Why 2 sec Tik Tok Fitness will be the death of us all.
- Along with dumbphone addiction in general ...

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My wife was making a somewhat valid point the other night about (and this is an old fashioned Indian concept, but I’m sure it’s applicable everywhere) – “if you’re eating from the soil of a certain nation, dont “curse” that nation”.

She meant curse as in “complain excessively about” …

Its hard to translate it to English directly as it with many of these Asian sayings, but I agree – to a point.

To me, to criticize constructively is something that should always be done – if just to IMPROVE something – it applies to countries, places, rules, individuals, everything.

True, excessive whining and moaning with no real solutions is completely counter-productive.

But to truly change and better ourselves, we have to realize – and admit – that a problem – sometimes a huge one – exists.

And thats true with life, fitness, everything.

If you’re going nowhere in life, step one isn’t necessarily to think about where you want to be.

It’s to first understand and acknowledge the cold, hard, brutal fact that you’re headed nowhere now – but good news is, you’re doing so because you WANT to make a change in your life, a better change, and then you start the visualization and everything else.

Same thing for fitness.

You realize you’re fat and out of shape, but you WANT to get in kick butt shape, so thats the starting point.

Without that though, nothing changes, if you look in the mirror and try to justify your lack of ability at pull-ups by saying stuff a lot of guys say like “this exercise isn’t for me” – or the eternal, sorry ass “I’m big but not fat!” … then nothing will change (it goes for your weight, health, everything really).

Same thing for business. If you’re making zero sales, you know nothing is happening, nothing probably will, yet you stubbornly stick on to “but it’s working” (when its not) – then nothing will ever change.

You gotta acknowledge there is a problem FIRST – in order for solutions to appear. And they will if you do it right.

Anyway, Zero to Hero tells you more about that.

I’m here – today – to tell you about “Tik Tok Fitness” again, hehe.

Or “Instagram Fitness”, what have you.

The two second – or minute, hehe – bursts that dont work, dont satisfy anyone or anything except ego. Hehe. I won’t even go there (a certain Bozo Schofield knows all about  “two second rounds” hehe) …

Anyway, back to fitness –

A lot of fitness – and food apparently these days – boils down to “looking pretty in front of the camera”, “camera angles” and other nonsense, and they skip over what really matters- focus, form, rep counts, and many other things.

Viewing some of the junk that passes for fitness and nutrition these days on YouTube, something I never do normally – I have to say this. Reminds me of what they said in Rocky I about Apollo Creed…

“I’ve never seen a fighter so concerned about his hair!”

Or, the Sly Stallone movie “The Specialist”, where a review went something like …

“Preening, posing and oiled to a T, the stars contort and pose in front of the camera so much that after a certain point you forget you’re watching a movie and begin to wonder if you’re watching a yoga show”.


That, unfortunately though is what fitness has become for the mainstream.

X number of “followers”, and what not.

My point is simple – this sort of thing is not only stupid and doesn’t work – but its downright dangerous to your health to think that sort of thing will actually do anything for you health and fitness wise.

Doing five reps of a pushup and then claiming “its a WORKOUT!!!!!!!!” and puffing and buffing a bit and then crashing on the couch for hours apparently isn’t how its done.

It’s called blood, sweat and tears.

Its called old school.

Think when Rocky went old school in Rocky III.


That look in the eye can only come from training in bare bones, spartan surroundings -training for hours to perfect form – technique – all of the things that matter.

True, when you get good at it, your actual workout wont, and shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes tops, but you’ll find you keep doing it throughout the day in those intervals.

You’ll find you keep twirling a club you keep by your side even when you’re ostensibly doing nothing, much like the great Bruce Lee did with his dumbbells…

You’ll find you find every excuses under the sun to knock of sets of 10 pull-ups during the day ..

And so forth.

You’ll look better, feel better, you’ll slowly start getting in top, kick ass shape …

And then you’ll get to a point where you view those Tik Tok videos, those Youtube videos, and say “WTF are these guys even doing? Where is the form? All that there is music and looking purdy but little else” …

Works for some people, but if you’re into real fitness, stuff that really works – nah. Stay away would be what I’d say.

Anyway, I’m off to get my tea. Writing about some things yesterday – literally, as a client “John” once told me “my tea has gotten cold writing that long email to you”, so I’m off to make another pot.

Hehe, maybe it was coffee, but I get it John, I’m the same damn way.

Anyway, Tik Tok fitness seems to be all the rage, and that what, along with dumbphones (mentally) – it will be the death of us all if we LET it. Not only does it not work the body like it should – but your heart, cardio, strength system, none of it is really worked in that show biz type workout a lot of these influencers and wanna-be’s put out …

To end this (and this ties into what the wife was saying)-

“Why do I even have a dumbphone if I hate it so much”. 

Well, unfortunately even yours truly cave dweller lives in this here world, therefore… Hehe.

And thats that.

The 0 Excuses Fitness System is by far, so far it ain’t even funny your best bet for REAL fitness – stuff that really works, old school stuff that aint “nice” or “pretty”, but it will hammer you into shape – fast.

Go get it NOW.


Rahul Mookerjee

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