Behind the scenes
- is where it really all happens.

Vince Palko last year, or maybe in 2020 made a telling comment about me on Freakbook, which I no longer of course use after Nov 2020 …

“Good to see the old guys still there!”

Something like that, if I recall correctly, but that was the gist.

He’s still looking great, I doubt many, if any at all remember the times he was the “Godfather of Internet Marketing” – hehe.

He still looks the part, at least the Godfather part – big, bulky, solid “linebacker” look …

Anyway, this isn’t about him, or anyone in particular, although I could name a few names – more than a few actually.

I dont know, we spoke about Mike Tyson and Herschel Walker in the last email, so we’ll talk about them, perhaps?

Or a certain Matt Furey who my products keep getting compared to “the next level” in that regard, so say my customers “I’ve never seen anyone with products like yours other than Matt Furey and your workouts are far more advanced” …

Business wise, I dont know, you talk Jeff Bezos, you talk anyone you admire really …

The question I have for you is this – all these guys, when you think of them – you think success, you think “they have it all” – you think MONEY – and more.

You think FAME.

you think they’re popular.

But does it ever occur to you, my friend, there was a time where all of these people had nothing – or next to it (perhaps Bezos doesn’t quite fall into that category, but he certainly wasn’t born with a silver spoon in his mouth!) …

ALL of these people, and these are just a few names that come to mind – ALL of them started off from a very dark place indeed.

Herschel Walker, idiots around the globe claim “muscle sticks to him like shit on a stick”.

Maybe now after 30 years of rigorous routine it does.

But he was fat and chubby growing up, he didnt have a fancy gym to train in, I believe he even fashioned his own weights out of implements and so forth …

Iron Mike, we all know he grew up in what was pretty much the “hood” . . .

I’ve spoken above about what you think when you see these people now.

Yet, and this probably should have been the title of this email “none of this would happened if … ”

you can sit down with any of those people, and they might all, in theory, give you different answers, but “if I had not have FAITH” will be one common denominator amongst ALL.

Cut in any way you like, friend, but every stunning success you see in front of you NOW has failed – sometimes spectacularly – FAR more than he has succeeded, and likely grew up disadvantaged in a host of ways you wont even imagine.

They all went through times far darker than what most people consider “dark” – during the “good times”.

They all had the faith and peserverance to keep going “when the whole world was against them” – and during the many difficult years you’ll rarely hear them complain about, except when they mention it as fact.

The faith they had in their skill – their product – the perserverance, the years and years of showing up daily, the hard slog, there is a reason I praise doers like this so much, because it doesnt show, does it, the work?

But it’s there, behind the scenes.

Show up daily, and do so without fail in whatever you do – keep the faith – and I guarantee you you’ll make a success of yourself at that thing – or pretty damn close, or it’ll lead to another success.

THAT is perhaps what I admire most about all these people, their desire that kept burning until the barriers of success were finally thrown open to them, and how.

The average reader reading this will think “baloney” and “horse tripe – or manure, hehe” – and look away.

The average reader will see the results – not the work that went into creating the results, or the DRIVE that set it all up years ago in most cases…

Which is precisely why (if you feel that way upon reading this) you’ll remain average, and thats fine – nothing wrong with that if you so choose ..

But if you choose to understand and apply what I have to say above – what I just said – well, you’ll go places and thats just the beginning.

My books Zero to Hero! And Gumption Galore! deal with these topics in detail …

But anyway, fitness wise, same thing applies.

You have to show up daily, my friend.

Come rain, hail, sun, shine, whatever you show up – sure, sometimes we all need a break from hard workouts, but you do SOMETHING, you keep moving ahead in SOME manner, even though it might not feel like it at the time or be evident or what not …

It is SHOWING up daily that ultimately brings home the bacon, my friend.

Perseverance, my friend, there is no other quality that is more essential to success at anything, or “persistence” as they say, as Napoleon Hill rightly said in Think and Grow Rich, it’s the one quality that cannot be supplanted by ANY OTHER.


Anyway, if you want to progress beyond the average in terms of fitness, to get to truly “superhuman” or superhero status, then you do what those people that are regarded as such did.

Simple as that, I covered that in the last e-mail didnt I?

And the first step is getting good at the 0 Excuses Fitness System, damn good …

And if you have not as yet invested in this world class “champion producing” fitness system like none other out there, then dont just get it NOW.

Get it NOW – chop chop, as a lady recently said (if I may borrow her words).


Chop chop!


Rahul Mookerjee