When thy work speaketh for itself…
- And it does!

This morning I received a couple of requests – one from Helena, who loved Dish Delicious so much that she translated the entire book into Portugese, hehe – actually, I received another email from an affiliate on another business I run (where I sell erotica themed books) this morning, the business with Helena has been going on a while.

Lets touch upon that first, after the great and heart felt reviews she left for the book – all very warranted Helena, and thank you again! – she asked if I could rate her translation.

I did so, then she asked if I would be kind enough to recommend her for work on another site – which I also did.

What I wasn’t expecting was her to ask me if she could add a sample of the book along with the recommendation I sent her – she truly likes it that much!

Of course, I okayed it – and asked her to include a link to the book, which she did.

But it’s interesting, I’ve done up recommendations in the past for people before – Daniela De Luca on another website being one (she is an avid reader and translator for SOME of my books there) … I’ve done up one for the absolutely superlative Paula as well ..

Anyway, Paula is an affiliate on the other site. She also did similar work for other businesses, but she got tired of not getting paid on time, discrepancies with payouts etc (which NONE of our affiliates here deal with – all a very transparent system around here) – and more – so she stopped doing it for the most part.

When I offered her the opportunity to be an affiliate (to make some extra money for her superlative work) she basically wanted to do it, but given her past experiences with a lot of other websites in terms of “fudging sales” and what not (or that was her experience, at least) she wasn’t too keen on it, so (despite the fact both of us love working together) – we let that one “go” if you get my drift.

And thats fine, and understandable – I can understand what Paula is saying, and why she is saying it.

Of course, when you’re an affiliate HERE, you’ve got a transparent cut system ie 25% I believe it is as of now, but if you’re selling on other third parties which sell through other third parties, which then sell through others, then, well, “everyone has to get a cut”, so the end amount is sometimes not that much, so I’m not sure if that was entirely the website’s fault or what it is (probably was) – but again, I understood where Paula was coming from.

Yesterday, she sent me a couple of absolutely superlative reviews for two of my books on that site – you know when a reader reads erotica and they’re not just “turned on” – but they can THINK through the erotica, which is really the whole point, it all starts in the MIND – is when you know the books are hitting home, and reaching the right audience.

I’d rather my books reach an audience TRULY interested as opposed to the masses – that holds true for my books here too.

And so much did her reviews hit home for me as they always do that I responded to her at length, and this morning, she said she reconsidered the affiliate deal (if I understand her right) – and we’re now selling in 24 “local” shops in Mexico as well (and more to come) – and these are shops with not much exposure, not much competition etc …

End of the day, here’s the point.

It wasn’t so much “me” or her that caused this to happen.

It was the WORK.

I’ve been working these things for years, and no matter what you might say about me, my work speaks for itself.

Anyway – thats the other site. But it applies here too, there are people constantly wanting to translate for us, and I’ve even got a guy whose written his book and wants to sell it under our banner – more on that later .. but again, point is this.

When you get to a point where you can look back and say “my work is speaking for itself” – then you know you’re starting to get somewhere.

Same thing with fitness, when you get to a point where you can look back and comfortably and confidently say all those years of hard slog are finally showing results, that you can look back and say “I did it”, and “those pies were baked YEARS back” … THEN you know you’re truly BEGINNING to get someplace.

It’s a journey, as I always say, and always will keep saying.

Where it ends is all up to you.

And thats that on a somewhat gloomy winter like morning around these parts, somewhat philosophical as always…

“Many of your emails have a deep spiritual content!” I still remember Charles Mitchell, a long time customer once telling me.

That they do, my friend.

That they do!


Anyway – my work on the 0 Excuses Fitness System speaks TOMES as well, much like the tomes Paula is currently translating into French, hehe.

And if you’re on this list, if you’re part of the 0 Excuses “faithful” – well, then this is a product you simply must have my friend, it will help you more than any other, so get it now if you have not already.

And remember- leave a review once you try it out!


Rahul Mookerjee