More “feedback”- no pun intended hehe – on Dish Delicious. Dive in!
- Getting thy feed on - feels good!

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I wrote about a great review that Helena Loureiro, a reader of Dish Delicious sent in a few days ago .

That email can be accessed HERE.

If you remember, that one ended off with her saying she’d get back to me.

In a sure shod sign of a doer – she kept her word – and DID!

Which I truly do appreciate, and of course the great review she sent in. So many people “say” they’ll get back, then they never do – which I truly hate. Disrespect x 100 – thats something I dont tolerate, period.

Helena is truly a doer, anyway, enough from me – for now – onward with what she says –

(she has even translated the book into Portugese as well already, she liked it that much. Hehe).

Hello, Rahul!

I’m really glad you’re happy with your translated book, that really means a lot!

And YES, it would be so amazing if there was Volume 2.

In my most sincere opinion, it’s about time people stop treating food as the enemy of a healthy life when it’s actually one of the greatest allies. And although nowadays we, as food and nutrition professionals, talk a lot about that when it comes to sweets and carbs, what is not enough talked about is about not treating “healthy food” as enemies either, as if they were “killjoys”, or as if it was impossible to enjoy eating or having fun around them, when they can be actually delicious!

Content like yours do a great job reminding us that “healthy food” does NOT equal “sad food”.

Being in a post-pandemic weight loss journey myself, this type of content has helped me change the unhealthy relationship I had with food and made me realize that YES, I can crave things like salads on a weekend evening and honor that craving without feeling guilty for not having a burger or pizza just because that’s what society classifies as “tasty”
(just like I don’t need to feel guilty for choosing the pizza once in a while if that’s what I ACTUALLY want to eat and not because I was conditioned to choose that for a Saturday night or else the party was over), healthy food can be great when we think outside the box and, by doing that, I realized I actually love healthy food and today it can bring me as much joy and comfort as things like chicken nuggets did when I was a kid.

Thank you so much for letting me translate your book, reading and translating it was such a great experience and I really hope you and your wife keep on writing more and more cookbooks to make more people realize how delicious healthy food can actually be.

By the way, I did try the spinach recipe and it’s amazing, I’m adding it to my lunch salad everyday!

Can’t wait to try more recipes from your book!

Is there somewhere in here where I can leave you a review?

If so, let me know!

Best regards, Helena.

Showl is Helena, we always appreciate these great – and honest reviews pouring in!

Yours truly –

Hi Helena,

Thanks for your positive feedback – that truly means a lot!

Yes, you’re spot on – healthy does not need to mean “boring” or “plain Jane”, or “staid” or any of those things that people equate with healthy – YES, you can eat well – and healthy – and you can still enjoy that dinner – or lunch, as you can tell!

I love the way you referred to is as “sad” food – hehe. Yes, that is how people feel when asked to eat healthy, but it does
not need to be that way at all!

And I’m glad my content is helping changing mindsets in that regard – YES (and especially if you workout) you dont need to feel guilty for your food choices. In any case, what the “so called experts” tell you is one thing, and it usually doesnt work,
my book “The Simple and Effective Diet” gets into this in further detail as well…

Food as an ally?

It is so apt you mentioned that here – my wife and I were discussng “North Korea” (amongst a host of other things) at the dinner table (appropriate? hehe) during one of those conversations our daughter loves so much …

And the one question she posed to me which I couldn’t and cannot answer – why doesn’t the North Korean leader at least get his country to a point where people dont starve to death routinely?

I mean, I get it – he wants control, pure and utter control, but just look at China, thats control x 10 as well, but the government manages it by providing the people with the means to a better lifestyle, and by improving China’s lot in the world
which is a constructive way of achieving what might not be desirable for all …

North Korea – it seems they have a few nukes, but nothing else – and even that huge army of theirs (in relative terms) needs FOOD to sustain themselves, so I must confess – I thought about it – but for once, I was tongue ties, and I usually never am in these sort of discussions. Hehe.

i.e. “an army runs on FOOD” basically, you dont fight on an empty stomach …

Perhaps leaving the country in that sort of disrepair works in terms of geopolitical rivalries which we then discussed, that might be a good answer, but for his own people, his own nation – the only answer I can think of it “he truly doesnt care”.


Anyway, the reason I bring that up here is what you said – its time people stop treating food as an enemy.

SO TRUE! We dont “live to eat”, but certainly – thats one of the base requiremens of all mankind, no matter how (so called) advanced we get, no matter how many “dumbphones” we have, we still need food to fill our bellies and nourish us and
treating, or thinking of food as the enemy is utterly counterproductive. (and illogical as well, not to mention STUPID – to me “one and the same thing” in this discussion).

In terms of reviews … <chopped>

Once again, thanks for the “feedback” – hehe, I truly do appreciate it. Volume Two is definitely “in the works as we speak”, “when” is the question – there are about 5 books I’ve got right now pending on the backburner, all in various stages of completion, so I suppose catch as catch can on that one.

Enjoy that food and do keep writing back – always glad to hear from you Helena!

Rahul Mookerjee


Well, my friend, that says it all I believe, eloquent as ever from yours truly …

Remember, the Simple and Effective Diet is yours GRATIS with a digital purchase of the 0 Excuses Fitness System – and of course, for all Ship members.

Stay tuned for more on this! (ie Volume two of Dish Delicious – in the meantime, get Volume One NOW).


Rahul Mookerjee

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