My thoughts on injecting testosterone, using “muscle pills” – and more!
- I believe I said this before, but...

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I cannot recall exactly when I spoke about this before, but I think I did.

Cliff, a mutual contact of – well, a somewhat long term friend of a certain Chuck and even the Bozo – and someone I knew online – in china at the time I knew him was not only a bodybuilder in the true, classic sense of the world with the build – and the (unfortunately) injuries – shot out knees being one – used to sell the latter i.e pills and other sort of “muscle supplements” which of course, as you might expect sold like hotcakes.

I dont know if he sold testosterone – I think he did.

But I remember a conversation I was having with him once about sprinting and leg strength, and that is where I believe I  learned about his (at least at that time) shot knees.

Anyway, this one isn’t about the many and legit perils of bodybuilding (note – that is different from “weightlifting” – although I Dont advocate lifting weights in the traditional sense in general, it’s still far more preferable to puff and buff stuff “bodybuilding” which is about as unnatural, and DYSFUNCTIONAL as dysfunction can be – ugh!).

This is about the big T …

Something many men take – both those who work out – and those that dont.

Sometimes, it’s doc’s advice, either right or wrong which causes these guys to take it – sometimes other reasons (yes, vanity and “I want huuuuuuuuuuuuge arms” is a part of it too!).

My friend Marc the African Silverback Gorilla, I still remember the first time he showed him his bottles of testosterone.

I was surprised.

“Why do you need those”, I asked.

I mean, I knew he worked out, did some weightlifting, did the machines, more than any of that though – he trained boxing regularly, which gives you all the T boost you need and then some (and trust me, he could knock your damn lights out too as my buddy from the Marines once told me. Heh).

I cant remember what he replied with, but more muscle and “its more help”, I believe is what I said – though I might well be wrong, but I think that was the gist of it.

I shook my head.

Live and let live, so I Didnt say anything – but personally, me?

I wouldn’t take it.

Not just because your body tends to get dependent on such artificial external boosts for one – and then when you stop taking them, you find that regardless of your workouts, your body isn’t producing near the amount of T it used to BEFORE you started to take external shots, or pills, or whatever it is.

Your body is nothing if not adaptive, a learning machine, and if it can make it’s own job easier, it sure will my friend.

But mostly, for me, because you dont NEED ’em in my opinion.

Ditto for most of these other pills and junk you see that people sell – a lot of it is useless as well, mostly fancy “gym style” marketing with buffed up bodies on display and so forth, but you don’t really need ’em.

Let me tell you, my friend, combined deep breathing with rapidfire bodyweight or Hindu squats for one done in high enough numbers, and you’ll be producing more T than you can handle.

Sprints, squats, swimming, all of it … hitting the heavy bag, even!

Same thing for solid grip work – pull-ups – or other heavy duty lumberjack work – in fact any sort of activity that really makes you huff and puff and exerts the muscular system over a period of time fits the bill here.

Not to mention, there are so many OTHER ways to increase your body’s supply of testosterone – HGH – and so forth … without resorting to external measures.

I dont even mean looking at female butts, hehe. Thats one way, I guess!

But there’s other ways – for instance, extended fasts, something which people think “make you weak” – as I’ve written about, usually have the OPPOSITE effect – including the sheer RUSH you feel on day two of an extended fast, going into day three – when the body’s natural survival instincts really start to kick in – I’ve compared it before to the power boost you get from driving a stick shift when you go from second gear to third …

Or, certain forms of stretching …

Dont get me wrong, there’s doer that take supplements and T boosts and things like that – Sly Stallone himself was once in a bit of a deep water when entering Australia I believe, because it was technically illegal to carry in “HGH” supplements or whatever it was “Rambo” was taking at the time. Hehe.

But long story – personally?

I wouldn’t take them – not to mention a lot of the negative side effects that can occur if you do things wrong – hair loss being one of them …

But mostly because in my own honest opinion, if you’re training hard enough, I dont think you NEED them in the first place.

And that, my friend, is that.

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

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