When the girls were stronger than me, and one of the most humiliating memories ever, hehe.
- And - my little girl is a true little chip off the old block - CHAMP!

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My little girl is truly such a champ, my friend.

True, it takes some time these days (dumbphone addiction) to get her into the exercise mood, but she’s always observing, like yours truly, one hell of an observer is my little “carbon copy of Papa” as her Mom says. Hehe. Mom’s right on that one!

And she did her first club swing today – which shocked and amazed me both!

Not because she hasn’t swung before – she has.

But this was different.

I was telling her to warm up shoulders a bit more before doing them – after a handstand or two as I did pull-ups (after 100 pushups and 25 pull-ups).

She ran off to my room (study).

Where I keep my clubs.

And showed up with … well, the 10 kg!

Let me tell you, most adults would be hard pressed to do ONE repetition – double handed with this sucker – let alone the 20 kg ones I use in both hands, but my little girl?

She takes it.

And she does a letter perfect 99% perfect swing!

I was actually scared as she did it – that’s heavy for a little 9 year old, even though she’s a strong girl as she damn well should be, too many Bozo men around for one …

The world is a nasty and mean place, while nothing replaces fighting skill, strength to land one doesn’t hurt. Hehe.

Ask some of the world’s strongest men, they’ll tell you yes – punching technique is what ultimately counts.

But to have that STRENGTH behind the blow counts just as much.

Anyway, I’m trying to teach her to do the splits, for whatever reason the wife doesnt like that.

Go figure.

I’d love to be in a position one day where she’s throwing POWERFUL kicks at my head and I’m furiously defending like JCVD probably does against his champ daughter, a good martial artist in her own right (in that case Mommy forced her to do it. Smart Mom!).

Anyway, THAT is the strength handstands and my sort of training can build in general, my friend.

And as she was asking me about my own childhood, I told her I was really weak growing up.

“Clubs”, she asked.

I had none I said.

All I had was a chinning bar, and pink dumbbells that I was told to lift to build muscle. Haha.

And the chinning bar – well, there was no environment to do either pushups or pull-ups – hence my perennially tight hamstrings from being forced to “study” for long periods (which I got around by hiding novels in my drawer, my daughter does the same. Hehe).

Whatever – we all have our own cross to bear. I’ve got many – and I’d get nowhere by bitching about it I told her.

I just did.  (i.e “doer” did)

And then I told about a very embarassing moment in 11th grade, or 12th I think.

Yeah, 12th.

It was PE – I took that as an elective.

And final exam time, they made us throw the shot put.

I’ve mentioned this before, but those girls in our class threw the damn thing further than I did.

“Come on Rahul!” my friends were furious.

“The girls are throwing it further!”

Indeed they were – than me. Hehe.

Then running around the field, I almost collapsed after one round.

“This is going to kill everyone”, moaned another guy – a skinny dude – next to me.

But it killed me more, that felt like I was going to feel years later after climbing the hill with Ms Lee – except then I was 24, and took action, because I could, I was able to!

And thats ultimately what seperates a doer, a winner from the rest.

Claw your way back – and never let them get on top.

And today, I laughed, I could run circles around all these people.

And I can.

And I deserve to, I’ve earned it (as Brooks Kubik said about my pizza after dinner all those years ago, hehe).

He’s a legend is Brooks …

Anyway, thats one of the humiliating memories.

There’s plenty of inspirational ones too, maybe I’ll write a book on the former…

And thats that.

BAck soon.


Rahul Mookerjee (PS – Pardon the tai-pee-ing … hehe. Fingers .. sorer than usual!)

PS #2 – She’ll be stronger than the boys, so it should be. So apt! That wheel ALWAYS turns full circle, we ALL get on the merry go round!

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