An amazing book that reminds us that even comfort food can be an ally – if done right!
- If you do things right!

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My friend,

Just got in yet another great review from the lovely Helena on the lovely book she loves so much Dish Delicious … this after the other great reviews she sent in for the book!

Amazing book! It reminds us that comfort food can, indeed, be healthy and a great ally when it comes to fitness and wellness. Try the recipes and you’ll see that “healthy” does not mean “boring” or “sad” in any way. Highly recommend it!

I love the way she uses “sad” – yeah, most people equate “sad and boring” – or “hum drum” – or (insert term of choice) with healthy eating, but I keep telling ya, it does not have to be that way, especially if you combine it with a decent exercise system i.e. the 0 Excuses Fitness System.

Remember, exercise is king, but nutrition is queen, together they make a kingdom and you cannot go wrong – as the great Jack La Lanne once said.

Hi Rahul! Sorry for the late response, last week was super busy around here. The  link worked! I’ve just left a review there. Also, you’re totally right! After all, health is wealth and food IS health, right? I mean, while we don’t live to eat, the food we eat can give our lives a whole new meaning, in Gastronomy college we learn that feel good food can even make sick people heal faster and I think that’s amazing, food is amazing! It was great to work with you, I’ll be waiting for Volume 2 for sure!

The “work with me” part, she’s translated the book into Portugese ALREADY – within days of reading it (and trying the recipes) so much did she like it!

And yes – exactly – health is wealth, and food is health – if done right!

Volume Two, I dont know, Madam, depends upon how a certain “Madam” Rachna takes all of this, I dont see that Volume out anytime soon to be honest, but I’ll keep pushing. Hehe.

And thats the update.

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Food lovers, get the above books NOW.

PS #2 – Remember, all purchases mean you get a link in your inbox to review the product. Do so, provided it’s a genuine review and not spam, you automatically get a 10% discount off your NEXT purchase – cant beat THAT, me thinks.

PPS  – Movie recommendations this morning for Gorilla Girl, whose depressed (an easy life of doing exactly “F all” with no motivation to better oneself will do that)

“Deep Water” (2022)

“Fifty Shades of Grey”.

Lets see what the feedback is, for a self professed “I love to dominate” girl, she should love both – hey … ah, but I’ll get into that on the other site! 😉

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