So, does yours truly need to include more advertising in my videos?
- Maybe, maybe not!

It’s so cute, it truly is a privelege watching my daughter grow up every day!

From making me “wait” so she can find the way back home herself (though I’m always watching – she’s at that in between age where one REALLY has to be careful) – to telling me …

“Dad, you need more advertising in the videos!”

“Put WWW in front of 0 excuses”, she thunders when I dont.


She is probably right.

Looking at the gimmicky crappy videos choc a bloc full of ads most produce, hey, the masses love it – they love to “click through”.

Yours truly doesnt cater to the masses though.

I was discussing how I could keep my prices low, and make “far more sales” by doing so, but that like I told Charles Mitchell who literally “exhorted” (so he should!!) me not to “it aint you!” – “never become a pussy trainer so you can sell more books!” …

… I would never do it, same thing with my videos.

And all my marketing.

The thing about making things easier to sell more books, my thoughts are, that if all you cared about was selling as many books as possible all you would need to do is to cut your prices but then you’d be just like everyone else out there, just churning out information to the masses that you know 99.9% would not even read let alone actually put the information to use, no my friend, there is no need to pander to the weak minded spineless masses, save your knowledge for those who have the wisdom to appreciate what you have to offer.

And thats that – John, spot on as always my brother!

Thats why the prices around here will NEVER go down.

I offer a version of art which is comparable to Da Vinci in it’s own way …

And if someone is too cheap to appreciate it, I dont want them hanging around.

End of the day, for me, it’s never about money – or becoming a millionaire – or dying in poverty as some artists (Da Vinci, I believe) literally did.

Nothing at all wrong with making money – but I’m huge on the old fashioned “service first”, “and keeping it real” and the money – will follow.

And it always does, it always has.

I couldn’t live with myself if I pumped out more books and products “just to make a sale”.

I couldn’t live with myself I put ads willy nilly in videos, they piss me off no end when I see a video like that anyway.


Updates from here – we got the pictures taken from Squat 101.

We also did a lot of cool videos, you’ll want to check out our channel! Some of the kiddie shorts are getting a TON of views already – you know me, if I get my chops into something, then I’ll do it WELL or not at all.

And thats that.

Oh, that STONE flip we were doing the other day?

Well, I flipped it up hill a couple of times today as you can see – –

Next one will go all the way up to the hill. Damn, I can feel it, that sucka be at least 60 kgs or so, hard to grip, true “Ironman style” even if I say so myself!

We did find a tyre as well, but it was too easy – shorts on the channel, so I’ll stick with the heavy ass stone. Hehe.

All for now!

If you haven’t already, get your pre-order in NOW for Lumberjack “Lodestone” Fitness.

And I’ll be back!


Rahul Mookerjee