If your traps and upper back and chest are INCREDIBLY SORE …
- ... from hard daily workouts !!

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I still remember John Walker, a customer on here who when if you ask him the book he “really, really” wants – is Lumberjack “Lodestone” Fitness ” the one he is really awaiting” , in his own words …

We were discussing clubs, kettlebells, and how that book literally just keeps expanding beyond belief (but that to me is a good thing).

Literally one of the best, if not THE best – and certainly the most exhaustive manual of its kind it will be much like most of, if not ALL my courses are.

Anyway – we were discussing pull-ups, and how though he doesn’t rate the lat pulldown highly at all (neither should be for reasons discussed – obvious!) – he still does them on his recovery days, because at his age, if he goes HARD on pull-ups one day, then he’s too sore to do ’em properly the next day.

Note he’s a doer.

He did NOT say “cannot do them the next day”.

He merely meant “cannot do the back justice the next day”.

There is a huge, huge difference between the two – worlds, in fact – the former is being a lazy ass, the latter is being a pragmatic DOER.

Anyway, there are other ways to recover, but to those of you familiar with the sort of soreness I’m talking about?

No, it isn’t soreness caused due to inactivity, improper posture or any of that – though what I’m about to tell you here will rectify soreness due to those reasons too.

Its the soreness  you get after a heavy duty upper body or maybe even leg workout (eg – climbing HILLS!) …

The worked to the bone feeling, the next day you pump out pushups, for one, easy peasy it feels like, but  you dont “feel” like doing ’em if you get my drift.

This just happened to me, by the way, I’ve been busy with affiliates on both sites today and a load of other work – plus my regular writing, and all those books on the backburner.

And with my usual 11 AM wake up time, I didnt have time to work out till 6 PM, when I did, I didnt “feel like doing it” – but I did anyway.

A few minutes into the workout, I was on top of the world, and felt like doing NOTHING but upper body work again despite the tough upper body workout I had yesterday.

What gives you ask?

What recovery tool did I use?

Well, one of them is a ROLLING PIN.


Seriously, massage works wonders – if you can find someone to do it to you properly (no hanky pankey) – and not “take the rolling pin to you”.

Massage is a legit recovery technique – I mean, it and all its derivatives – would not be a part of pro sports if it wasn’t, would it?

I write about it in 0 Excuses Fitness.

I should have also written about ICE baths – another great way to recover – or the sauna, though I prefer the former (unless I’m with Aa Ling in the sauna, hehe, which I used to be back in the day in China).

And much more, but – well, be careful you dont get a “thats life, sorry!” response thrown back at you along with a NO – like I did when I asked Paula for a head massage.


I love that girl much like I do Gorilla Girl…

I still remember a certain Quasimodo when asked to get a massage tentatively wondering “if the Mrs is up to it”.

He was right. Hehe (on the tentative part).

Anyway, all this aside – my own preferred means of recovery?


There is NO tool – kettlebells and maces included which gets the blood flowing to the upper back better.

Sure, bodyweight stretches do the same thing – like the bridge, but if you dont feel like the bridge, or can’t do it (which many cannot) – or the reverse pushup, or the BEST darn exercise ever which makes people feel better than anything else they have ever done?

Well, everyone can work clubs provided you work up to them.

There’s a host of idiots out there I keep talking bout that pooh pooh this idea claiming “we lift X amount in the gym” and dont need to start light – and then instantly pull a shoulder or get one on the jaw while training, and then whine about it later.

Look, you start LIGHT with these.

It will take you a long damn time to go HEAVY.

Por ejempelo, yours truly STILL trains with 20 kg clubs in both hands and gets damn good workouts in (along with other stuff) – you’d think for me, I’d do far more than that?

Truth is yes, I can lift far more than that.

Truth also is, clubs and maces work you in a way nothing else can, and the motion, even Indian wrestlers in general won’t go beyond 25 kgs per hand for solid workouts, you simply will not be able to do – not unless you have been training for literally YEARS with these.

And if you’re someone that says “well, I did it in two days”, you’re either lying (most likely) or not doing it right (equally likely) or there is a slim chance/next to none and none just left town that you’re a genetic freak.

Anyway – some light clubs – I cannot tell you a better way to get the blood flowing back in!

Man, I just did some 3kg swings – for 100 reps per side, and I did them for the chest too, and I feel … like, well, I felt when I wrote this.

Just – out of this world, and I’m ready to hit it hard again.

These clubs, my friend, especially the circular swings, front swings, back swings – they truly dont just work the muscles, they work the tendons, and they are NOT just for going heavy, you can do them on recovery days – and you should!

Go light for LOTS of reps, and you have a perfect upper body recovery method.

Not maces, not kettlebells, clubs – of varying shapes – work the best here.

Going heavy – well, enough said on that one, but yes, you do work up to more reps on that too, but you won’t be able to do 100’s of reps all day long with them, versus the light clubs, which you can do in between sets of tough pushups – or pull-ups – or even squats and such.

You could even do them while hiking!

Truly one of the best tools ever, and I have detailed far more in Lumberjack “Lodestone” Fitness – YES, if you’re in ANY way serious about fitness, you DO need to reserve your copy now because YES, the price will go UP soon – and yours truly doesnt play about there, you know that.

If you’re a wacko that screams too expensive, please – spare me. We dont cater to wackjobs around here – we cater to true doers that know the value of real knowledge coming from truly being in the real trenches i.e nigh priceless.

Last, but not least, there are tools to do the same thing with legs too I’ll cover in a different email.

Unless you can grab with your toes though, it wont be clubs. Hehe. NO pun intended by the way!

And thats that – take action NOW my friend if you have not already.


Rahul Mookerjee

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