Why lazy phat phockers have way less common sense than you might “think” …
- It showl isn't that common anyway.

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There seems to be a direct correlation between (in most cases, the “herd” anyway as I was telling a certain Paula) how FAT someone is i.e. how much someone has let themselves go, and is unconcerned by that gigantic belly hanging over their pants – and how STOOOPID these guys are.

Or, how stupid they ACT I should say, and how good they are at making excuses about damn near everything, even not fitness related topics.

Which common sense isn’t that common anyway, but let me back up.

I was discussing this with my daughter the other day.

“Honey, I dont know how people let themselves go like that”.

Literally, walk around any big city (and Asia isn’t an exception – go to India for one!) – and cast your gaze around, you’ll see nothing but FAT people all around you (unless you’re in a specific area or something).

And not just fat.

The men have HUMUNGOUS bellies hanging over their belts – yes, in Asia too! (so much for India being “poor” hehe) – and pants that look like they’re XXXXXL – and they parade it around like a badge of honor.

Women don’t get off scot free – while the bellies aren’t that visible – the derriers are just as bad in many cases. UGH!

“Just how can someone live with themselves that way” I keep thinking – and then of course, if I say it, the usual PC BS gets shot back at me about “body shaming”, “making people feel bad about themselves” and so forth – but look, if you’ve let yourself go that much – you deserve it, no matter what – unless you’re on some extreme medication or something, and most people are NOT.

Ask David Goggins for one, who fell into the phat phocker category years ago – and then became the phenom he is today.

Ask yours truly as well – but even me, I was fat “all over” – but not the kind where you have that gigantic belly protruding like you’ve never done a lick of exercise in your life, or even walked two steps, or …

That brings me to my central point – if a package is for the first floor, should the delivery guy not go up to the first floor to deliver it?

This afternoon, yours truly on the “ground” as they call it in Asia – I prefer first, hehe – floor opened the door for yet another fool who was hankering away nineteen to the dozen on the goddamned doorbell that I’ve never put in any of my apartments … I hate bells! And being disturbed all goddamned day long…

… was a package for the folks upstairs, I told him to ring the bell there.

He did.

Took a while for them to open.

They finally did.

“Come up”, lady said.

He stared at me (delivery guy).

“Oh, whatever, give it to me” I said impatiently, waiting to get back to my work – I was doing affiliate links. . .

“I’ll give it to her”.

And then he said something had to be signed.

“Then go up, goddamn it”, I muttered, impatience getting the better of me.

He stared.

“do I have to go up, Sir”, he queried.

You’d think he was an idiot for asking that, eh.

I mean, if a goddamned signature is required from the people upstairs, you go on upstairs, you fool, the pen wont fly down on it’s own.

I retorted in my usual tart manner. He laughed, went up – but then I got it.

That belly!

He was basically asking “sir, do I need to carry my bulk up those stairs”?

And literally it’s like 10 steps, thats all. Literally, and easy peaasy.

People are so goddamned lazy these days, I dont get it!

I really don’t, my friend – HOW can someone be so lazy?

But they are.

HOW can someone let themselves go like this?

Yet, the herd does – the masses do.

Paula and I were talking about her many question for the affiliate center on the other site which I encourage – it shows she is truly interested, and not just some wacko signing up to “see what sticks”.

She has so many questions even I dont know the answer to one – hehe.

But we’ll figure that one out (I just dont know it as yet because it involves a third party website I do not have access to).

But she said the following to me last night (amongst other).

5.And if I am your headache with many details, can you get an aspirine? It’s a joke!


I told her to keep the questions coming, and dropped in a bit about head massages. hehe.

I also told her how I rarely fall sick, and if I do, I NEVER take any medication for it – including even basic paracetemol etc – I just drink plenty of water and “work the bugs” out of my system (and it’s true, thats what I do).

And about the massage on the head, I am sorry, I think it will never happen. Not all that we want
occur us. Ce la vie!

HEhe again.

I love this girl ..

Her work is superb too, as I’ve said before – on my other biz, of course. Maybe we’ll work with her here too, we’ll see, but anyway –

I then said she was probably not the sort of person that takes medication or even KEEPS it in her closet.

You are right, I do not drink medicines. I believe that if brain is always working to stay alert. It is
sufficient. Of course, for the others is disastrous, but they are looking for that. Isn’t it?

And there it is, another sign of a true DOER.

On one hand, people happily let themselves go to a point where they attract nothing but health issues, and on the other hand, they have a closet full of meds “waiting for it to happen”.

Do these fools have a mind full of workouts to do today?

Or, if “I’m too busy, how do I get a mini workout in”?

Or, “lets be TOUGH!”

Or, “its just something minor, you dont need to pop pills for that”.

Ah wait, I’m speaking Farsi aren’t I- hehe.

Anyway, how people can be so lazy and unmotivated is utterly beyond me …

For those that aren’t, for those are SICK OF being obese and attracting nothing but health problems (ladies, you aren’t exempt from this either with all the stomach problems and what not!) … for those that actually want make some sort of positive change in their lives, well, I’m there for you.

And the 0 Excuses Fitness System is where you need to start – today.

No exceptions, no excuses.

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

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