The most annoying part of my marriage (and BAPTISM by fire, hehe)
- And more from the one and only "yours truly". Hehe.

I seem to be on a bit of a roll, not to mention I think I’ve finally deciphered most of the messages that came through to me last night when sleeping, took me hours if that …

So it should.

Anyway, “Rahul Mookerjee vs Delhi Police, or the NCT of Delhi”, whichever it was, will forever be famous in 2009, at least amongst the legal community, and probably others too. Hehe.

I won that case, as this list here knows, and the second one that followed shortly thereafter, and the details, well, all public if you can find ’em .. (and it’s easy to, really).

Started in 2008, the whole sorry mess ended – or started again, hehe, depending upon how you look at it and WHAT you look at – in 2009.

As Uncle Bob sagely said.

“Good that bit is finally over, now you can get on with your life!’

I agreed, so did the parent, one of the very rare instances where it seemed all was in harmony.

Given what was to follow later – HA!

Anyway – part of that whole story involved my “second” marriage or first, depending upon how you look at it, apparently in order to get married in India “legally” (which was my preference, go to court, get the whole mess done with, no lengthy Indian wedding nonsense – Gorilla Girl once asked me why Indian girls have to pay so much dowry, Girl, I got NO clue as I told you, and neither would I really care to know other than from a theoretical standpoint, which I DO know, but anyway…) – you have to do it from a religious standpoint first, so said the to be wife then at least, and a host of other people.

I didnt like it one damn bit.

“in a temple”, I queried dubiously.

I aint wearing the kurta pajama, I’ll tell you that much,  I told her.

Although I got it done in jeans, I DID have to wear the headgear, if you can imagine me with that.

Those photos, I’ve never shared ’em. I dont think I will either. Hehe. Some things are best left private (wife was decked out, of course, in traditional attire).

But the most dadgumit annoying part wasn’t all that, it was the FIRE.

The term “baptism by fire” came to mind as I was walking around the fire as they do in Hindu religion, yours truly of course, doesnt believe in any of it, but I did it with a scowl on my face, but so dense and thick was that damn smoke I had to say SOMETHING.

I mean, I had smoke come out of my ass pretty much, but thats how it is apparently “Agnee Pariksha” being the Hindu term for “walking through fire” as a test, while this wasn’t that, the smoke made it feel pretty damn close.

Eyes watering, we were finally done, and the first place I headed to was… well, I’m not ashamed to admit it, the BAR.

Where I downed beer and whisky galore. Hehe.

So did the wife, I believe …

So much for the girl who once said “I will SLEP the boy who drink in front of me”. Hehe.

Anyway, that lasted one date and three Foster’s precisely.

Some things, a man’s gotta do, will do.

BUt anyway – smoke is huge in Indian religion, ceremonies, everything, probably yet another region I stay away from religion in general, because I’d bet incense is a huge part of most serious religion.

Nothing wrong with a bit of incense, of course, but the damned smoke is what I can’t stand to be honest…

Its supposed to be healthy says the wife, I dont quite get it, smoke’s smoke regardless of how you cut it – or “chop it up”.


Anyway, that reminds me of the time I sold incense imported from India, no longer though.

It also reminds me of today while doing pull-ups in smoke – ugh.

Now, yours truly doesnt have any desire to be a “swami”, or “seer” or anything like that, though I’ve been told I was Jesus at the age of 19 because of my long flowing hair and olive skin (and when a guy that could probably lift me up in the palm of his hand and toss me out of the window said it – nah, he wasn’t THAT big, but he was strong – fat, but all solid bulk! – you gotta believe it, heh) …

.. .not quite a moniker I understood or wanted, or cared, but I’ll take it to being called “Habib”.


Actually I’ll take ’em all.

Anyway, yours truly “habibi” (friend in Arabic) says this one thing – if you’re a real man, one book you simply must get is “Pull-ups – from STUD to SUPER STUD within WEEKS!”

Lots of people equate real man to bulging muscles and gym built bodies.

Truth is, the girls dont flock to that lot either, and neither do those bodies work functionally for the most part.

Its lean and mean which really gets you there, which really counts, and be honest, thats what most people WANT deep down inside.

And the various styles of pull-ups in that book, including a certain swami pull-up that I’m about to, or should, at any rate, file a patent for … well, they’ll give you CARDIO along with everything else pull-ups give you – and get you lean as a fiddle – or was that fit, hehe – or both – while you’re at it.

If you’re a real man or woman interested in fitness, that book is a must grab, if you have not yet got it, get it NOW.

And that that.

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee