The nothing and nobody that everyone salivates over anyway …
- Hehe .

I drive people – the losers, that is – up the wall, dont I?

Part of the words I sent over to my daughter for “English practice” (which my idiotic wife somehow believes writing 5 words a day is the “magic potion for success” or some nonsense, perhaps some idiotic tripe her self help gurus told her, hehe) – included the following.



I would have put “bratty” in there along with others, but I finished off with “Lunatic”.

She’ll get the hidden message. She says it herself, except not out loud of course…

Sad that a kid’s gotta grow up with a Nazi feminist mother …

Anyway, my lovely – not – wife threw a hissy again this afternoon.

That was to be expected, as of late it’s “one day good mood” – three days bad – which is going on.

And as she showed up complaining about her goddamned scooter YET again -which apparently I’m supposed to be the mechanic – as well as the guy that pays for it – but never gets to use it (when I care to – which is not often) – and of course, after she herself sent it in for repairs where I told her not to – it escalated into nonsense as usual.

Which I responded to do with facts, calmly and cooly, much like Ben Affleck in “Dirty Water” – that drove her up the fucking wall. Hehe.

(Difference between him in that movie and me – I’ve actually told my wife to divorce me, or do what it takes to get that lovely life she so dreams of, except she won’t do it – even when I pay for the damned divorce, which of course the lawyers take a pretty penny for).

And it descended into the usual gaslighting, nonsensical blaming etc and “no goose and gander” – and emotional so called blackmail that women are famous for, especially Nazi feminists.

I can’t help but chuckle a little.

A woman that writes down “my husband will give me millions of dollars!” – goes to bed with it playing in her ears (quite literally) – that watches motivational videos spouting crap about “I’m a modern woman!” – and “I’m rich” – and all this other nonsense – which leads to her calling me a “nothing and nobody” – yet shows up for everything money related to this nothing and nobody – and his parents, when the former approach fails.

And she curses all three of us roundly.

Now, my own relationship with my parents – y’all know all about that.

But I’m writing to tell you – or give you – just another example of this crowning lunacy that Nazi feminists pride themselves on thinking “is logical” aka “entitled to an extreme”.

Marc, the African Silverback Gorilla once wisely spoke about “extreme case of gynarchy” at that house.

Given how my mother is, and wife has become, he was right. Hehe.

Except, I benefit from all this in ways these people dont even know is possible.

It would be easy for it to descend into a shouting contest – which is what women want.

But if you can remain the “factual” person – well, and do it the way I Teach you in the book on not just combating – but BENEFITING from Nazi feminists at a level hitherto you didnt dream is possible – well, then you got it made, my friend.

And you’ll actually welcome this sort, as I do. Hehe.

Much like I welcome the trolls, Bozos, fatsos, non-doers, all of whom can’t resist writing me long emails to point out idiocy  which I could quite frankly care less about. Hehe.

So much for the nothing and nobody, eh.


Anyway – I often wonder what my wife would have done with no support which she gets in spades, big time.

That bed she sits on all day doing exactly F all might have to be auctioned, come to think of it, I can’t figure out who’d buy it.

Maybe Bozo Schofield, but thats it, hehe.

Come to think of it the two make a nigh perfect couple as well – of course, with Glyn’s “nether regions” status these days, who knows.

It’s also interesting how those that have done – and accomplished exactly zip all feel the need to Tom Tom and brag the most – something, which oddly enough the wife spoke about the other day about “other people doing” (in terms of politics, countries etc).

The lunacy continues, eh.

Anyway, if you want to see how this nothing and nobody can get you in the best shape of your life in a way few others could even begin to (and damn, that workout yesterday, I’m still recovering from it!) – then the 0 Excuses Fitness System is your best bet, my friend.

Get it NOW.


Rahul Mookerjee

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