Why ole Mike Pence was damn skippy sure SPOT ON in terms of not having dinner ALONE with anyone (female) but the old lady …
- And he was.

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He, along with a host of other people – or perhaps a couple of that I have not put on there (I really should put Vladimir Putin on there too, given the topic – and I mean it – Putin’s comments and thoughts about women in general mirror my own thoughts so much it could be the same person talking!) …is on the page of the “How to not only combat – and WIN AGAINST – but PROFIT big time from the Nazi feminist DISEASE plaguing modern day society” …

And for a damn good reason.

With it spreading its ugly tentacles damn near everywhere, and even more insidiously these days and a certain segment of the population (read doddering fools and Bozos) believing in it and buying into the crap, I gotta tell ya ….

But first, a story.

I remember a certain Carol and Grace, two students who’d take me out to lunch every Sunday afternoon post English class which was fun to be honest.

The class, that is, the lunch, for some reason they wanted to do that – and listen, it was all completely above board.

Both of them are gorgeous – Carol perhaps more so, but that might just be me.

And as I talk to her today, I remember how I met her the first day …

Anyway, this isn’t about that – so the lunch, it was all above board, but I remember telling my wife about it anyway.

“just go”, she said. “It’s just lunch, a good meal for you!”

Which – to be honest, is a rarity. My wife telling me to do something for myself (something nice involving me) is like the Moon shining brightly during the day, it just dont happen. Hehe.

Some of her thoughts and views, anyone that can put up with them deserves not just a monument, but an engraved plague with the words “world’s most patient and tolerant” person inscribed on it (I’m being polite. Hehe).

Anyway, so this happened quite often, I had their wechat’s – again, for no reason other than they were students, and would habitually show up late to class, which I do not tolerate, therefore, one fine day I messaged Carol saying class would begin without her if she was late anyway.

She came in late. Hehe. What is one to do!

Anyway – that afternoon’s lunch was fun, a “Western Chinese style” lunch which … OK, they chose it, and then Grace dropped me off back home, Carol after that.

In the middle I showed them my wife and daughter (then a few months old) – or, actually … well, two years, I believe.

And they both seemed way more interested in the daughter than the wife. Go figure. Hehe.

All above board, I’m telling ya …

At this point, it might be well worth it to remember Pence’s comment again.

I’m sure everyone knows what it is, eh.

Anyway – next day, out of the blue I messaged Carol, for no other reason than to ask about “if she knew an ayi” (cleaning lady, or maid (Glyn basically) in Chinese).

Not if she knew Glyn, hehe. If she knew an actual maid, I had tried cleaning my apartment, but did a shitty job of it I must say, and the old lady Carol found – gem!

Anyway – I asked her that, one thing led to the other, I’m still not quite sure how it happened, but yours truly “fell in love”, and extremely so for probably the first, or second time in his life – or maybe third – but this, the passion, the emotion, the few months we were together – thinking about it, “rollercoaster” doesnt even begin to cut it.


I still feel a shiver of lust when I look at the girl today, she’s that gorgeous (and it’s been damn near 6 years now). Or maybe 7.

Anyway … this isn’t about erotica.

But it all started with that lunch, a few simple words, communication does indeed rule the nation even without trying if you do it right (without trying, hehe).

And Pence was just being honest.

Look, guys, if you’re telling me you aren’t looking at how beautiful she is, and just her qualifications or what not (nothing wrong with looking at BOTH) – then you’re lying.

I recently saw Jennifer Yu, two times U.S Chess champion, and since women with brains has always been my thang – in addition to LEGS, of course, hehe – I had to tweet congrats and more to her (more on that later).

But if I were to have lunch or dinner with her, alone, then I’d be a lying SOB to tell you “I wasn’t thinking of how beautiful she looked” – even if she didnt. Hehe.

Point being, Pence was just being flat out honest.

And if you think about it, he’s right from the standpoint of being safe when it comes to marriages, far too many break up for the wrong reasons, those which could have been avoided.


He was recently asked if he’d vote for Trump, I loved how he answered “well, I’ll probably vote for someone else”. Hehe.

Diplomatic to a T as always is the former VP, solid, I’ll give him that!

My man is still Mike Pompeo though, if he runs …

Seems “Mike” is a thing for me, right down to my own English name. (that is applicable only for China, of course. Hehe).

“English” names.

Like geez, why even have them (use your own damn name, if it was an English name, I dont know if they’d want me to have a Spanish name “raol”, lol), but thats a China thang, what can I say … Maybe an Asian thang.

Anyway, maybe this has something to do with fitness, maybe not. I’ll let y’all chew it over.

Life wise, it showl applies.

And thats that.

For brutally hard hitting honest info like this from a fitness standpoint – the 0 Excuses Fitness system is indeed your TICKET.

And that’s that.


Rahul Mookerjee

Edit – I realized I left two KEY words out of the title, so I had to edit it.

Why ole Mike Pence was damn skippy sure SPOT ON in terms of not having dinner  with anyone but the old lady …

The two words I left out, ALONE – and FEMALE. Hehe. All corrected now, tho!

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