The paradox of the cucked male looking DESPERATELY to break free…
- Of the SHACKLES.

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Though the title of this email may seem to be completely at odds with what I am going to say below – or maybe not – it is also one of the prime reasons why so many people are nigh “obsessed” with Rahul Mookerjee – despite roundly and outwardly professing to hate him, saying (and thinking about) the nastiest things you could possibly say to him -and so forth.

It all boils down to this.

People follow leaders.

It’s a vibe that you cannot fake.

And part of this lot that I am referring to as desperately trying to break free of the shackles is the “looking for approval syndrome”.

Like someone makes a comment, moves on, but these idiots will think about it, obsess over it – even though it doesn’t do them a smidgeon of good to do so.

Trouble is, of course, they cannot forget what was said because well, “it has the ring of truth to it” as my friend from the Marines often said about what I say.

And, brutal honesty – well – it has a ring of its own!

I mean, if youre a real leader, a real man, it will show – no amount of shirtless pictures, videos, or “triple chins” will get you there though.

Probably one reason why Ive never done shirtless videos, despite some of my customers wanting me to (one of them was a couple of years ago worried about my health and well being) …

“I dont blame you for not wanting to make a show of yourself”.

And it’s another reason I dont buy into the video craze that is so prevalent these days, the thinking being “if you dont do videos, youre not doing the right thing”.


People follow those that “know” anyway.

Videos or not.

I could stop writing this instant, and people would still be emailing me, buying from me …

Then you have the Bozo Schofield’s who constantly send me totally idiotic and insane messages about “I did this…………….!” (when they never did).

It’s the “looking for approval syndrome” – and that is one prime reason why these nutjobs are never successful in their own lives at what they do.

Of course, they “want” to be.

They want to break free of the self imposed shackles but dont know how to … and therefore, they keep haunting this place – that a real man runs.

Like only he knows how to. Hehe.

What these sorts really want is for you to “agree” with everything they say – or do – even if they tell you they flew to Mars and back today. Hehe.

If you do that, you’re the best person, all is fine and dandy in their make believe worlds (until it rudely shatters, which it always does).

Minute you point out some hard to hear facts though, the whining – and obsession (after you say it) starts.

You could tell these loonies how to improve themselves, how to better themselves, all of them until the cows come home, they’d nod their heads and listen, yet, do NOTHING – my friend – or one of the former ones, at least, “Ricky” is a prime example, all they want is meaningless conversation and approval, and “someone to talk to”, and thats it.

And it’s this lot I try and keep away from my list as far as possible. (and I do a pretty good job of it for the most part too). Ugh. Non doers, nothing is more aggravating…

I dont know, this applies to Nazi feminists as well, my wife keeps writing some tripe about (and it’s always lying there in full view of everyone) “you are always looking for approval!”

And some nonsense about when she was a kid – and how tough it was for her, and other horse manure that as a customer once rightly said (about someone else) “This guy is truly pathetic if he feels the need to whine about how tough life is, we all have our own cross to bear. Live with it!” ….

True, she was a “second child” sandwiched between an elder sister and younger brother and as is often the case in these cases, somewhat “unwanted” – but look, sweetheart, get the eff over it, that’s life, it happens!

And it manifests in weird ways, she’ll watch a video, then someone comes up to her for normal conversation, and she will be like “dont ask me that same question again!” in a mean and nasty manner – which really – it was just normal conversation, I mean kids do it all the time for one, my wife has this tendency these days to get “irritated” at the drop of a hat “because the gurus told her to set LIMITS!!!!!! What you will tolerate and what you wont!” – and other nonsense.

The bottom line is this – if you’re a needy SOB, the vibe will show, nay, shine through for miles…

And way too many people are.

Anyway, to stop being a cucked male and turn the sword of Nazi feminism against the very people that use it – without them even knowing it in most cases – without you even saying a WORD in many cases – well, go here.

And fitness wise, turn into a real man by following the 0 Excuses Fitness System.

They both go together, my friend.

And thats that – back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Sometimes, I do honestly believe the spam filters do a good job – a great job. I really shouldn’t be manually checking them months later … Hehe. Ah well, all in good fun.

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