What years of doing Hindu squats galore taught me about “slow and steady wins the race” – “fast and furious” – and more!
- And it's true.

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Lots of insights into this one.

All was bubbling in the mind as I did 250 pushups. – oops, that was SQUATs. The pushups will come soon!

But anyway, getting my daughter to finish her classwork is a chore.

With no punishment etc these days, indeed, the exact opposite of the near brutality meted out to us (neither extreme is good i.e. molly coddled is NOT good either) – HW? Whats that? Hehe.

She takes like forever to finish something that should be done in like 10 minutes, she’ll dwadle over it for literally an hour or more if you let her.

“Honey. I could have done orbited the Earth three times already in half the time if I was flying Mach 3 speed”, I quipped.

“You sure give the term “time wasting” new meaning”.

Whatever, she laughed.

“Since you’re so interested in space”, I finished off, grinning, which caused her to ask what Mach 3 was, how to pronounce it, and so forth, I would finished off with a definition of “ICBM” but I decided against it. Hehe.

Anyway …

Tieing into Hindu squats, and what I learned from years of doing ’em – first off, as I’ve said repeatedly, although I mention squats a lot in 0 Excuses Fitness, if there was one drawback the book has?

It isn’t so much “not going heavy on pull-ups” – the basic pull-up is very well and truly explained in the book.

On that note, any fitness book – no matter how bestselling that does not devote enough or any time to pull-ups? (or space?)

No matter how good the book might be in other regards, its missing one key element – PULL-UPS.

That simply is the bottom line, my friend, if there is one flaw for one in Matt Furey’s otherwise great book “Combat Conditioning” it is that.

Not to mention, personally speaking, other than his weight lifting days I dont believe Matt was ever in shape enough to do pull-ups.

That isn’t so much a critique as an observation, if any of his fans, doubters, “neigh sayers” as he loves to say – can prove me different, I stand corrected, doff my hat, and will try and eat it too though it’s non existent and NOT made of tinfoil either. Hehe.

Matt was also, with all due respect wrong, and I’ve pointed this out a lot because I have to, in his videos on pushups where he mentioned “you dont see the Hindu wrestlers doing pull-ups“.

Hell yes, you do.

Both the traditional wrasslers in the akharas, and the Olympic wrestlers as well, I’ve debunked this a LOT – YES, they do use pushups as the cornerstone of their training, but pulling movements – including those with implements I’ll detail at great length in Lumberjack Lodestone Fitness – make up an integral part of their training.

’tis a fact, Jack, anyway, this isn’t about that so much as my book 0 Excuses Fitness, and I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again.

While I cover the squat extensively in the book, it’s not enough, not near enough.

Hence, a few months ago, I came up with the idea of Squat 101, very well received.

That book needs the pictures to be taken, then we’re done with it, and it’ll be on sale.

For now, it’s the pre-order, which you better grab at the price it is NOW.

Along with Pushup Central, a must have my friend.

Anyway – I’ve learned lots of things over years of doing Hindu squats – one, “fast and furious” (regardless of the name my first book goes by, i.e. “Fast and Furious Fitness”) isn’t necessarily ALWAYS the best way to do these, though most of the time it is, and should be.

This book is the perfect manual on how to get into serious condition with the absolute minimum of equipment, all that you require is something to hang from to perform Pull-Ups and a couple of bars, boxes or chairs to perform Dips and you're all set. If you're looking for a minimalist approach to getting strong and supple you cannot do better than this book. Get the book, put it to use and it will turn you into a Leopard, why a Leopard? Because a Leopard is the perfect balance between suppleness and strength. The book delivers on many fronts but it is it's no nonsense "spartan attitude" that makes it stand out from the crowd, I believe that this book will transform anyone with the smarts to put the information in it to good use. If you want to be a beast you have to train like an animal, this book is all you really need to transform yourself into the absolute best version of you, you can possibly be. Your new strong and supple body awaits, the only thing you have to do is buy the book, apply the information therein and you'll never look back. I highly recommend this book, outstanding, bravo Rahul bravo. John Walker.

Sometimes, you go slow.

Slow and steady wins the race, yes, but in terms of squats, no matter Hindu or bodyweight – well, if done at a decent pace.

If you’re doing what my daughter does while doing “that boring Math” HW (she’s actually good at Math like me, hehe) – i.e. DWADLE, waste time and say “whatever” when called out on it, well, there’s not much I can do.

I certainly can’t argue with the daughter on it…

But I’ll tell you this, slow and steady means going at a steady pace, not dwadling.

I’ve learned too, that squats just work best with high reps, which isn’t necessarily always true for pull-ups or pushups (well, certainly not the former – more on that later).

I’ve learnt too that Hindus tax the thighs heavily, yes, but they’re also an overall body movement, so it should be.

But … the most important thing?

Well, what I’ve learned is this, my friend, and this is probably the numero uno reason I came out with Squat 101, or will soon ..

The HAMSTRINGS are NOT Worked near as well with Hindu squats, great as the exercise is as with bodyweight squats, or some of the other variants I will cover in the book.

dont get me wrong.

If all you did was Hindu squats the rest of your life you’d be in great shape … but, neglecting the BACK of the body, even if you dont mean to, is always a bit of a bad idea.

OVER-RELIANCE on Hindus is not good, and I learned this with a) my naturally tight hamstrings, but b) also when putting together ADVANCED, Profound Isometric and Flexibility Training – I was somewhat weaker than I’d like to be in some of them stretches.

Hamstrings, my friend.

I cannot emphasize them enough.

Much like doing pull-ups exclusively is bad for your pushup ability (which I covered before) – and not necessarily the latter – although nothing replaces DOING pull-ups – I wouldn’t recommend doing Hindus exclusively as part of your squatting routine – although you CAN if you so choose, but its best to do it otherwise.

Anyway, one insight from the book.

Plenty more to come – stay tuned!

And pre-order this book now, truly nuggets from the “in the trenches” gold mine and then some this one shall HAVE.

So it should be…


Rahul Mookerjee

PS- To no-one in particular, but Charles Mitchell, a long term customer …

Nah, it aint getting any easier.

That aint me, that just wont happen. Hehe…………….????

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