Why the Indian wrestlers would put sharp studs in their clubs – and maces.
- Trust me, when you do the thing, if you do it right, you'll get it.

Lumberjack Lodestone Fitness, my friend, is one of those books not for everyone.

A host of fat boys, idiots and other “non doers” in general will look at the book and whine about “but I dont want to be a wrestler, martial artist, or lumberjack (insert term of choice”.

Well, true – maybe not.

Maybe you’d rather be a whiner, which is ph-ine…. .Hehe. Like fine wine, which I do not drink, almost. Hehe.

I’ve switched to vodka as of late, a drink that actually goes down rather well if you do it right, of course, nothing replaces beer, not for me at least.

But back to it – would you not, and be honest, even if you’re in the category of – like to have the strength and conditioning – durability – and flexibility – and general health – to name but a few attributes that boxers, wrestlers, and other doers in general have ?

Be blunt and honest, at least with yourself, if not me when you answer this one.

If you say no – well, you’re lying, I will tell you that .

Anyway, this product is only for the rarest of rare, elitest of elite, if you’re truly looking to take your strength, conditioning, fitness and health levels to the next x 10 level bar none, then the product is for you.

Along with Animal Kingdom Workouts

And if you still get back with “but I’m the average Joe or Jane starting out”, thats fine, that is what the 0 Excuses Fitness System is for – start there.

Anyway, yours truly “immaculate marketer” as fat boys globally call me decide to do things back ass words for this one, hehe. I put the marketing bit in first.

But it’s true, blunt and brutally honest as usual.

Now, Indian wrestlers… and this is one secret straight out of Lumberjack “Lodestone” Fitness, an inside tip that due to my background, heritage, knowledge, location, and a combo of these and other factors I can naturally give to you better than damn near anyone else out there, even those that have written bestselling books on exercises Indian wrasslers did (and kudos to them) …

You wont find it on Google or elsewhere.

(I can hear some idiots try, hehe. Would you believe it, 0 Excuses Fitness was once put up on one of those “pirated” sites…)

Talk about a badge of honor. Hehe.

Anyway, it’s known to a lot of people that the ancient Hindu wrasslers, and even today actually – go into any real akhara, you’ll see – do Hindu squats with heavy iron implements around their necks for high reps to increase strength – and conditioning as well – amongst a host other things they do (one being digging up mud pits in which they wrestle, there are plenty of others).

What is not known though is this – that during competitions – club and mace swinging is always ranked HIGH in these, and while I have not been to one as of late, in the past they’d actually put sharp “spikes” in their clubs for one.

This was to encourage proper form, and let me tell you, it aint fun hitting yourself on the nose/shoulder/head with these – I’ve said this in my videos, I tell you again – go easy on the weight and focus on form first when you begin.

Again, go easy on the weight. These are damned deceptive, my friend, the angle and whats the word … “lever” nature of the workouts make them so.

Anyway – when you swing 30-40 kg clubs in one hand, PROPER form and breathing – for 100 plus reps and then switch to the other hand, then repeat till you get to 1000 – and believe me, this will take you a long long time to work up to, if at all – you’ll not only have super human strength and “throwing capacity” – but you’ll also have massive strong muscular shoulders and traps, a solid ripped midsection and more, but you’ll be teaching me the answer to this question instead of me telling you.

As my Dad once told me about the US

“In a few years, you’ll be lecturing me about it”.


I never did.

But anyway – it was so that they couldn’t cheat on form during competitions – not that if they did, the judges wouldn’t notice. They’re 10 x times as brutal in that regard as I am, no being nice or fooling around, as the old fool once told me when I went to an interview for an “MBA” school admission (reminds me, I gotta finish that book “The M.B.A. Candidate”, hehe) …

“One strike, and you’re out!” (he used different knowledge, this idiot was referring to “because he’s from the US, he’ll do what they do in the US and use phones in class, and expect “equal rights” and … well, other crap I wont get into, but look you fool, I’m hardly into phones for one, if you’d have known that one …

… the hair was what he really disliked, unfortunately for him and everyone else, it aint’ going nowhere).

But thats how the judges are, but during practice, and even competitions, them wrestlers would use studded clubs and then some.

Believe me, NOTHING reminds you to focus on form more than not just getting hammered, but “spiked” – not “impaled”, but spiked. Hehe.

Trust me on this, especially not with the motion and quick motion of those clubs – and MACES.

Anyway, more secrets out of that book – one being how to position that thumb of yours when doing these swings, and how a simple cm change in positioning can literally add up to quantum leaps in your grip strength and how you handle the club and so forth.

And lots of other dibs and dabs, little gems from being in the trenches you wont find anywhere else, period.

You’re welcome to try, though. Hehe.

If you’re a doer, and truly want to move from “fit” to elite and then “super elite” status – then place that pre-order now.

All that remains (for ages it seems) is the section on kettlebells, all else is DONE, ready to rumble in what just might be my greatest behemoth as yet.

Have – AT!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – You know what I really love, the sure shod example of a doer, and why I keep saying YOU have to do first before you ask others – kids especially – to DO?

I recently saw my 9 year old doing club swings – with my 10 kg club of all things which most adults couldn’t do – while I was checking her home work, and she quickly put it away when I saw her.

I asked why.

I didnt want to irritate you, she giggled.


Man, nothing makes me happier!

True, she needed some help, some supervison, but thats a prime grade A example of why we as adults shouldnt be lazy sloths and SET a good example.

And Kiddie Fitness, and all my other products were born in that spirit.

Just so NICE!

I should buy her some 3kgs. Hehe. Honestly, those weights are what most adults need to start out with….