“Good thing brick dont hit back”
- Nothing compares to the real thing.

Gorilla Girl seems to be in a better mood today, I’m not sure if all the messaging I’ve been doing over the past few days for her has helped. Hehe. Probably to an extent …

Maybe it’s the grocery shopping she did this morning in Walmart, all good stuff she’s got, lots of veggies, tomatoes for making pasta etc – even bacon which she asked if I like – like?? Love it! hehe – and a lot more.

And she’s taking care of her fish, changing the air filter, doing everything she could, and in short, well, although she hasn’t done curtains as yet – I had to say … “good girl!”

Nah, Mikey, she isn’t like the first wife who wouldn’t “do curtains”, I still remember “The General” telling me that in 2004. Hehe.

Anyway … I finally even managed to get her to watch a movie.

The two movies I’ve been asking her to watch for a while now – or since yesterday, actually, one being Ben Affleck’s “Deep Water”, and the other being, well, Fifty Shades of Grey, both for no reason other than she’d be interested in the topics (first one about being pseudo cuckolded, second about , well … we all probably know by now unless we’re living in a cave or under a rock, and hey I live in the former, but even I poke my head out sometimes, hehe) …

Which she downloaded, and is on #1 now.

And of course, watching it with subtitles despite me telling her “like Sophia, if you really want to learn English, although I see no practical purpose in it for you, then at least stop using subtitles when watching English movies” …

Of course, asking her to do that would be to ask her to stop using chopsticks.

Which she has on occasion, so I see no reason why subtitles shouldn’t join that list of “stop sometimes”. Hehe.

Anyway – she’s in a decent mood… which hasn’t happened in a while, so subtitles it shall be.

And until now the only feedback on the movie I’ve got is this –

what kind of husband would let his wife has a fair

uber乳房  (which translates into Uber breasts – wtf?)

But where did I start – and why is she in this email anyway – well, the subtitles part, same thing for fitness, at a certain point you gotta accept the pain my friend.

I get it – watching Hong Kong Chinese movies without subtitles can be hard, even though I understand a bit of the language.

With all the idioms, cultural nuances etc thrown in …

But if you really want to improve (I dont want to improve my Chinese for various reasons – no matter how politically incorrect that might sound) then you gotta do it …

Sophia, for whatever reason, despite complaining that the translation sucks, wont do it.

Anyway I didnt recommend Bloodsport to her, maybe I should. Maybe I will.

That remains one of my all time favorite movies, in it, one scene where JCVD is asked to prove he’s indeed the student of a famous Japanese teacher – and he’s asked to prove it by showing the instructors at the Kumite the “dim mak”.

What the hell’s a dim mak, asks his friend.

“Deft Touch”.

And so, JCVD is asked to break a brick for that purpose – and he does, but as he’s about to break the top one on a stack of bricks – the instructors yell out again.

(or the “judges” – but they’re likely instructors too)

“Bottom one!”

And that gets everyones attention that is training there, big, small, in between, karate champs, massive dudes, Chong Li the reigning champ that killed in the last contest and “just watched the guy die” after he kicked him in the throat ..

.. POW!

JCVD does it, brick at the bottom shatters, everyone applauds.

Chong Li glowers.

“Good!” , he goes. 

And then ….

“Good thing brick dont hit BACK!”

And his eyes say it all.

It’s a sage comment, and true in the world of fighting.

Fitness too.

fighting wise, you train all you like, nothing prepares you for the real thing, in the ring, against an opponent.

I dont care how well you train the heavy bag – or how good your footwork is – against a live opponent that is skilled, either equally so or more as I’ve always preferred (whats the point if that isnt the case, hehe) … its a different ball of wax altogether.

Like Iron Mike said, “you can have all the plans in the world until you get punched in the face” (not verbatim, but thats the gist”.

Fitness wise, same thing, you can read all about fitness, but nothing replaces actually doing.

Nothing replaces you feeling the pain as your muscles adapt, nothing replaces the sound of tendons that haven’t been used in years creaking away for weeks until you finally get good at squats, and so forth …

Nothing replaces the feeling how sore your chest and triceps are when you do pushups that you haven’t done in years, decades and so forth …

And of course, nothing replaces the giggle I get – or emit, hehe – when I see trolls relentlessly pursue me with their rubbish, in some cases even their so called “research” copies not just from the exact source I’ve used, but exact topic as well (in this case grip work).

Like Bozo Schofield needs the research anyway, all of it was done as he says sitting on a bus in Nanjing or what not … (replace Bozo with Benny or any of the other trollish sorts that have been haunting this place as of late – speaking of the latter, he apparently likes to be “mocked”. Ugh. Like dude, go to a pro for that…)

Anyway …

Back to the real world – and nothing replacing doing – to last in the ring – you need technique – speed – hitting power – lots of things you can train – but one of the most important, my friend, is conditioning.

Nothing replaces it.

With it you have everything, without it, I dont care how big and strong or even skilled you are you wont last (unless you get one in early which probably wont happen either).

And thats why my products focus so heavily on conditioning.

And there are no other products out there on the market that focus on advanced conditioning like I do – this from the “horse’s mouth”, not me, i.e. those that buy my products, and have bought plenty of other fitness manuals as well – and have said as much.

And the 0 Excuses Fitness System, my friend is the ONE course that will get you conditioned like never before, and ready to last all night like the “Energizer Bunny” as well, hehe.

Have at!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – To the idiot that constantly talks about “having great sex”, at least get the belly down to a point to where you can DO it … Jeez. Trolls, indeed an interesting bunch …