A small mod for diamond pushups – for you that NEEDS it.
- For those with wrist injuries, etc.

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My wrist injuries – down the road, too many to list out here – not to mention that nasty(iest!) injury I incurred in 2018 when doing fingertip handstand pushups after the hill climb in cold, horrible weather in China.

Cold, damp, felt like several degrees below zero with the wind chill – when I went home, the COLD water from the tap felt warm on my hands so frozen were they!

Anyway – that one injury – although I can do fingertip handstand work, I’m still very leery and think twice – thrice – before actually doing it, putting ALL my focus into it!

It’s very easy to get injured with fingertip work, as I say in pushup Central.

I’ve popped that thumb more times – in and out – (no pun!) – than you can imagine doing fingertip pushups with sloppy form, or when “tired” …

And thats one thing you need to be careful about, but I’ve always had weak wrists, and my right, well, ever since I attempted a running jump out of an almost stopped bus (hey, no-one told me which foot to put down first, I had to figure it out myself!! i.e the right plane of motion and such)  – and landed on the wrong foot, then the right wrist, then the cast it was put in … then the Gorilla Grip a tennis player gave it when not recovered (OUCH!) …

(I remember the look he gave me, its what I give people now when they look at me shocked when I grip their hand, I’m like “but I just gripped it firmly!”) ..

How times change. Hehe.

Anyway ………..

It’s always been a weak point that I have strengthened, so to call it a weak link wouldn’t be accurate any more – my hamstrings if anything are the weak link now.

Sorta …

Anyway, point of me saying this in my usual verbose story telling manner – is this – in Pushup Central, I bring to you the “diamond pushup” – which truly is a forgotten diamond in your pushup training.

Aaron, an old friend of mine once told me in college “Look at the black dudes, those chests they build in prison!”

(he served some time for weed or something, I cannot remember, pity it wasn’t today where its pretty much legal)

And how do they do it – well, as he told me …

“Do what them nikkas do, diamond style!” 

And he was right.

I implemented his advice, and soon enough, Jay a friend of mine was telling me “your chest is starting to look like those black guys!”

Same Jay who till this date, years later calls me Macho Man, rightly so. Hehe.

But anyway – these pushups – while they tax your upper body in a fantastic and different manner – they can be, along with SOME of the other pushups (like fingers pointing backwards) – HARD on your wrists.

Lots of you have reported feeling twinges of pain, it’s happened to me too.

If this happens?

As I say for the Hindu pushup, simply move the wrists around to a comfortable position and then do ’em.

For diamond pushups, something that may work is not making the diamond fully with your thumbs, you leave “some” space between the fingers – not a lot, but that little bit matters a hell of a lot.

Same for the fingers pointing backward pushups …

Anyway, there is ONE style of pushup that is truly the forgotten pushup and that builds your lats, chest, triceps, like nothing you’ve ever done before – and it’s way easier on your wrists and joints too.

This is something the great Bruce Lee used to fantastic effect!

I dont call it the Bruce Lee “wing” pushup in the book, but maybe I should.

You’ll spot it, it’s the pushup I say you should be VERY careful when doing, you’ll barely be able to do one when you start…

And it’s a different finger/hand positioning than you’ve ever seen before including out there on the internet with all the rubbish out there.

Anyway, as I launch into my workout and make more green tea, thought I’d share that with ya!

And since I have now…


Rahul Mookerjee

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