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- Life showl be a trip

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Life’s a trip, eh.

Yeah, thats some trippy ass shit, Holmes!

But happens that way with me all the time Hehe.

Anyway, last night I believe I told y’all about a girl whose been roundly pestering me despite me blocking her many times (she keeps messaging back from different numbers) – asking for money – and being very aggressive about it (when she won’t give me a reply to anything else I’ve been asking her for months, all business related).

She was supposed to be doing a credit card for me, which she never ever did, and till date I dont have a reason as to why not. Hehe. Of course, when she wants money – it’s an incessant barrage of messages which I called her out on …

Like Chuck once said, “when they need something, just wait for the MESSAGES TO flood in!”

When I called her out, the usual happened.

“You bloody fool!”

“Leave dont massage me!”

Honey, it’s cute , I wanted to tell her, the way the Chinese and Indians both apparently equate “message” with “massage” … Hehe.

But I reiterated the facts, like, look, girlie, I done blocked two numbers for you already, I can’t help it if you keep coming back for more and messaging me from different numbers.

She was furious at being called out.

Which Nazi feminists often are – and her response mirrored – right down to the language – that of my wife when pissed – or some other fools that have been pestering me.

Indeed, the Indian term “aukat” – (social standing) – not that I believe in that tripe, but the wife herself once said “it shows, everyone here knows what the level of the other person is”.

I then told Gorilla Girl about it.

Predictably her response was this

“You’re being dominating and bullying for her weak response!”

Which was basically what I told the chick i.e. dont attempt to threaten me when (upon not getting the money she wanted) she descended into vile obsceneties.

Which I didnt mind, but it’s funny, the way people choose to ignore fact, yet those very facts drive them insane and up the wall, and anyway, point of me saying all this?

Well, Gorilla Girl was tutoring me about how “females are always right, no reason” and other tripe like “since her mother is at home, give her flowers and run away!” …

Past the chuckling – I downloaded Harry Potter for my little girl last night (one of the movies, I believe the first), and then another for myself I had wanted for a while, a Sunny Deol, him of the 2.5 kg hands, hehe – starrer.

Sunny’s lost a lot of weight – kudos Sir! He’s always been an actor I liked, and his understated performance here is superb, the movie, well, so so (I’m through half of it) – but it’s not a bad movie to be honest, none of the Bollywood BS that you so associate with movies from there, song and dance and so forth.

Anyway – it’s about a serial killer – who – ahem – runs a flower shop, delivers flowers, does precisely what Gorilla Girl wanted me to do.

Interesting how that works out!

And the girl he’s romancing is a movie critic, while this nutjob – his thing is to off any and all movie critics, and not just the ones that give the flicks a -ve review – even the ones that rate it positive when NOT warranted. Hehe.

Truly, a man after my own hear t in terms of brutal honesty minus the cutting and slashing, of course, hehe.  (and he says it too – “the audience is going to be fooled anyway, why do you critics help that process. Thats your JOB!”)

And she wants to be a movie critic…

Anyway, I haven’t seen the full movie as yet, but the great Indian actor Amitabh Bachan makes a cameo in the movie, and they ask him about reviews, and are they really required, useful etc (before asking other movie producers etc).

And throughout the movie, reality speaks i.e. if the audience likes it, thats all that matters at the box office.

Which is true, critics dont neccessarily make or break a film either way.

Often times critics will pan a movie that turns out to be a resounding success, and vice versa.

BUt anyway, Amit said something very true.

Along the lines of “but we still need reviews. HONEST unbiased reviews. Everyone loves being praised, but true learning occurs when you get NEGATIVE feedback about something that is truly -ve”.

And that brings me to … well, reviews, yet another reason I keep asking YOU to leave them – other than your 10% auto discount you get anyway if you leave a genuine review.

It’s not to twist them into positives for me, although most of the trollish reviews, yes, I do just that because they deserve it.

And yes, damn near all the REAL genuine reviews are 5 star, and they are well deserved too.

But I’ve got plenty of suggestions from well meaners, plenty of recommendations etc – which I take on board – every time!

Right down to what the great John Walker said last year, which you on this list are well aware of!

John – I hope you’re well these days! (and “thriving”).

So thats another reason right there, now they said it in the movies.

Anyway, this nutjob in the movie cuts people up in a manner eerily remniscnet of the wording of the reviews they post.

“First half of the movie was so so, second a mess”.

And there you see movie critic splayed out on the railway tracks, lower half of his body run over, upper – perfectly intact, and more.

Right down to “his heart in the right place” – they find it where it should be. Hehe.

Not a bad movie, actually – not thus far.

Anyway, yours truly – he wont cut up up or run after you for reviews, but he DOES want you to leave them, and leave genuine ones at that. Hehe.

Enough said, I believe.

So, go ahead and get the 0 Excuses Fitness System now if you have not already, and leave a review. I’ll be waiting – CHOP CHOP!



Rahul Mookerjee (phew, that was long and quick!)

(back to my movie now, hehe)

(I got that from Gorilla Girl “back to movie”, except I dont gaze at inanity half as long or even 1/0.3333 as long as Madam does, lol)

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