Why I dont judge a book by either cover or price.
- Neither should you, if you're halfway smart ...

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I realize this, like my stances on damn near everything puts me in a category that is … well, in the 0.00001% of people out there. Not judging a book by it’s cover is, to most people, “not judging the outdoors by the weather” – or something to that effect.

Same thing for price apparently.

Hey, it’s reality.

And for whatever reason people also (the idiots) think about “books” as being different products than “things”.

Ask an idiot to spend money on a 300 page book, he’ll whine about “how expensive it is”.

Ask the same fool to spend money on say … 300 tiny pills that promise the earth, blue muscles and what not, and he’ll spend double the amount “because it’s a product”.

The idiots out there – ugh.

Earlier today a man who likely falls into the category above (though I dont sell pills, I wouldnt know!) wrote to me saying I shouldn’t be charging “$400” for Battletank Shoulders.

At first glance I thought it was a typo, he was replying to an email sent out on this a while back.

Apparently it wasn’t.

I guess I could dissect his stupidity here, but I wasn’t in the mood, so I just deleted him off the list (no doubt he’s haunting the site as we speak).

(along with a host of other illogical fools, bozos, and Beavis Buttheads … that can’t get enough despite being blocked several times…)

But really, and first off – I dont recall selling any book on THIS site for $400, or anywhere.

I’ve sold products for over $1000, far more than that, yes. But not on this site.

Battletank Shoulders – well, the HARDCOVER – premium version retails for $350, and so it SHALL, my friend, there are no two ways around it, but there’s a paperback version available for substantially less, an ebook available (instant digital download) for even lesser, all with the same info, so to merely make the claim “I’m selling it for $400” is – well, utter tosh.

Tosh is what fills an idiot’s “mind” though.

Look, I’ve heard the same thing from fellow business people that are “doing”.

Anytime you charge a fair price for your products, you’re going to be criticized, idiots out there will whine about “soooooooo expensive”.

But lets change tack – lets assume yours truly is on the market looking for books, or products.

Now, it’s one thing, like I’ve said – to me at least – to buy a bar of soap – personally, I’ll just buy something that “works”. Simple.

But if it’s something that requires some thought – again, lets talk BOOKS – products to help people – and so forth?

Look, I dont care what an author charges for his or her book – thats their right.

And I dont care how glossy the cover is, or not …

I mean, you can write a great book and make a shitty cover – or, you could focus on the cover “to sell” – and not really that much on the book.

I’ve seen very few books that nail both perfectly, it just doesnt happen.

And price?

Something like Battletank Shoulders, where I’ve literally spent years and years out there in the sun, blazing afternoon heat, freezing cold rain and sleet, putting my body on the line – testing out new exercises, methods etc before bringing them to YOU – being in the trenches – that sort of information is priceless, my friend.

(not to mention the places I’ve been to, the locations one’s getting a lot of the info from, the time – perhaps the most important resource of all – spent creating something of real value, marketing it and so forth – only an idiot would undervalue his time.

And that is just scratching the SURFACE of it. Ask any real creator, any real business person what they think of what i just said, and they will all agree, and then some).

People think nothing of forking over huge bucks for worthless Ivy League educations.

Ask them to do the same for real life education ,they’ll balk at it – explains the sheer number of losers out there doesnt it?

Nothing beats real life, my friend, and the lessons you glean from it.

And if an author takes all this, and puts it into a book along with the very hard earned in most cases knowledge, and then some idiot comes along whining about price, the only thing you as an author want to, and should do – is a boot to the, well, BACKSIDE.

Figurative, of course…

To me I care about one thing when it comes to books – or self help books – or fitness books – the AUTHOR.

I research the AUTHOR – sometimes for months upon end before making a decision to buy or not.

Has he or she been in the trenches? Is he or she a Mama’s boy or girl – or doer?

How many times has he or she FAILED – as opposed to succeeded?

What sort of life did he or she lead, and does NOW?

And many other things, my friend, too many to detail here.

THAT to me is worth far more than the money he or she is asking for the info, as THAT is what allows me to judge the quality – or not – of the info I’ll be getting.

Same thing for software or infrastructure we use around here.

I have literally spent MONTHS researching which server to use, which company to use for my emails, which softwares to invest in, and so forth …

In doing so, I’ve learned a lot about the companies, the people that run them, their backgrounds – and most of the time I’ve found at the end of their day the decision makers there – their thinking matches mine.

At that point, I invest.

Price matters not if I WANT the thing and it will help me.

Neither does “how it look” or “how glossy the photos are” or camera angles or other inane rot that really counts for “F all” in the overall scheme of things.

A certain author (I’m not going to name him) was in the habit of charging $450 plus for a bodyweight fitness course – and people would get it in “photocopied sheets hastily bound together” – literally.

That isn’t me saying that, its people that got the course.

OK, I’m not quite that tardy in that regard, but even if I was … I dont know, to me – people are paying for INFORMATION, not the look, or so they SHOULD be at least, at least according to me.

And therefore, price wanking, these days, I just hit the BLOCK button. Period.

Unless of course it’s a troll like the Bozo I can have some fun with or make some – a lot – of sales off of…

OK, enough of this, but thats how I’d do it.

And how I DO.

Battletank Shoulders is truly a book every serious “strength and power” fanatic must have, so if you dont have it as yet, get it NOW.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – The “I dont have the money” isn’t an excuse either.

I mean, if you’re broke, you’re broke – thats more on YOU than the book or the author, is it not?

And in most cases, people whining about money are just being too cheap to spend it, or their priorities lie elsewhere, simple as that.

Which is fine, but again – judging the PRODUCT or book and complaining about price because of that is not on – illogical to an extreme, but hey, what can I say. Hehe.

PS #2 – I even did a video on this here – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MgeQBIS7-58

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