What people say matters not – what they FEEL does. (and why ole Kapil Dev was SPOT ON)
- A lesson for those of you that care to learn. Hehe.

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I still remember a friend Rueben telling me angrily way back in the day – well, he was telling Em, my then girlfriend.

“It’s not WHAT he says. It’s HOW he says it”.

A couple of months later, we were pals again, though I did not make much effort to reach out – long story.

But what I’m about to say explains the extreme reaction most people have towards me – either me in part – or full, and it explains a hell of a lot more if you’re paying attention (nah, I wont give away ALL my trade secrets here. Hehe).

Anyway …

(and yeah, I love it that way. Either you love me or hate me, like Marc the African Silverback Gorilla rightly said about me “with you at least I know where I stand”. Reminds me of the same dialog in Rambo II. A “doer” dialog if any! And i’d rather be that way).

(naturally, at that).

Anyway, my wife was telling me last night I think about “how shrinks are saying even 5 year olds are getting depression now”.

I guess Youtube gave her that “info”.

I sighed loudly.

“Whatever”, i said. “The world in general has turned into pansies, men want to be girls, excuse mongering fools whose (one of them) favorite word is “depression” ;women want to be either butch women or men – apparently 5 year olds are told in school “its alright to switch genders” – if you call fat fools fat fools then they bitch up a storm about their feelings being hurt while ignoring fact, if you call a spade a spade they have to call it a diamond or what not, most of all, logic or any sort of realism has flown straight out of the window to be replaced by molly coddled pansified sissified nonsensical rants about “feelings being hurt”.”

“Everyone’s feelings get hurt, but what do they actually DO…”

Not to mention, I carried on – overreliance on utterly (and dependency actually, I should say) useless medication for so called depression and other issues, what they really need is …

I had to pause for breath then. Even I do, hehe.

She got one in.

“You’re not even listening!” 

I groaned inwardly, as I knew exactly what she was going to say.

“OK, I’m sorry”. 

And then she told me all about the shrinks, and oddly enough – about an Indian cricketer Kapil Dev – one of the legends of the sport, and his rant on what he feels (his heart felt thoughts) about “people being SOOOOOOOOOOO stressed out these days”.

They’ve got nothing to be stressed out over, he was fuming.

Source – https://www.republicworld.com/sports-news/cricket-news/big-backlash-against-kapil-devs-views-on-mental-health-but-its-not-all-one-way-traffic-articleshow.html

Legendary former Indian Cricket team captain Kapil Dev has divided the internet after his remarks on the mental strain faced by athletes during big tournaments. While recently on the show named ‘Chat with Champions’, the first-ever World Cup-winning Indian captain said that he does not understand the terms “pressure” and “depression” and that they are “American words”. He even advised young players not to play if they complain about being stressed.

His comments have left netizens polarised, as many are expressing their disappointment in Kapil Dev for undermining mental health whereas others are quoting him and calling his statements “gold”.

And he’s right, they dont. People whine and moan too much, in the good ole days they’d be GONERS by now.

Truly, that Dunkirk spirit is well and truly MISSING.

And from a guy who’d routinely run into bowl with shot knees – who’d carry a very weak Indian team for years, and never complain about it (compare that to these days when you take a break for the slightest little fuckin thing), a guy who could barely take a day off or he wouldn’t get paid, a guy who literally ran to practice with nary the money for proper cricketing shoes, and more … and just up and DID it, and became one of the greats, I hear him.

I’ve been saying the same thing forever.

And it’s what people FEEL.

And by and large the real majority of people feeling that way are silent.

Its the minority of whiners that keep whining …

But even they deep down inside know what the facts are – as evidenced (in terms of this business) by the “desperate” pleas for private audiences with me (I dont need to name names here if you’ve been paying attention. Hehe).

Why just this biz?

I’ve been told for my writing for the erotica biz that “my words make them… “you know what.

And thats a few words, a few posts.

True, I dont share those here, and there’s no need to.

But thats how they FEEL.

And hence my success in whatever I choose to do whole heartedly, as opposed to the lumpoons and apes who do all they can to ape me – and fall flat on their faces.

Thats one major reason amongst others at least, now whats that got to do with you you might ask?

Good question.

Because it relates to fitness as well, my friend.

And it’s as simple as I wrote bout earlier.

If you’re really fit, strong, if you’re feeling like a billion bucks because … well, fitness wise, you’ve got your game going right – then your words will show it.

Conversely if you’re fat and lazy, always down in the dumps about “people dont treat me nice”, and “woe betide me” and other crap that is so popular for one with the LGBTQ loving nutjobs …… well, its nigh evident how you feel.

Marketing wise, life wise, fitness wise, if you can pick up on – and PRESS home on – how people feel – well, my friend, you’ve got it MADE then in all regards.

Anyway ….

The best damn fitness system is out there for the taking, if you (those that havent as yet on the list) dont “feel” like taking action on it NOW, well, I “feel” you aint a got a pulse. Hehe.

And thats fine….

But you gotta admit, being admired by those that love you is one thing, it’s when even the trolls and nutjobs grudgingly (and important – repeatedly) admit you’re “the God of fitness” – then truly, the term I use here (again, feedback from customer, not mine) “The Stella Artois of Bodyweight Culture” truly makes sense.

Ok, he says “bodyweight exercise Guru”.

But you get my drift, hehe.

Anyway. I’m here to help you if you so choose, my friend, but I’m NOT here to molly coddle or for drama of the nature of “oh, hes soooooooooooooooooooooooo depressed”.

Like I told my wife last night, this BS depression crap people spout, grow a pair, and snap the fuck out of it.

“Is there any other way”,  I then asked mildly. 

And her silence spoke volumes.

I then asked her “well, dont you agree with what Kapil said“.

Of course I agree, she went. I’m just not saying anything …

And that proves that, everyone feels the same way, now whether or not you got the balls to admit it publicly – thats another issue.

Well get back to this later.

But for now, remember, one of the courses amongst many people here REALLY, really want is Animal Kingdom Workouts – and Battletank Shoulders.  (because they dont just feel these courses are even more of the real deal – they KNOW it for a fact. Hehe). (and thats an unbeatable combination, feelings backed up by FACT).

No, the price ain’t going down on either, in fact they will go up, up, and UP shortly, so get your purchase on NOW if you’re looking to lock ’em in at the price they’re offered at NOW.


Rahul Mookerjee

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