Whats up, my friend?
- Write back!

Hi Everyone,

Lots of you – in fact, if you’re getting this email, chances are excellent and second to NONE that you’ve not only signed up for this list (sometimes multiple times) – but have also repeatedly added a lot of products to your cart, which is great!

However, despite the “burgeoning” (no pun intended, hehe) interest in all of this, as it should be – a  lot of you have omitted to complete the final ALL important step – the SALE!

Clearly the intent is there, based upon what I can see in my analytics “data never lies”.

So this is a shout out to ALL of you – lots of you wanted to place pre -orders for Lumberjack “Lodestone” Fitness for one (Squat 101 seems to be another hot favorite!).

A gem amongst all the other gems -“Pull-ups – from STUD – SUPER STUD – within WEEKS!” – many of you have been interested in the paperback version of this.  (We’re showing a sum total of $9000 “odd” for this one, so clearly tons of people want to do pull-ups the right way “super stud levels”!)

And so on and so forth.

Some of you wanted other things – all in your cart, saved and ready for you …

My point is this – if there is something “stopping” you from taking that final plunge – write back – LET ME KNOW what it is!

In terms of the near future, the VERY near future – going ahead – setting up a lot more for you loyal customers out there – but we need FEEDBACK – and your support in order to keep going the way we are.

In addition to more site “infrastructure”, you will soon be able to login to the site via SMS if you so choose, purchase products and more that way – we are also looking into creating an app if there is enough interest (seems there is) – as well as enhancing the current SMS updates etc you’re getting. Much more on this front – stay tuned – but again – FEEDBACK from YOU is key …

So write back – if there is a product you’ve added to your “cart” repeatedly, but have not checked out and bought i.e. the “all important final step” – then write back, and LET ME KNOW the reason!

Feel free to be frank about this.

Dont be coy!

I’m awaiting YOUR response…


Rahul Mookerjee

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