The #1 trick for BROAD, solid shoulders!
- I've spoken about this before, my friend.

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My daughter’s at the “in between” stage now, my friend.

Not quite a teen, certainly not a toddler – yet, the strength, the exuberance, the behavior, all of it prompts me to either use some cuddly terms for her which are met by “Dad – STOP IT!” – or “baby elephant that doesnt know it’s own strength”.

Truly, she doesnt, although shes learning quickly.

It’s a privelege to watch your child grow up, my friend – Stallone had that heart felt real “lecture” (which is worth more than most Ivy League college educations you get, in my opinion) in Rocky Balboa

“And it was great, every day was a privelege!”

Anyway, I was telling her about a time (this after she slipped off the school bus and I was there to pick her up) when I bought her a nice thick pink jacket from China.

Winterwear basically.

And she was 1 years old …

That thing was so heavy she put it on, and fell over backwards. Hehe.

“It’s too heavy for her”, I remember my wife giggling. 

Anyway, I keep seeing these memories on my photos app, I’ve set it that way, of course, my daughter’s in the in between age where she wants none of it. Hehe.

It’ll change once she grows up a little more, then she’ll be happy to hear it from the “old man”. (who right now she won’t have anyone calling me old . You’re young, she keeps saying!).


This all started with broad shoulders, and the more I see my daughters filling out (as well as when she punches me one in the midsection “baby elephant” style) – the more I love it.

The more I thank my lucky stars for the driving force behind Kiddie Fitness, yet, that book probably doesn’t have the real secret for those broad shoulders and deep chest everyone wants.

In a word, what is it?

Well, it’s not pull-ups – its not endless amount of floor pushups – all that helps, yes.

What it REALLY is is the flagship and one and only exercise covered in Shoulders like BOULDERS! 

Just ask ole Doug Hepburn – if he’s still around, hehe.

He’ll be the first to attest that what I tell you in Battletank Shoulders is the real deal – hell, ole Doug did those himself on the beach when working as a lifeguard!

But no, handstand pushups isn’t the entire story here.

It’s what I am working up to offer you in Volume Four of the shoulders series – “Profound 70% Gorilla 30% Human Handstands” was the bridge to FREESTANDING handstands, my friend.

And that along with walking on your hands is really – especially if you do it from a young age – what builds that gorilla barrel chest and MASSIVE shoulders that scream strength, power, health and virility and more from a distance away at that!

My daughter has it – no, it aint genetics either as the wife says.

I was anything BUT like that growing up.

It’s the handstands I kept telling her to do (now if I could only get her to do pull-ups at that level, but she doesnt want it. Hehe).

And … that brings me to yet another memory – circa I believe the year 2002 in New Orleans, the “BIg Easy” I think is what they call it?

French Quarter.

And I was there with the ex (who is sadly no longer with us – lupus took her in 2020) …

… and we were watching these Jamaican dudes perform, MASSIVE dudes both of them – and they were walking up and down stairs – by themselves.

These weren’t stairs you see at home either, my friend.

I’ve seen fitness experts put out videos where someone holds their legs and they walk up those baby steps you see at the house, now thats fine if you’re starting out but when I see that, I go “fooey!”

Not “Furey”, Fooey. Hehe.

The REAL deal is this – when you can walk up massive stone stairs – UNSUPPORTED – on your hands at that.


THAT is the real deal, and THAT is what I will be showing you how to do in book #4, so you better get damn good at “Profound, 70% Gorilla 30% Human Handstands” first, as without what is mentioned in that book, you wont be able to get freestanding handstands, period. Hehe.

Now anyway – not everyone wants that look, massive shoulders, big brawny chest … massive arms … right?




But even if you never progress to freestanding handstands, and walking on your hands – up and down stairs, or on the hill if you so choose, simply GETTING into a handstand, or doing handstand pushups is plenty.

Hell, you look at ole Doug Hepburn, you look at Bert Asserati, some of these dudes …

No one arm stuff in book #4 – like I keep saying about one arm work, its great to do, but for real workouts, you’re better off doing things with BOTH limbs for the most part.

But thats another one “in conceptualization” – for now, I am not even sure which book will be out next, I’ve got 10 plus on the back burner, five here, seven more on the other site, and probably God knows how many elsewhere.


Anyway … I had so many dreams last night, I wrote about some on the other site. Maybe I’ll write about some here.

But affiliates – listen up – you KNOW someone is dedicated to their work when they spend hours sifting through your stuff, wanting you to put MORE links out there for them to promote, going so far as to promote erotica on Facebook – going so far as to create videos – for BOOKS – which don’t even have any exercises in them to “show”.

Yet, she’s doing that.

THAT is true dedication.

Hats off to you, Paula, you likely wont read this, but you will on the other site!


Mike – ah, its Rahul, was it? Hehe (too many china dreams already!)

Rahul Mookerjee “Mou Ha The” as a certain Carmen christened me …

(lady was a complete “biaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa” you know what too, hehe. Anyway. ’nuff said!)

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