Why respecting your body ain’t about the external.
- Everyone needs to hear this.

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Brutal Saturday seems to be the tone of the day around these parts, bro.

Sunday, I dread to think … hehe. I can already feel the muscles SORE – I love that feeling!!


I keep hearing my wife talk bout (to my daughter) “applying lotion on your body” and so forth.

Now admittedly dry skin runs in the family – my daugther obviously is a chip off the old block (it came out as chop, so heavily I BE Sweating while writing this one) and given I’ve got super dry skin at the best of times – – winters, well, I can understand why she says that, the daughter is TARDY at the best of times at doing that, unlike me (though I’ve got to a point my skin doesnt need it, much like I dont need hot water showers even in the cold of winter) …

And my contempt for Bozos in general – not the wife here, just increases.


Farmer Burns wrote about this in his famous “Lessons in Wrestling and Physical Culture”.

I know I’ve got the name of the book wrong, you guys know the one I’m talking about – it initially came out as “Lessons in Exercise and Wrestling”.

Maybe that would have been a great title too!

Him of the 20 inch neck, amongst all the other great stuff and holds that will make you TAP – indeed, like Matt Furey once promoted, “like a typewriter” – he wrote this little ditty about how a laborer working all day outside, hot, smelly and sweaty – is often cleaner inside than the manicured, freshly showered office worker.

Same thing for a lot of these fat ladies slathering on makeup galore (my wife falls into this category occasionally too) but making every excuse under the sun not to pamper themselves the right way.

Taking photos artfully to show just the face doesnt cut it, lady – or my friend.

Right camera angles dont either.

The ole Farmer was right, internally, those laborers are FAR cleaner, and thats what counts ultimately, not a ton of makeup, or perfume, or deodarant, fancy soaps etc …

You do all that, yes, but you do it AFTER you pamper yourself the right way – with brutal workouts.

Simple fact of life

That, my friend, is yet another reason why I hold photos, social media etc in such disdain.

Maybe some idiots claim “if we didnt see it, we dont believe it”, my response to that –

Two fold.

One, perfectly fine.

And two, buy the books.

Those photos in there are not photoshopped, they are not taking with necessarily the right angles. Sylvester Stallone’s make up artist did not boff my hair before I got the pics taken.

And so forth.

I love it that way.

Look, I’m terrible at taking pictures, not because I can’t be damn good at them – if I put my mind to it, I can and am good at anything I really do with gumption, VERY good, better than the rest.

But pictures, videos, just ugh, just boring to me.

Show off crap I dont need in my life, now in books, they have a place (pictures).

Fitness books that is…

But here’s the thing.

They dont show me at my best, they usually show me at my worst – brutal as always – brutally exposing any imperfections or showing off the already perfect.

Thats how I’d prefer it.

John Walker was spot on in his comments last year.

And he was spot on in predicting “2022 would be my best year yet”. (that was the gist).

And we aren’t even over it as yet.

Well, my friend, thats it from me. Fitness wise yours truly has this to say to you or ask – have you really bettered yourself in any regard fitness wise this year?

Answer honestly, you might be surprised at what comes out as an answer.

you dont necessarily gotta tell ME either, but the best damn fitness system will ALWAYS be there for doers.

Here it is now – The 0 Excuses Fitness System.

Chop chop for me, I’m out for pull-ups.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Ladies, dont get me wrong. I love that makeup, especially when as Jyoti does “delightfully artful way in which she takes pictures”. So droolworthy hehe, now if only she’d do what I said (I have NOT told her as yet) fitness wise, hehe. Oh well. Can’t win ’em all. I probably wouldn’t want to win this one either. Hehe.

PPS – John was “surprised how I found the time to workout given all else I Do, and my output otherwise”.

Well, what I write about all the time in terms of short exercise bursts which the world in general is only NOW starting to catch on to is one reason, my focus, discipline, all count too. PErsistence, horse with blinders …

And much more. I will expound more on all this later.

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