Bodybuilder with arms that massive that he can barely turn them around to see his ELBOW
- The madness, hehe.

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I was recently watching a great movie “The Outlaws” – with a great male lead (one of them, the Korean dude, who sort of reminds me of Freddie who  said people call him everything from Spanish to Indian -kinda lik eme, hehe – we “like minded folks” seem to find a way to find each other eh!) … and the movie is superb (I have not finished it as yet).

Its about Korean gang wars (basically two brutally bloody – and I mean that – and believe me, some of these Asian gang wars … just like in real life, you wouldn’t believe the brutality – Japanese yakuza included, at least back in the day – Chinese Korean gangs going at it) – and unlike a lot of these type of movies, it’s realistic, and done very well …

… except for the fight scenes – the polar opposite.

Not the parts where the bad guys cut up people for not paying back loans (at a very inflated rate) – that part is done right, as well as the waterboarding etc.

But the actual fights – the male lead is a cop – who at first glance looks purely fat, but he’s SOLID – as you see when he takes his shirt off, yet, those huge arms …

At a certain point during the movie he does half pushups on the bathroom sink to pump up already grossly inflated pecs – then turns around and asks his colleague to apply oil to his triceps “because he can’t even turn his neck around to see the tricep”.

He says that specifically.

Then another part where he hurts his elbow, can’t turn his arm around to see it, so massive it is.

I’m not sure if that part of the movie is done satirically – maybe, maybe not, and this is nothing against the actor himself, he’s done a great job I believe, movie’s superb.

(even though I dont understand Korean, I do understand some of the Chinese, and plus we have subtitles) …

But anyway, the dude –  other than massive upper arms and huge chest is nothing but mostly bloated.

I wont even get into describing the core, but lets suffice it to say the following –

In a fight WHEN he lands one – the other one goes down – out like a light – just like you would if a grizzly landed one.

Two – thats assuming he catches the bad guys to land one in the first place, and any sort of serious chase which involves him running or climbing stairs – any real world stuff – he loses.

And is shown extremely out of breath in the movie.

This movie has no shortage of characters like that, along with the lean and mean sorts (the bosses basically).

Reminds me of one night when I almost got into a fight in China with one of these meathead type Bozos (thinking about it, I believe there was more to the situation there than met the eye, hence my “request” to my buddy from the Marines to leave before it escalated, but of course he never did – I dont blame him. Hehe. Sometimes, you can’t back down!) …

… He was great at lifting people up and tossing them.

But ask him to last three rounds in the ring with the African Silverback Gorilla for one, no slouch in the size department, and he’d fail within the first round.

I still remember the other guys pulling him back from me.

“Lao ban, lao ban”, they went, looking at me (Boss in Mandarin Chinese).

Of course, my buddy and him then duked it out arm wrestling – and my buddy won. Hehe. That dude is just massively strong – naturally!

He’s also the first to admit when his conditioning is off.

“Ive got a layer of fat around the midsection I need to get rid off!”

Last night, the wife was talking about being fat “because of the C section” and how women can’t get rid of the flab later.

I attempted to tell her flab is flab, reduce the overall percentage of fat in your body, you’ll get there, of course, nothing doing there. Women. Hehe.

Then she claimed “I just have fat thighs, I’m not fat overall”.

I had to interject.

“No you dont. Those are BIG thighs, STRONG thighs”, I went – and I’m RIGHT there.

She’s got that from years of cycling and farm work as a kid, running through mud farms at 5 AM in the morning …

“But your core is fat”. 

Specifically, your … butt, I went. 

The squeals of “how dare you” would have woken the dead. Hehe.

All in good fun though …

But really, back to body builders, read about the case I’ve mentioned on the Shoulders like BOULDERS! page.

He’s hardly the only one.

Look, why am I telling you all this again -first off, remember, big arms doesnt necessarily equate to big anything else, its a medically proven fact it equates to tinier “bollocks” down there as well and this can be verified.

Second, slimmer guys – well, there is a reason for the Chinese saying “pang ren qiu dian”.

Fat man have small penis – not because they do, but because of the BLOOD flow to the lower back, lower abs and core.

And last, but not least, all that excess mass is not functional my friend.

This is perhaps the most important thing, not to mention all the heart related issues you’ll have from bulking up most unnaturally, look, I realize everyone wants to be big, a sizeable proportion of those people – pun intended – because they’re FAT as well, and want to counteract that.

I get it.

But realize one damn thing – size dont mean shit in a fight overall unless you’ve got the other attributes with it.

You might be able to outlift a Gorilla – not really, but whats the point if you drop dead after that one time lift? (if you have to exert yourself further)?

Look, this silliness has got to end, and I’m going to be the one telling you about whether you listen or not.

NATURAL fitness is how it should be.

Nature never intended us to become bloated freaks pumping the bis, tris and other crap.

We were intended to be lean – mean – FIGHTING MACHINES.

Bottom line.

If anyone can tell me or prove different, have at – the floor is – YOURS!

Back to it – Animal Kingdom Workouts is the product the doc ordered in this regard, if you truly want to get back to what Nature – Mother Nature, hehe – intended you to be – then get this product now, and start romping out on the exercises and workouts in it – NOW!

Not to mention, the 0 Excuses Fitness System and its contents should be your constant companion no matter where you go.

Back to predicting the future for me – I’ll be waiting for you to get those products and get back with a great – honest – review as well!

Best ,

Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Please, again, ditch the foolishness. What good does that bulk do if you can’t turn around – literally – to wipe your ass??

Or lift your arms up to put a damned shirt on?

You gonna hire valets for that? Good luck with that! Maybe Glyn would volunteer, but … ugh. I mean, lets get REAL HERE pally …

To get REAL SIZE AND BULK – do what is mentioned here, and do so naturally as well –

And that, my friend is that.

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