An odd, or maybe TOOOO -2 – odd ways of getting … more reps!
- Yes, I'm an odd dude eh!

In one of the great, legendary groups I administer on wechat, Dongguan Networking – an idiot once broke the rule, like a bigger idiot I let him come back.

Like clockwork, as I say sureeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee enough he did it again.

He was very unceremoniously BOOTED!

He had to whine, of course.

“You’re an odd dude”, he whined, while giving his explanation (or excuse) for breaking the rules despite being warned once already – and despite me loosening my very normally strict “one strike and you’re out FOREVER” policy (that is applicable to the Ship too, btw).

I dont BROOK excuses, no pun intended, I never have, never will.

I just do it.

Same way , same thing here, anyway.

One of the keys to getting more reps I’ve written about in Jump Rope Mania, it’s a key not mentioned in any other book  including 0 Excuses Fitness, only because perhaps it works best in terms of jumping rope, but it works for pushups equally well too.

And, any other exercise you so choose to APPLY it to.

The second?

Oddly … enough, hehe.

It’s simple, and it is this – dont think about rep count at all. Just “do”.

Sure, have goals all you want of doing 500 pushups a workout, 100 squats, or whatever.

But for me, what has worked best, and for a lot of you I suspect too, what I keep recommending about life – live in the flow, and DO, without thinking too much or overanalyzing.

Some of the best workouts I’ve had – I still remember them from years ago.

And they all came in this mode and mood, just flowing in the flow.

You’ll know when you’re truly in the flow, when nothing can really destroy, interrupt you- or what not. You will feel it.

I just had to do 50 pushups before writing this to you, so I told myself I would.

Presto, I stopped at 40 despite visions of me doing 50, and very strong ones at that.


I dont know.

Just how it is.

Same thing with my meditation this morning.

But, squat wise? I thought I’d just do 10 to 20 “for now”, I ended up with 150 already …

Nothing to do with the release of Squat 101 either, which is already making waves, someone wrote back (and he just flipped through the ebook, that is all, hasn’t even fully read it” saying “simply novel and superb” …

But thats how it’s worked.

Often times when shooting for personal bests, and putting emphasis on that, I fall short (but dont fail, mark you and mind you).

There’s a difference.

But when not worrying bout rep counts so much is when I’ve always surpassed my personal bests.

And second tip well, its covered in Jump Rope Mania, but hint, think in multiples of two.

So 100 becomes 50 x 2 – and no, I’m not giving anything else away either.

Some of you will figure it out, some wont, but either way, if you’re a doer, get the books above.

And thats that!


Rahul Mookerjee