When one pull-up – can indeed be a workout!
- And thats the case for the majority out there...

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This morning, perhaps, or a while ago – I received a lengthy rant from a Bozo whose main talking points seem to be “film a full workout video so I can follow along for FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEE” (he left the free part out, of course, hehe as he always does) – and something about “insults”, and something about doing Animal Kingdom Workouts.  (which he does to reassure himself he’s “strong” despite not being able to do a single pull-up).

(I wouldn’t even have noticed his rant, it goes straight to junk as most do these days (the spam) – the system was right in marking his stuff as spam initially – hehe. He used to be an affiliate here, it put his application in “junk”  – I manually reviewed, let him in, as always happens in these cases, I was proven WRONG)

(he then mentioned me on Youtube or something, so I saw him in the numerous “notifications” popping up. It even crashed my so called 4G “plus” for one, hehe).

Dude’s literally obsessed, like Schofield (of course, with the latter, his stuff goes to TRASH directly without even seeing the light of day of “junk”) …

This guy, well, I’ve written about him before, but after receiving that lengthy rant of his I checked out some of his other rants, usual boring “eye watering” as usual, so I never read what he says, but he makes a good point every now and then.

Such as something he claimed about “exercise not necessarily conditioning you for sparring” – although given the very lengthy and ever growing list of people that disagree with his rubbish – given he’s in no condition to do much sparring anyway … but that part was right, brought back memories.

Remember, Marc the African Silverback Gorilla telling me “oh YES, you’d last – conditioning wise!” (when I told him I wouldn’t last  30 seconds against him. Hehe).

Well, I lasted yes, but that was a solid workout, sparring PROPRELY in proper FORM again, he really put me through my paces in terms of defence (and so it should be, you dont dish it out unless you can take it first) … and I damn sure felt it, though I “lasted”, yes.

Exercises do condition if you do em right.

But nothing replaces doing the thing.

That goes for pull-ups, wanking, having sex, and exercise in general, and life in general. (which dude doesnt look like he’s ever done).

At the risk of repeating myself, what I dont get about this idiots is the “obsession” they have with me – they can’t stay away despite whining about being repeatedly insulted.

Like dude, if you’d spend more time focusing on what you do and not whining about me, and obsessing over me – and your own lack of results, and if you’d stop thinking about the “magic pill for sales so I dont need to depend on the wife” and focus on PROCESS, then you’d probably do better or get on the road at least, but that would require long term focus and vision …

(some solid advice there for everyone, a certain Jeff Bezos swears by it as well!)

Anyway – the lengths some people go to cover up “what is”.

Dont get me wrong, animal workouts are SUPERB!

And you SHOULD be doing them, yet, nothing replaces proper pushups and especially pull-ups.

If you aren’t strong enough to get your chin over the bar, keep it there at the very least for a few seconds, and do it repeatedly, you ain’t strong.

Just ask the Marines, the Army, the Seals … the Spetsnaz, the Shin Bet – ask them about the one exercise they pride themselves on the most and why.

And you’ll have your answer!

Anyway, fool, those “shorts” that seem to have already garnered thousands of views in some cases (I never thought they would!) which he claims  are “OK” but too “short” – look, idiot, thats what Youtube meant it to be.

Since he keeps whining about being insulting, well, the terms “fool” and idiot, I got those from a certain Gorilla Girl, who calls me that every time I ask her to flash her jugs.

I cant help it, she’s got nice ‘uns!

Then she blocks me – in precisely two days, she’s adding me again saying “I just want to say hi!”

Hehe. Women, gotta love ’em from a certain standpoint.

Back to it –

I can’t help it if “shorts” are a minute long. Hehe.

Full workouts are there in the videos section – SOME of the videos.

I do it on the fly, on the spur of the moment, these videos weren’t even meant to be there, combo of the fact that we are ALMOST done with Squat 101 – will be released by next week – pics all done, I just have a few workouts to put in there and then we’re … LIVE!  – that, and taking the daughter to the park since the weather has improved ..

(and I love filming myself in dark rooms and with sunglasses on outside, hehe. Gorilla Girl seems to love it too, so why not? Heh)

Anyway … short? No pun intended, but look – while his rant gave me ideas, I’d sure like to go further with the jump squats we did as a short yesterday because it’s hard to show in pictures – – and while I’d sure like to film myself doing a 100 pushups and 100 jump squats, I sure as heck wont because some freebie seeking wacko wants me to.

Last, but not least, dude – for YOU?

You cant do one single pull-up in proper form i.e. get your chin above the bar, so you “evade this” by doing hammer grip pull-ups on apparatus where it’s hard to see if your chin is actually going anywhere NEAR the bar at all … (not to mention the hammer grip, which is usually far easier for lazy asses, though still a solid workout).

And so for you some of those shorts – WILL be a workout.

Man up, get to the point you can at least do ONE good pull-up.

For you, doing one good pull-up will likely make you feel it ways and areas you haven’t for years, my friend, let alone repeat for reps.

Getting to the point will require you – I’m sorry, but if you’re fat, you’re fat, and that excess flabbage around the midsection – pull-ups are the #1 exercise which expose it brutally like no other.

Again – baby steps, my friend – GET to the point you can do ONE good pull-up – then maybe 3 at one go …

Then let’s talk about it …

And that applies to everyone in general, not just him.

And for the nth time anyway again (this has turned into a way lengthier rant than I thought it would be, interrupted several times and so forth) ..

We’ll see what we’ll film today. Or IF at all….

But Squat 101 will be out next week, that I do promise.

I also promise this – the price will go UP on it, so if you’re interested in getting your MITTS on this great course, even more “brutal” in many ways than a lot of my others, then pre-order NOW at the current price while you CAN.

Back – at – it!


Rahul Mookerjee

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