Sly, you’re a bloody genius. Hehe.
- As if there was any doubt!

Not that there was any doubt over this, hehe – or in mind – his “sly genius” – pun both intended, and not!

I still remember my friend Rueben once telling me a long, long time ago …

“That man is very smart! I bet you he was planning Rambo III while Rambo II was a huge hit!”

And thats how it works, my friend.

Once you GET to the top – you got two choices – one, waste all that hard work, blood, sweat and tears by “relaxing” and letting it all go. I’ve been there.

As Claude Bristol rightly said, success is a fickle bird, the minute you pause to rest on your laurels, the minute it flies away and …

… you go downhill, usually to start all over again at a spot lower than where you began.

There’s plenty more waiting to take your place, my friend.

And I’ve said this numerous times, youlll probably find it inscribed on my non existent gravestone.

What do I want to do with “myself” when i pass?

My answer – I could care less, at the young age of 26 or 42… Hehe.

Too much to do still!

And too many mountains to scale – both literal and figurative.

Anyway …

Stallone’s got some interview out as of late – which MOST links to it are “down”.

Thats part of the genius (maybe unwitting there), but in it he says he regrets being an absent father, he regrets not spending more time with his family, doing his own stunts and so forth.

I could almost hear the man laugh as he said that.

Look, bottom line.

Sly did exactly what 99.9999% of the world doesn’t do – went through unimaginable hell and high water to get to where he is today – he burnt all bridges and then some – and thats what you gotta do.

That single minded focus, I’ve said this many times before. Horse with blinders on is putting it lightly.

Napoleon Hill puts it best in Think and Grow Rich when he tells you the story of the general who was (when far outnumbered by the enemy) facing imminent DEFEAT.

What did he do?

Not sail back, as would have been the prudent choice.

He ordered his men to BURN the boats.

I’ve spoken about this many times!

He had two choices. Win – or perish.

And they won.

Thats what you gotta do, and as I posted on Twitter, far easier to DO it first- then ask for permission later – except I didnt ask Uncle Bob for permission to use his quote here.

I’m sure he’s nodding approvingly from the heavens, that man was probably one of the few ones I’ve known AS stubborn and principled as I am!

Anyway –

Lets pause for a minute and think.

If Sly hadn’t done what it took (which what he mentions, every real doer – yours truly included – has had to do it) – and then today, was NOT where he is not – I doubt the world would care two hoots what he says, no matter how politically correct and keeping in mind the times etc.

Far easier to succeed first – then say it!

And I suspect Sly more than anyone else knows this.

Legend, respect as always, nothing but that!

Anyway …

Success wise, Zero to Hero! is a book you simply MUST have – if you dont have it as yet, get it NOW.

Truly, you will learn about a lot of the secrets – the REAL secrets to success the “gurus” (so called) will never tell you … (for fear of losing their own sales, hehe).

ANd fitness wise?

Look, horse with blinders and single minded bloody focus and gumption no matter what is what it takes.

Ask Sly, Herschel Walker, Iron Mike, Michael Phelps, ask anyone truly fit – ask yours truly – hell, ask a host of REAL doers on here, they will all tell you two things.

One, you can’t get to super fit (and beyond) status any other way.

Cut it whichever way you like, wimpy approaches work – in terms of turning you into a whimpering WIMP.

Real man approaches work – to turn you into a real man or woman.

Simple as that – and #2, you ask?

Well, they’ll all tell you the 0 Excuses Fitness System is by far the most important tool you should have in your fitness toolbox – starting NOW.

Therefore, decide which category YOU fall in, my friend.

And act accordingly.

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee