Why I dont blame people for copying my style (or trying to, heh)
- The signs are SO there.

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I put little things into every email – little subconscious twists, tips and tricks that a lot of idiots reading get pissed off, yet, without meaning to, or meaning to – they copy.

A lot of stuff including my immaculate marketing (from the fat horse’s mouth, hehe) – and “format that looks great” (I had no idea Benny, thank you! Personally I focus on FORM and results more than “looking pretty”, but I’ll admit, it looks prettier than the ungodly mess your own “site” if I can call it that is, not to mention -hey, if it looks good as a byproduct, much like I say with FITNESS – so be it! But form and results are always my goal, Benny) – people blatantly ape and copy.

Benny isnt the only one, he’s just “one of them” – except his style of “be nice” apeing means he previously allowed comments (true) on his site – now he’s set it to, after observing what I do, how I do it, and publicly dissing it but privately DOING it – ….. allowing only those comments he “likes”.

What a loser, I’ve said this before -either you allow all or you allow none, its that simple Benny. Hehe.

And the reason he did that was too many people were calling him out on his bullshit, and what I dont get is this – he thinks I’m “personally” into calling him out.

Nah, I aint.

If I was, I’d be pimping his site in every email, post I send, I merely use the term Benny Boy because it’s true and hilarious, not that I care two hoots about what fat boy does “business” (or excuse for the same) wise, or fitness wise, but he sure does about me. Hehe.

They can’t stay away, like I keep saying.

Now the marketing I dont blame them for trying to copy, yet, the fact is this.

You can’t copy Mozart and hope to turn into one, even if you learn from him – but you can hope to BETTER him someday if you practice enough.

Hell, bottom line is this son – some of Mozart’s symphonies, he’d be the first to tell you even he wouldn’t be able to repeat the success he had with some of them if he tried.

There is a time and place for it all – it comes from the subconscious, some of the greatest hits ever, you cannot repeat them, not even the person who wrote them, same thing with writing, biz, life, everything, but you can TRY to – and keep bettering yourself as opposed to apeing, slyly or not, which most people do unfortunately.

And thats fine, like I said in a prior email I’m hardly going to go down the route some have and say “you’ll hear from my lawyers”.


You wont.

I’ve been screwed over by lawyers in the past, ultimately won, one of my friends is a lawyer, so I could – but I wont.

Fuck that shit.

I’d rather say “keep doing it”.

And their lack of results, specifically some of these clowns who struggle to sell even $8 ebooks and then whine about “he didnt let me read the book for free” – I mean really, it’s pathetic, but where was I?

Well …

Look, my style of putting in F bombs “strategically”.

I dont do it all the time, or in every email.

Benny for one has picked up on it. Hehe. The aggravation so shows in his writing, but he’s trying not to let it show.

I mean, dude, look I’ll try and be something I’m not very good at “being nice and kind” and this applies to Glyn, Benny, and a host of other fools I have not named here –

You can keep copying, but it will show, and the lack of results will magnify.


Again, I dont blame him, he can’t sell worth a damn, so he’s trying to follow someone that can, he’s trying to get results. Which is fine, I dont blame him, but, and this is a big butt, bigger than Bozo Glyn’s ….

If you want to learn, learn, but I keep saying in my books and products – its right there, so it should be – be yourself, be your own person, stop trying to “ape”.

It aint gonna work.

And it doesnt.

Host and barrage of reasons why, but one prime reason you shouldn’t is youll get called out as a wanna be and it’ll make you look even stupider than you look currently when you’re trying to ape…

I mean, jeez.

You dont like the guy, yet you keep trawling his site, keep looking for things to learn, makes no sense does it.

actually, in a way it does.

It shows what you really think which is this –

“He’s an asshole, but he knows his shit and what he’s doing”.


And I’ll take that, my friend.

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – If you’re into heavy duty, HARDCORE style training – then my MOST brutal book by far – truly a book that will HAMMER you – is Battletank Shoulders. Get it NOW!

Not like fat boy hammers, hehe, I wouldn’t want to think about what or if he does hammer, hehe. Some guy told me he bought a “hammer” from stimulus money or something – what sort I dread to think. I’m NOT Even going there!

But to fat boy, really, at least promote shit that works, not shit that has your own “customers” telling your … well, your “betters” for lack of a better term, about how you ripped ’em off with utterly useless crap …

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