Another absolutely, utterly – BRUTAL – grip combo.
- This will work your forearms into the ground, my friend.

One of the most brutal (yet most basic, like I said, basic works best) grip combos mentioned in Gorilla Grip (Advanced) – and probably a host of my other books is this.

Fingertip pushups and pull-ups – regular version of both.

If you can do 25 of the former in one set, proper form, and do 25 of the latter in however many sets it takes, preferably 5, and repeat this 5 times – well, your forearms will feel like they’re falling off regardless of your current fitness level.

It’s brutal, it’s simple, its just PART of some of the workouts I give you in Battletank Shoulders – and “Pull-ups from STUD to super STUD within WEEKS!”.

Can you hear my keys fall out? Hehe… Us real men dont lose keys too often, but it’s happened once to me, NOT that time though. HEhe. Carol will tell you more! 

Now, I’ve mentioned another brutal grip exercise in Shoulders like Boulders! without explicitly classifying it as such.

But it’s there, it has it’s own paragraph devoted to it (header too).

Its called “walkouts from the wall”.

You basically stay in a handstand, and walk out from the wall, then back to start position.

Again, basic as heck, yet brutal as heck, if this is all you did upper body wise all day long, your shoulders would pop like never before, so would you chest and upper body (though Id recommend you do more than just this obviously). (and you will gravitate to “more” naturally if you do this, trust me!!).

A variant of this I just mixed in with my 100 pushup, 200 club (20 kg, both hands and one hand) – and 50 pull-up workout?

Well, WALKING the bar.

This is basically the same as walking the floor pushups which aren’t quite as brutal as they sound like, so I’ve NOT mentioned them in Pushup Central.

The movement though if modified a little is even more brutal than a pushup movement – see the Alligator Walk in the world beating, PATHBREAKING book “if you want to join the ranks of the SUPERHUMANS THEN GET THIS BOOK NOW!” Animal Kingdom Workouts. 

But the pull-up version, along with all I’ve mentioned above – well, you walk the chinning bar with your hands.

Simple, eh?

But, DO IT -for reps – on thick bars if you can!

Mix in thick gripz and your forearms will literally be singing “Glory be to the queen

Jyoti, I dont know why that came to mind either!

But anyway – mix those type of pull-ups i.e. you walk the bar, do pull-ups if you can – then do this again with all else I’ve said above.

And write back – if your forearms so allow you!

Gorilla Grip and Gorilla Grip Advanced! – not to mention Gorilla Grip (TIPS!) – there is NOTHING better than these manuals out there grip training wise, and I’m just getting started, my friend.

Get ’em NOW.


Rahul Mookerjee

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