The staples you do in EVERY workout.
- And they're damned important. Mark my words.

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Theyre important, my friend  and we all have them – so we should.

Much like the staples in everyone’s DIET, depending upon what sort of diet you follow.

For years, that used to be meat and beer for me. Hehe. Veggies too to an extent but mostly the above – and these days?

Although food in general, I’m no longer a huge “foodie” like I used to be, food in general isn’t something that I worry too much these days – or obsess over – not that I ever did anyway.

These days, the first staple I think of stocking upon – green tea. Hehe. Not that there is any shortage of that around, but the brand I want. Ideally “hong cha” as well, which is Chinese for red tea, except the tea is actually black, but when you brew it, you get a reddish color to the tea. Damned tasty I must say!

Back to workouts – what is that one exercise you do in every workout?

Or, if I were to put it another way – – the one exercise combo you do in every workout?

Or, the body parts you simply MUST hit every workout?

Put it in any way you like, you get my drift my friend.

For me, if I had to choose two staples – or even one – well, if it’s one, would be a tough choice, but two?

I think two staples per workout is a good number, it’s the bare minimum of “number” of exercises that you need to hit the entire body efficiently.

No prizes for guessing mine – pull-ups – and squats.

Body parts that are a staple – or exercise type?

Well, I simply must STRETCH (as a form of exercise, not to loosen up like most people which I do not use stretching for, neither do I really advocate it –  if you want to stretch, I’ve always maintained doing it as part of your workout or AFTER it) …

And grip work – and leg work!

There’s other exercises I’d highly recommend which could be a staple – or “close staple” or even primary movement in your work.

Some of the work with implements that I teach you in Lumberjack “Lodestone” Fitness – truly a “lodestone” gem of a book you MUST get your pre-order in for – NOW. This book just keeps getting more and more mammoth – I thought 0 Excuses Fitness at 300 plus pages was something, but THIS book, well… Hehe.

Animal Kingdom Workouts is another behemoth – and some of the movements in them – ditto. For many, the tiger walk could be a staple – or the BEAR crawl.

Or, any of the animal movements – or pushups for that matter (highly recommended).

For me, if nothing else, even if it’s a tiny workout day, I’ll drop down and do at least 5 squats even if I’m too sore to move. Hehe.

Then I’ll do 5 more, and even on my rest days “complete rest” which don’t happen often at all, let me tell you (neither should they for you) – a minimum of 50 squats is about par for me, if not more.

Pull-ups, at the very least I’ll do timed hangs, and usually burp out a set of 10 as well. Hehe.

(kidding on the burp part!).

Anyway, those are mine, you should definitely have a staple movement – preferably TWO – for every workout as well, if not MORE than two.

But two is the bare minimum, and enough, I feel – but go for more if you so choose!

And thats that.

In the 0 Excuses Fitness System you’ll see me give you a huge variety of movements that along with the other books above ensure you’ll never ever get bored.

And if there is one system that should be a staple in YOUR workout routine, it is the above…

OK, out for now.

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

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