Gorilla Girls Jump Rope Workout
- After she...

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She has this annoying, yet cute habit of “not reading messages” – then claiming “they’re too long to read” – and then reading them anyway, and not replying.

Sometimes she doesnt understand them all.

Maybe I’ve truly forgotten that writing daily, over 10000 words per day usually these days has ramped up my logical faculties to an extent most except Jeff Bezos would be hard pressed to understand – or counter.

Speaking of which, and thinking of which, as I message a certain company back – for what seems to be the nth time saying “please READ what I am saying before replying” (dont you just hate it when people reply to just the last message, they dont even bother to read everything else you typed out so painstakingly – and this is business, if you can believe that!) … I gotta give it to Jeff.

Till date, and this is yet another reason the only company I really do biz with is Amazon in all regards, I’ve met not one single company that can read my page long emails, answer my questions intelligently, and not just answer them, provide counter points with DOCUMENTATION attached.

Sometimes support at Amazon fails, but they’re always glad to learn, which I’ve not seen anywhere else.

Speaks tomes to why I keep saying amazon is the company to watch for the future – regardless of what is happening now.

Most will pooh pooh this, which is fine, of course, and focus on other idiocy – like a “former CEO from california” did.

This idiot got laid off, or quit, one of the two, then he got depressed sitting at home doing nothing, then claimed “to do something different I joined an Amazon warehouse”.



Bottom line, you had no money left, which I get, but be honest dude.

And of course, he started complaining a while later bout how the “stairs on the ladder” are marked “do not sit” – and how his fingers cramped every morning upon waking up – “because I lifted so many packages every day”.

Some Asian dude, the level to which people molly coddle themselves these days, complain and have let themselves go to – it never ever fails to astound.

Gorilla Girl and her dependence upon dumbphones is another example.

Anyway, she keeps “checking back to see if I hadn’t deleted her” for whatever reason.

You see, I apply the tips and techniques in “How to not only COMBAT and WIN AGAINST – but PROFIT (big time) from the Nazi Feminist DISEASE plaguing modern day society.” to her almost daily.

I could change the title on this one, muck a few words around and it would be the bestseller on the other site – y’all in the know know which one I be referring to. Hehe. ????


I keep testing her, even when she doenst know it – and even when she does.

And after calling her out on some BS she was talking about (including another gal who was pestering me to lend her money, yet wont respond to anything I ask her) …

alright, I go rope skipping, ttyl

Hehe. Now thats what I love to hear, Sophia, is what I told her, and then …

even tho it isn’t rope skipping. cute, heh. Anyway, we can talk later.

I love that Chinese English of hers. ????Chinglish, I believe it’s called, though a lot of Asian countries aren’t a lot better either in that regard.

I’m sure she loves equally my Chinese. Hehe. Rudimentary at best.

Anyway …

I asked her how many she could do, she replied with “1000“.

At one time, I asked her?


100 at a time, she replied. Then rest for a few minutes. 

And then I told her what to work up to.

300, stop for 15 seconds, and repeat 3 times.

Unfortunately if you do this, your boobs might reduce.????????

But it’s OK , I wrot e a book on this, so telling you…

The squealing that followed, I shouldn’t even get into it here. Hehe .

But anyway … size of her mammaries is something she herself wanted to increase at one time.

Now, decrease seems to be the mantra. I’d rather the former. Hehe.

Anyway …

That above bit I told you – 100 reps at a time – normal rope jumps, that is, not some of the more advanced variations I lay out in Jump Rope Mania! a nigh forgotten course around here – is a good goal to have starting out, and it’ll take a lot of you a long time to get there.

But you know you’re getting somewhere, or starting to, when it’s “300 at a time” – or preferably, as i do, 500 at a time.

When you can crank out 500 at a time and do them for sets of 5 without dwadling too long in the middle is when you know you’ve got something going.

Wonder what idiot at Amazon warehouse would say, his legs would probably cramp thinking of it.

Anyway – Sophia might well buy Jump Rope Mania, but she doesn’t need to.

I’ll happily give her some free info from it, provided she uses it, much like I did y’all in this email.

Now – remember.

There are FAR more advanced variations to jumping rope than the simple rope jump, which yes, you could do that, and as Sophia does, along with handstands, you could stay pretty fit the rest of your life if you do nothing else at all.

But to really learn “Iron Mike’s secrets” if I might put it that way – or the routines elite boxers and wrestler’s follow – to really get into that sort of top shape by jumping rope primarily and all else after that – well, you’ll have to get the book for that.

And thats that, my friend. Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

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