAT – pretty soon, you’ll have an option wherein even paperbacks will be offered to you free for “one set membership fee” (I’m still calculating what it will be, shipping etc can be complicated to figure out on that one with all the different countries, but we’ll GET there).

jump AHOY – NOW!

PS #2 – My favorite memory of Glyn Bozo, pictorial memory that is? It isn’t the Mommy’s Amex he used to snort coke in the “ghettos” of HK. Hehe. It’s the way Chuck threw him out of the beer house – literally – “butt up” on the streets of Jieyang in China. He went whining to the cops, did him NO good. Hehe.

Bozo was lucky he was in China, pulled the “I’m the helpless foreign devil” crap. Back home in the States, the cops would have had a GOOD laugh, lol.

Yes, Charles, I have them pics. Hehe. They shall be revealed to ALL down the line – in DEW time though. Patience grasshopper..

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