My incredibly sore calves…
- My own fault this time...

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With my extreme exercise routines, I often wake up in the morning – and throughout the night – often times incredibly SORE.

This is despite my stretching routines both before and after workout …(and often times during) – many guys wake up with incredibly sore triceps from pushing too hard during a workout.

Or traps, or upper body – for me – regardless of what type of workout I do – it’s been calves.

Heavy duty squatting – sore calves cramping during the night!

Climbing hills after a layoff – sore calves cramping.

And yesterday after filming those videos, for whatever reason, I felt compelled to continue with the … clubs!

I ended up doing 1000 reps overall – and thats a lot, when you do them the way I was – except I did them with 2 10 kg’s in each hand – something I have not shown in a video as yet, but I’m working up to it – that will likely be the next one.

Anyway, none of this is because calves are a weak point for me naturally.

It’s because hamstrings are a weak point for me naturally – and any “anterior” work – and all my workouts involve the back of the body – if they don’t, I bring it into it …

And it was my own fault, last night I was supposed to be stretching a LOT after that strenous workout. But I was exhausted, I didnt do my calf stretches from Isometric and Flexibility Training – and now I’m paying for it.

I plan on rectifying that asap today.


After writing to you, the first thing I’m probably going to do today is stretching – and then pushups, and then my daily routine.

Depending on how that pans out today – that might involve walking long roads with clubs in each hand – perhaps 3-5 km each way.

We’ll see how that pans out.

Maybe I’ll film myself doing it, maybe I wont.

We’ll see.

For now, remember, never neglect to stretch – big mistake!

The stretches I show you in Isometric and Flexibility Training – and Advanced, Profound Isometric and Flexibility Training will not only help you recover from heavy duty hard workouts – but will also stretch and strengthen every muscle in your body like never before.

Get on these workouts NOW.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – A tip for incredibly sore LATS – and back?

With the good ole pushup?

Well, the regular pushup, when doing it -simply SQUEEZE an imaginary COIN between your shoulder blades as hard as you can with each rep, pretty soon you’ll find yourself pushing up with ..shoulder blades.

Yes, that might seem strange, but it ain’t.

Not only will it make you super sore, but pushup performance will be overall DRAMATICALLY increased x 5 – or more.

Try it – get back!

(for more such tips – well, Pushup Central is your BABY, truly).

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