Your kicks, MY FISTS!
- So said Iron Mike ... hehe.

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In one of the “IP Man” movies (not much to write home about, I admit) – I remember Iron Mike, who plays a somewhat corrupt property developer in the Hong Kong based flick – utter the following to “IP Man” (a world class martial artist) …

“Your kicks – my firsts!”

Then he sets a clock for 3:00 (the same as in boxing, three minute rounds)

And then they go at it!

In the movie Iron Mike is nowhere near as well conditioned as he was when boxing or in his prime – or – most recently when he did the exhibition (well, it seemed like that to me!) match against … well, I can’t remember. Hehe. Wasn’t the greatest, but I do remember Iron Mike’s fights in his prime, most of them, especially watching the infamous Holyfield incident!

Iron Mike was known to have kept pet tigers with him – for a man that is as close even today to a TIGER as you can get – well, it makes “sense” from a certain standpont (though even ole Mike admitted that wasn’t exactly a smart move on his part back in the day. Hehe).

(it actually bit off a lady’s arms too, I believe, one of the tigers).

Anyway, where was I – ah, the movie.

I’d rather Iron Mike in Kickboxer (one of them) or some of the other flicks I’ve seen him in.

This IP man series, some of the fights, I get it, martial arts can look that way, but one man against 10 and winning repeatedly, it just don’t seem real (the IP man fights, watch them, you’ll see what I mean).

But Iron Mike vs IP man was one on one, and ole Mike blocked, did the peek a boo so perfectly for a minute you’d be wondering if he was stepping back into his heyday. Hehe.

Guy’s a legend, bar none. And an ANIMAL – as close to it as he gets, and his lifestyle thus far reflects it too.

I can relate, especially those wild parties with the girls. When you train that hard day in and day out, you need an outlet sometimes! (or a lot – talk about RAGING testosterone).

Anyway …

The peek a boo style Iron Mike used, I haven’t (and I’m not an expert on this by ANY means) – seen it used too often …

Most traditionalists focus on the “phone call” style i.e. left hand next to your jaw as if you’re taking a call, anyway – for Iron Mike, given his relative lack of height – and immense muscular power – it worked perfectly his style.

That style would allow him to weave in, weave out – and with that stunning speed and agility he had (probably still does) – which a lot of people dont notice, the dexterity, the speed, all of it … he’d easily duck beneath the opponent’s usually much longer arms, once he was within striking distance – BAM! It was all over pretty much once he got one in.

Iron Mike was all pure streaming muscle, just a pure physical specimen my friend – with the mentality and gut to back it up.

Same thing for Herschel Walker.

And a host of other doers, and ALL Of them swear by high reps of one exercise my friend.

They do plenty of pushups, pull-ups, sit ups, a lot of things. Swimming. Shrugs. a Lot of things, again, but if you hear about one thing constantly about them, it’s an exercise most lazy asses shun – and most people cannot do in proper form, period.

What is it, you ask?

It is the good ole PUSHUP, known as the world’s “possibly oldest” exercise for a damn good reason …  (although Tarzan and Jane might disagree, hehe, which I get it, hey…)

Look, if you’re not doing pushups in high reps, you ain’t training properly, period.

Pushups are truly the BIG DOG of fitness as I keep saying in 0 Excuses Fitness.

Along with squats (which I really should have called the GRAND DADDY of fitness in the book – but fear not – Squat 101 will rectify this) … you simply must be doing these exercises in high reps my friend.

Herschel Walker once famously spoke about how he “just did it and saw how it felt, if it felt good, he kept doing it”.

So much for the idiots who complain about my “just do it” mantra.

Iron Mike regularly pumped out 2000 pushups a day along with all else he did, Herschel Walker, even at his age now does the same damn thing daily every morning.

Now, you guys reading this might never get into the sort of shape a Walker or Tyson was in – thats fine and understandable, those guys are “once in a lifetime”, and not everyone has that singular minded focus (for that purpose) those guys did, which is perfectly fine.

But there’s no denying if you want to get in top shape, and quick at that – you do pushups and a hell of them – and a lot of different varieties of them.

One of them being the good ole fingertip pushup in all its variants, shapes, and forms.

Charles Mitchell, an ex cop from NY and possibly one of the most fanatical when it comes to doing the things and workouts I mention in Pushup Central once had this to say about the book – the exercise above, specifically – that his karate teacher had them do pushups on their fists (mentioned in the book as well) – but THESE fingertip pushups take them to a whole another level altogether.

And they do.

Charles, if you’re reading this, write back and let me know if you reached 25 in one set as yet – and if you have, I’ll drink an extra beer for you when I do, hehe.

For the rest of you, and all reading this, really – get Pushup Central NOW.

The best ever, nothing like it in its genre – that I promise!

(and remember, leave a review, get a 10% off your next purchase, and so forth…)


Rahul Mookerjee

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