The sheer ILLOGICALLITY of it all …
- I just invented another word, eh.

The lack of logic in most people’s heads befuddles me.

Maybe it’s just me, but … I seriously, seriously doubt it. So would any real doer, MGTOW guy, logical person or …

Fitness, yes, this email is about fitness, not farting in front of temples (lots loved that one though!).

But lets side track a bit …

This afternoon, it was time to pick up the daughter from school which I normally do.

Y’all know me – creature of habit, routine, clockwork, everyone knows that.

Bus is supposed to come at time X.

It always comes by time X plus 10 – no exceptions, and usually a few minutes after that.

I show up at X plus 5 to be safe.

When I mildly bring this point up with the so called powers that be, I’m told “I’m an idiot for doing so”, or “How dare I ask someone to stick to their word on something of obvious importance such as this”?

Anyway, this afternoon, as usual, the wife’s phone, one of the two she has, or probably 20,000 – hehe – was ringing off the hook.


I hate phones ringing, mine never does. I’ve never understood what wrong with checking notifications periodically, or better, doing things in advance, but hey the ROW doesn’t seem to agree?

Anyway, after a while I heard hollering going on.

“My phone’s ringing”, she hollered.

I had to guffaw a bit, for a guy whose barely allowed to get near that phone “because she bought it” (not that I want to get near it, hehe) …

… for a guy who is studiously ignored when it comes to everything (the feeling has always been mutual though) …

“Ok, so”, I riposted.

“Well, answer it!” she hollered.

OK, so I did.

“Who is it!”

Apparently “Dada Ji” which is “grandfather plus respect” in Hindi.

I told her.

Then I answered.

His first question was “why has no-one gone to pick up the daughter”

I said we were about to, which I was.

“But you’re already 10 minutes late”.


Apparently the bus showed up at X minus 10.

“Ok, well, no-one informed us”.

He then said “its not time to talk. Its time to ACT!!!!!!!!!!”

Um, maybe thats exactly what I was doing when I said initially “I’m going to pick her up” …

For some reason, of course (ah, but wait, I know the reason – hehe) when I so much as reply to someone – they seem to get ticked off, hehe.

To add to the sheer and utter absurdity of all this, I’ve NO idea why his phone is there with the school as a backup anyway – wait, I do know.

The wife said I never answer mine, so she canceled mine off the form and put his.

OK, great.

But last time this lunacy happened, the wife didnt answer her own damn phone, this time she didnt either…

Hmm – logic, anyone?

Nah. I’m the fool. Hehe.

And of course, she claimed when asked “she was in a meeting” when truth is she was sleeping till noon (which is perfectly fine, hey, I sleep till 11 myself, but if someone asks, I tell them, well, I was sleeping, not in a goddamn meeting) ..

Honesty plus logic = foolish?


Anyway ………………. this same BUFFOONERY applies to fitness too.

“Sir, PLEASE!” my daugher’s basketball teacher said a while ago, stopping me in my tracks.

WTF did I do NOW, I thought.

“Sir, youve lost SO MUCH WEIGHT, please dont work out so much, please eat more!”


When I Was a phat phock, then they said I need to exercise LESS and eat less.

Yeah, you heard me, I used to jump rope for 1000’s of reps (but I did it the wrong way) – and my Dad used to tell me “I work out too much”.

In the same breath, he’d tell me “I have a belly hanging over” – when his was far worse.

OK, fair enough, I was a phat phocker then (I didnt bother to point out goose and gander, of course. Sometimes beating that head against brick walls doesn’t work…) …

But now?

Like, look dude, I was about to tell him .

“If I’m SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO weak – lets try this one on for size”, I should have told him, but I didnt.

I mean, look.

I can do 25 fingertip pushups in letter perfect form – SLOWLY, with 5 second pauses between each rep.

I can do 100 squats without breaking a sweat damn near, ass to grass.

And pull-ups galore.

I swing clubs like them swinging Johns and their Mama’s … ah, I best not go there!

And more that the average muscle bound nutter pumping and oiling their asses and what not at the Jim couldn’t even dream of doing (ah yes, handstands as well).

And yet, the world in general thinks phat phockers that couldn’t do ONE pushup to save their lives, or climb a flight of stairs without collapsing – or muscle bound monsters in the gym that can barely do a simple kiddie exercise like the bear crawl are the epitome of fitness?

While the latter dies of heart attacks, and yours truly – well, the medical reports keep getting “unbelievable” – more so by the day – the latter is what people claim are healthy?

Then they claim green tea causes hammeroids if drunk too often.

I wont even get into who said that, and I wont’ even bother correcting my spelling. I never do.

Point being, logic isn’t exactly a strong suit for the masses, it would seem.

Ah, but wait, I’m the fool eh. Hehe.

Anyway, if you want to learn how this fool got into the best shape of his life, and how he continues to astound people at an age most people give up around 15 years or so ago – well, the 0 Excuses Fitness System explains a lot of his secrets.

And you’d be a fool not to jump on it NOW.

And dat’s dat, my nikka.


Rahul Mookerje

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