What MGTOW is – and what MGTOW isn’t.
- A bit of a lesson on it.

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It’s one of the most commonly misunderstood terms out there, except most of the misunderstanding, of course, has been spread around by Nazi feminists whose entire intention is to, first and foremost “gaslight and obfuscate” the logical and reasonable to a point where you push most men to a state of frenzy and rage “because I’m a woman” – and then end an argument with insults a man cannot respond to – or won’t “because he won’t smack you one in the head, while she has carte blanche to do so” “because she’s a woman”.

You hear a lot about mgtwo guys being “incels” – involuntarily celibate, that is.

You hear a lot about MGTOW guys “hating women”.

And the most misunderstood of them all “they can’t get none” – or they “get none”.

Actually MGTOW is not a movement either, as Marc the African Silverback Gorilla once rightly told me (though all of the other stuff I knew for ages) – – “its a philosophy”.

Which it is.

And the number one book … ah, but wait.

What MGTOW is –




Against squandering resources, no matter plenty or little.

Doing the right thing.

Against this concept of LGBTQ and “all men must want to be women” and vice versa.

Neither is MGTOW against gays, lesbians, or any of that bunch – provided you dont shove it down our throats my friend.

MGTOW is simply men like you and I my friend at the end of the day.

Or more accurately, as a customer once put it …

“Most men are content to lead lives of quiet desperation. You on the other hand seem to have figured out how to live life on your own terms!”

Which I have, but it did not come easy.

Truly baptism by fire X 100 – much like my fitness journey my friend.

But anyway – yours truly MGTOW – let’s see. I get plenty. Women hanker after me all the time. And get pissed off at me big time all the time. I dont particularly have any financial issues or problems.

And most of all, I have my freedom, I do what I want, when I want, as I please, with no-one that can tell me otherwise.

I Dont live my lives based upon the whim of some woman. I tell them to go find someone else if thats their thing.

(Unfortunately for me, most dont).

The MGTOW philosophy, my friend, if you’re a real man, is highly worth it – and definitely something you should learn about if you do not know much about it as yet.

And a book every real MGTOW enthusiast should have – and that has not been written as yet (believe me, there are plenty of books on the philosophy itself, perhaps that is why I did not write one as yet, and have no  plans of doing so) … is not just about the philosophy, but about taking the ATTACK to Nazi feminists in a way they can neither combat nor dream practically possible – is THIS ONE.

It involves NOT the physical, nor mostly the verbal, unless you know how to do the latter right.

It’s mostly, believe it or not, MENTAL techniques that affect the enemy subconsciously.

And if you want any proof as to how well they work, well, yours truly and a host of other MGTOW dudes not mentioned here are living, breathing proof of it.

And that is THAT.

Get the book NOW.

And thats that!


Rahul Mookerjee

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