Really getting that CORE into it.
- Clubs, again!

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I can’t get enough of my clubs, neither can my nine year old.

God(dess) only knows what she’d do if she discovered the 20 kg clubs I use that I dont put on full display everywhere, she’d probably be chomping at the bit to use those too!

My daughter is indeed the best in the world – how many little  9 year old girls have you seen interested in club work to begin with – and then hefting a massive 10 kg (no, for the fools that think “its like a 10 kg dumbbell” – no it aint either) around her neck and shoulders …

It was great fun today, filming videos with her – and explaining the difference between many things including “Victorian ruff” (Elizbathean Ruff, if you’re from the UK you will understand, hehe) – and a muzzle – and many other questions she asked me in the park – oddly enough, or perhaps not a lot of adults would be asking the same questions she did.


Bringing the core into it is something I highly encourage and emphasize in any movement you can do so.

From pushups to pull-ups to even sprints and throwing punches, we all know it starts and ends at CORE.

And club work is the same.

Look, these clubs aren’t just what most people think ie to build muscle on the chest and shoulders and upper back – that will happen, yes.

Not to mention your ligaments and joints will strengthen and be healthier than ever – so will your digestion and your sleeping patterns once you get a steady diet of Indian clubs, maces – even kettlebells if you have ’em (which I’m still to procure some of the ones I need to finish part of the book!).

All of it, but losing weight isn’t something people think about a lot when it comes to training with “implements”.

But it happens if you do it right, and it happens way quicker than with traditional cardio.

Not to mention these tools will give you lower back strength you never knew you could build IF you do ’em regularly, and right!

These clubs – and indeed, everything in the upcoming book “Lumberjack Lodestone Fitness” are something I Highly recommend to everyone – even if you’re not a fitness buff, swinging these clubs, and they can be 3kg – or 5kg – it’s not so much about the weight, its the movement – is something nigh everyone can – and should be doing their whole lives.

Like John Walker, a customer recently wrote in saying “we might be living longer these days, but a lot of that is … well, let me just quote.

Great hear you’re still putting in the hard yards, it is the “only way” but as you say it is becoming more and more rare with each passing generation, I shudder to think of where we are headed as a species, fat, weak and lazy is the norm these days, we are not progressing we are regressing, we might be living longer thanks to medication??? Although most of this extended lifespan is coupled with frailty, weakness, illness and no quality of life.

And he’s right!

Look, I’d rather live to a robust 70 or whatever it is, live each day to the fullest, in robust and in the PRIME of health and fitness till the day it comes “time for me to pass”, not that I’m planning on passing anytime soon. Hehe.

But I’d rather than than a frail, weak, 90 plus where I can barely stand up myself, let alone do more.

That quality of life matters to me ..

Quality over quantity here too.


So I’ll let a video do the talking here!

Not something I’ve done as of late, I’ve explained why, but sometimes, even yours truly bends to your will, and since a lot of people have asked, well here goeth!

Video link for this –

And if you’re viewing in your browser …

There’s another short on pull-ups we did too, see if you can find THAT one. Hehe.

Enjoy – and remember – all starts – and ends – with the CORE!


Rahul Mookerjee

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