Why your so called 1 million page views per month matter NOT.
- And they really dont.

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Out of all the tom tomming a lot of people do, this one is the most asinine.

It’s also what works for the “herd” – so if you’re marketing to the herd, by all means include crap like that which is neither really measurable nor always true in your bio, links, everything.

It’s amazing, but people buy that crap, then regard that person (who usually knows a little more than “F all” and is sassy enough to market himself or herself at some sort of level with the right political correctness, breakfast images and other crap) as some form of an expert or guru, and the only answer to the question “but what they have done to qualify them to be as such” ?

“They have one million views” (insert number of choice).

Now, that isn’t necessarily a BAD thing.

If anything, it proves the person at least marketed themselves well enough (for their own purpose).

Or destiny struck, or the stars aligned for that book to become a mega hit, once in a lifetime as it were…

But it doesnt necessarily prove – if you break it down – the person is a guru at something.

Often times, usually – the real gurus are very successful indeed in their own lives, so are their followers.

But you wont see them market “X” number of followers – period.

I’ve never seen Donald Trump do it – he doesnt need to.

I purposely stay off social media, block people from emailing me etc routinely, do all I can to CULL my list, yet, that list burgeons – and I Dont even Tom tom my “15 K plus” numbers on that, most of whom are very highly engaged.

I could parrot my 30% click rates all day long…

But fact is, while these stats sound good – lets focus on YOU is my maxim.

What exactly do those stats do for YOU?

Wouldn’t it be better to give YOU the real deal, what works for YOU fitness wise??

Por ejempelo, I could go on and on about how my book “0 Excuses Fitness” is the best out there, nothing comes close to it (these aren’t my words, they’re a review the book got) … and so forth.

(link to review here)

Personally I feel thats great – I feel humbled when I get these reviews, and people telling me I deserve all the praise for the great work Ive done.

But I’d rather focus on what works for you.

Which is at the end of the day basically what worked for me.

Brutal honesty.

Hard workouts – tough ass workouts with no mercy, never becoming a pussy trainer just to sell more …

Giving it to you STRAIGHT.

Telling you what you NEED to hear – not what you WANT to hear.

And keeping it all interesting, of course. Hehe.

And therefore, achieving one million views on Youtube ain’t high on my list of priorities, it’s not even there.

Metrics wise I Could point out far more important metrics that dont sound that snazzy, but they are really what matter, what count, what keep you from having skinny kids and so forth.

Like SALES, for one … Hehe.

And not giving a rip about feelings or political correctness or other BS of that nature.

Anyway – enough on that front, bit of a rant, all well warranted and true though.

For brutal hard hitting fitness information that CUTS PAST THE HORSESHIT, and just flat out WORKS – and is the best out there by far (competition does not even come close in any regard) – get the 0 Excuses Fitness System now.


Rahul Mookerjee

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