No momentum pull-ups, and more …
- Thats some nice feedback!

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Pull-ups, despite what the “hordes” say and despite what the show off crowd say, and despite what the so called experts, and even a lot of Crossfitters say – MUST be done without momentum my friend.

If you’re kipping, you’re CHEATING yourself of the benefits you get from this great exercise – and wont get those benefits.

If you’re kipping, you aint doing pull-ups – unless you can already do them at a high level prior to doing so and kipping is just “one of those things” you were doing – I still wouldn’t recommend either it, or momentum.

When you get good at pull-ups, it might seem like you’re “flying up” as you do them, which is good, but even in this case, keep focusing on form as I mention in “Pull-ups – from DUD to STUD within a matter of WEEKS!”

You can never ever lose sight or track of the basics no matter how advanced you get – yours truly included.

Last night, I received a fantastic observant comment about pull-ups from Timothy, a person on this list, who claimed “the video I sent with a pull-up at the end, which was REALLY showing me getting the chin above the bar – as opposed to the ones I did before that which were ” soso” – although, I think thats more a function of the fact I hate doing them on regular chin up stands, I’d rather go for thick, thick iron bars to do ’em on, or my trusty chinning bar at home. By the way, using chinning bars is great for many reasons, but as I’ve said many times before, one reason is this – the limited doorway space makes focus on FORM that much more important, so it should be)…

His comment was along the lines of the latter video shows “some” momentum in the pull-up.

Indeed it does, my friend!

I Wasn’t even planning on doing a pull-up in that one.

That was a Gorilla Grip video, and the form for that is letter perfect, as it should be (more exhaustive stuff on that type of exercise later).

But pullups, I couldn’t resist when I saw that thick bar. Thats when you know you’re really into it, no matter what, you gotta pop one off, no pun intended.

So I did!

And like I said, the time for putting out videos on pull-ups will come too – it did the other day, of course …

His comment reminds of me what ole Mickey asked Rocko to do while cleaning the gym.

“Show this Italian dago how to throw a punch, Rock!”  (or was it tomato. Hehe)

And Rock pauses, throws one letter perfect punch, and goes along his merry way.

Something like that was what happened yesterday. Hehe. Such is life, my friend!


The “coming down” motion and going back up might seem like a bit of momentum to some observers, especially if done fast, but it’s not, and I’ll explain this more in later videos or writing.

Like the daughter sagely pronounced the other day.

“They must be thinking, every winter, the videos come aplenty!”


So they do.

In the cold of the biting winter shall we thrive, cold showers included! (for me, anyway haha).


That that. Nice comment T – and for now, those of you that have not gotten “Pull-ups from DUD to STUD within a matter of WEEKS!” as yet – well, what are you waiting for?

Do so NOW. It truly is the best and only resource youll need to get going on pull-ups the right way, and this book will stand you in good stead your entire life, even after you progress to advanced level.


Rahul Mookerjee

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