Grip plus core SMELTER
- And I'm just getting started

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I can barely type.

I’m barely getting started, I thought, as the ole “lady” passed by (I use quotes for a damn good reason there) and stared at me thinking as usual “plumb dumb nuts” as there I was running the ole fan, and probably the AC soon too, hehe in the middle of winter, or coming close to it.


I used to sleep with AC on in the winters sometimes!

She probably wonders if she ever thinks about me – how the heck does he take those cold water showers when we barely shower at all.

And stay in them for ages.

No, it isn’t just workouts. Funnily enough those cold water showers feel even colder right after a workout … (as opposed to without working out).

Anyway, my friend, this isn’t about cold water showers.

it’s about me getting more and more barebones and BRUTAL, as the world outside gets more and more brutal in many ways too.

It’s about me getting in even more superb shape day by day as the hordes and legions of pussies, idiots, Bozos, wannabe fitness experts and so forth fall by the wayside, preferring the comfort of “doing very little” and preferring the fallback excuse of “be niceeeeeeeeeeeeeee to yourself” while patting themselves on the back with their Youtube short workouts or tik tok, or tok tik, whichever way they swing, saying “but I’m not fattttttttt – I’m BIGggggggggggggggg!” (and other rubbish – truth be told, several ladies have said that to me when I was fat, but look, dude, bottom line, I was FAT then – they liked fat, that different, hehe) …

… preferring the sanctity of the wife’s earnings padding themselves while the real men go about their way getting more brutal by the day.

Hehe. Anyway.

I gave you some solid fitness tips in the last email, most wont dare to come close, but you should pally.

And now?

Another mammoth grip plus core smelter is what I got done with just now as I did a 100 pushups (which is daily for me, for me, my day starts off with tea, pushups, and at least 25 pull-ups – squats, I’ll do throughout the day these days along with plenty of other things).

Remember the floor humper pushup I rate so highly, talk about so damned much?

It’s mentioned in Pushup Central.

The basic version of this is so brutal that most fitness gurus would fall flat on their chins even getting into this position.

Let alone do ’em for any number of reps…

Jack La Lanne – a real fitness expert (now that sort of person is someone you aspire to be fitness wise!) – did these aplenty.

And there’s many ways to do ’em detailed in the book above, it will strengthen your core, burn off FAT – around the tummy and lower back specifically – make yours abs pop – solidify the grip, shoulders and upper back – all with this one movement.

Mix in club work, mix in other things, you get the picture.

Its downright BRUTAL.

When you can do 20 reps of these LETTER Perfect form as mentioned in the book, you’re getting somewhere, when you can do them for sets of 5 with short breaks, you’re really getting somewhere, when you do them as a huge part of daily or maybe weekly 500 pushup workouts, you’re REALLY getting somewhere?

But you wanna get to elite level fitness wise – grip wise – strength wise?

Do these – even the most basic version on your fingertips.

If you can crank out set of 10, I’ll give it to you.

20, better.

And so forth.

If you can mix in the advanced variations in the book, well, you wont need me to tell you more about grip training in many aspects. Hehe.

Trust me, my friend.

There’s a classic pose of La Lanne doing these on his fingertips, I will see if I can find it someplace laying around.

It’s just classic. And so is the movement, bare bones, basic, brutal.


Much like the “table” pushup, and the pull-up – – -this movement is SUPER at exposing fat around the midsection.

And lack of core strength and stability in general.

If you’re fat , out of shape, you simply wont be able to do these – let alone the hold the pose without quaking and quavering, and you wont be able to do ’em in proper form, period.

Yet another “reminder” that – those three exercises above to Bozos that claim they’re “big” but not fat …

You wont need me to tell you anything else after that.

It will stare you in the face.

As it should … Because, well, as yours truly loves to say, as David Goggins loves to say, and Herschel Walker, amongst a host of other illuminaries proves daily –

I’m accountable. 

Showl am, bro.

Thats that.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Open challenge to any fitness expert, guru, who can do what I said above with one hand – on fingertips.

I’ll not only doff, but eat my non existent (no, idiots – those that are – it ain’t tinfoil either, these are real movements, real workouts, NOT For pansies and sissies in general unless you’re looking to BREAK OUT OF THAT MOULD!) hat if you can …

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