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- As always, dont they all ultimately hehe.

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This isn’t even about the long game (if you’ve read the subtitle of my email).

But its about – well, the guy who had a nasty fall of his motorcycle a while back – and injured his hand – the tendons, you know, towards the front of the hand …. I wrote about this earlier as well.

He kept asking me to source him a prosthetic glove “robotic” glove from China.

Although doing so would mean some amount of profit for me, I told him NO at the outset – I told him to use rubber balls and grippers to gradually rehabilitate and build the tendons of that area back up.

He wouldn’t do it despite a lot of cajoling, so we found out the cost to ship it to him (in India) – and then of course it was too expensive, he didnt want it (I knew this from the get go) – and then he said he’d go to some fancy physiotherapist in town (Which I advised him against from the get go as well).

Today, after a few weeks, I asked him how that was going.

Nothing doing, he said.

What do you mean, I asked.

Apparently the physio wouldn’t take him on.

“He said it just needs exercise”. 

Although I would have chuckled out loud, I didnt. I’m kind sometimes, I like that guy, old fashioned dude for the most part, which I like.

And then he asked me about it again, and I told him – what I tell YOU in Gorilla Grip for one.

That rubber balls and newspaper crushes don’t just build an insane, awesome grip despite it being “too easy and simple”.

They also rehabilitate and help you recover from injuries.

Lots of people think “its too easy, too simple”. ….

Big, big mistake.

Anyway, as another guy came up to him and showed him the equivalent of crushing a rubber ball with a vegetable, I had to chuckle, but dude was spot on, and old dude instantly said “but thats so easy”.

And in that same breath, “but that hurts me to do it”.

Well, duh.

It WILL hurt a bit, so you start easy.

Anyway, I will give him a whole rep set/how to do this during the day, and if he listens, his injury will be waving him goodbye very soon indeed, I suspect it will start to do so within 3-4 days max of starting my program.

Now, my friend, whats this got to do with you.

If you’re injured, hand injuries are common, its obvious, but even if you’re not – bottom line -the simplest things as I keep saying often work the best. Always do, in fact.

The old timers used the simplest of simple things (like pushing against a tree – Great Gama) to build their incredible strength and fitness levels – tendon strength, ligament strength and health, all of it.

So should you, my friend.

So should you.

And the 0 Excuses Fitness System is the right place to start.

And thats that.

Oh, a bit about Gorilla Girl in the PS after I see what the status of my tea is, I wouldn’t want it to get cold.

(we might ship old dude some tea from China – stay tuned on that front!)


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – So, the Gorilla Girl story (tea’s warm in its tea cosy, hehe) ( love that term “tea cosy or cozie, depending”) …

Well, I quit talking to her for a while – she was getting too damned boring, and all those stupid videos she keeps watching, that nascent spirit of Nazi feminism which unfortunately lies dormant within every woman unless you can nip it in the bud was starting to increase more and more.

So, I just up and deleted her, and forgot about her.

Presto, months later, a week or so ago, she sent me something “why did you delete me!’

Then something about “I wont show you my boobs again!”

Like girlie, after all thats happened, would you need to. Hehe.

Anyway, thats a different issue, but I couldn’t help from chuckling, she’s pissed I wont help her improve her English for free or other immensely boring “simp” tasks like Schofield so loves to do …

And yet, she’s back at it pestering me about why I deleted her.


Anyway, I asked her what she wanted, which I already know, of course.

“I want you to stay quiet and show up when I need you”

Yes, Princess, I went, laughing out loud.

“Oh, just shut up!” came the furious retort… 

Hehe, women, sometimes I like to say CAN win for losing … LOL.

Anyway – more real world knowlege and application of the tips in “How to not only combat and win – but PROFIT – big time from the Nazi Feminist disease plaguing modern day society“.

If you’re, like a lot on this list “having trouble with women” (not my words) then this book will help you beyond belief, so get it NOW.

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