Why your big tummy should give you “the creeps”
- More than your bad debt, hehe.

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I keep getting bazillions of offers for credit cards, debt fixes, and other junk in the old Inbox – not to mention a barrage of spam daily from Bozo, of course, which all goes to a folder than I read when I have time – or am looking for troll material like I was yesterday, hehe (Bozo never disappoints).

His latest is some whiny rant about “not looking like a movie star”, like really Glyn, step one is to get rid of that belly hanging down to your non existent “cankles” if you get my drift …

Anyway losers aside –

I got this today.

“Is your bad debt giving you the creeps”?

I’m no stranger to marketing, headlines etc, but this one made me giggle, I’ll admit.

I really should post something more “manly”. I still remember “Sister Maria” once telling me “you’re a man, you shouldn’t use that one!”

Hehehe – she is, was, and remains TOO CUTE. Hehe.

Anyway, giggle is giggle, and a certain Bozo will be wetting his – or her – pants reading this. Hehe.

Back to it – –

And then I instantly thought of something that should give most people the creeps, but it doesnt.

A Long time ago, my mother once referred to my working from home (and not preferring to go out and work in an “office” i.e. corporate slave, suit and tie crap) as “shudder, it FEELS so … horrible when you stay at home”.

She did not mean horrible when “I” stay at home, she meant “any man who works from home should feel horrible for doing so”.

Despite the fact Mom stays home all day, of course. Hehe. Some logic it’s best not to attempt to EVEN argue, heh… I didnt!

But anyway, the next job was a lot of fun, met the wife, drank a lot of beer – hardly if ever went to the ole office stead, a job that continued years after I left it “working from home” – and so forth – all mentioned HERE.

All great fun, all great memories, guys, and so forth (and even the headhunters right next to us, dont even get me started on girls on phones, hehe).

Hey, I ended up marrying one! (she was not in that office, but..)

Anyway –

Poor health, being a lazy, slothful and FAT individual with man boobs hanging down to waist (and proudly parading them as “muscle”) – bellies that hangeth over and look like you’ve had 10x “Barnhill Buffets” too many on a very regular basis, a general look that looks like you never workout – much less be an expert on which books work and which dont’ – and which routines and best and which not – and overall, getting back to it- being a fat lazy sloth in general.

Which unfortunately most men (and a lot of women) these days are, and they’re damn proud of it too.


What you really though in my opinion need to be ashamed of, my friend – and it SHOULD give you the creeps fitness wise isn’t not being able to do pull-ups, or being terrible at squats, not being able to climb a hill without collapsing and so forth – all those things, YES, you should feel bad for not being able to do ’em, there’s far more actually in terms of what is considered “normal” to do – take a gander at what the great Earlie Liederman said for one, what he said would be considered a “go straight to the grave” workout for most phat phools these days, since they’d go straight to the hospital most likely (or grave) if they tried it… (and it should be NORMAL, and it aint ME saying it either!!) …

There’s MORE to those benchmarks, I only gave you the watered down version, and dont blame me, a DOER said those words.

Anyway ………

The real fitness based issue that should give you the creeps – that massive TUMMY hanging down to your cankles – hangeth over.

Look, it aint even about looks, if you’re fat, you’re fat. Thats true, but … its about HEALTH. Its about function. Its about OBESITY, and all the related health issues.

If you’re fat, chances are excellent and second to none you can’t do one pull-up, or very many pushups, or climb a hill, or do any of that normal stuff in any sort of proper form.

Your risk for heart attacks and all other ailements increases exponentially.

You FEEL like shit all day when you’ve got a gut that hangeth over – and you likely suffer from IBS, constipation, and other related stomach issues all the time.

You probably can’t sleep worth a damn – unless its in a drunken stupor.

And so forth, and a host of other ills you already know about, so I wont mention them here again.

There is NO excuses for having a big gut, period, I dont care what you do otherwise – but a big gut is a sure shod giveaway along with man boobs of someone that does F all in terms of actual workouts .

I dont care about the preening , posing, how much you can bench and other crap.

Again, if you’re fat and unfit, and lazy and slothful it SHOWS.

You dont need me to tell you this, do you?

The core, my friend – which includes the TUMMY – is one of the MOST important parts of the body to train along with grip and legs.

And rather than me prattle on again about it – go to the Corrugated Core page – NOW.



Assimilate (pun).

And then GET the book, and start cracking.

Note – only for serious core trainees, not pump n tone beach wannabes. This course, sure, you’ll get those abs and then some, but that ain’t the goal, if thats yours, you’re best off NOT getting the book.

So much for making sales, or not. Hehe. But I’m just being honest.

And remember, dont put the cart before the horse.

Gorilla Grip and the 0 Excuses Fitness System are must gets along with that book in order for it to function effectively together, much like your body was intended to.

And thats that. Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

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