IF enough you show enough interest, then this may happen.
- And more on the sheer brutality of squats. . .

And more on the sheer brutality of squats. . .

Some – a lot  – covered in Squat 101. 

And some not.

I gotta admit, as I sink down, hips, ass, hamstrings, all cramping (this for someone who routinely pumps out hundreds of squats, has put in tons of hours of stretching) … CRAMPING, I gotta do more than stretch, which I will soon.

Before that, there is an absolutely brutal variant of the squat I did NOT put in Squat 101.

Sales are picking up for this book, early days as yet, too early. After all, I put out the book like two days ago. Hehe.

And if you haven’t gotten it at the price it is NOW, well, “silly you” is all I can say… (because, well, the price will go UP very soon like I said so many times).

some people. you tell them, you try and help them, they dont get it, anyway …

Anyway, the point of this being – this brutal squat involves the following –

The JCVD split – one of the toughest for a lot of people to do right.

Mentioned In Advanced, PROFOUND, Isometric and Flexibility Training – and the Sumo squat which is mentioned in Squat 101. 

And it combines it all into a slippery, sliding, joints opening “forgotten movement” that taxes the hips, thighs, hamstrings, core and your BREATHING like never before, when done fluidly for reps.

The movement is too hard for even most advanced trainees to do, but you’ll see it performed in Indian akharas a lot …

Now, what is it you ask.

Well, if enough of you show interest in Squat 101, which given the way the orders have picked up, I believe you ARE – then Squat 102 will have this, and more utterly brutal version of this movement, and more.

So much more I got to teach, there is just no way I can put it all in one book.

And it’s not that easy for everyone to do anyway, most of you will spend a lifetime working on what I mention in Squat 101, so you should – so I DO – damn near, or daily.


Two more tips for utter brutality I’ll add into this book – and tell you now, sorta –

One, practice KICKS between your squats.

I give you plenty of recovery tips for your legs in Squat 101, but one way is also to practice your kicks in proper form – note – too many people kick in piss poor form and get found out in fights (for one, your “other foot” should NOT land “in front of you” when doing roundhouse kicks, and two, when you do side kicks, your non kicking leg does NOT bend!) … (and kicks come from the hips and core, not so much “thighs”) …  between sets of squats.

You’ll see this makes you super sore if done right.

If you make the kick an isometric and HOLD for time – boy!

And if you do what I mention in Squat 101 (did I mention it enough times? Hehe) – – and combine the Rahul Mookerjee “patented squat” into your training, along with “slow mo” squats – well, you’ll understand the meaning of SORE legs and cramps – anew, if that is even a word.

Remember, after all this, DO stretch out.

It’s so important, even more so after heavy duty squatting, and I’ve not only included examples of WHY you should do so – personal examples – but also the exact and best exercises you need to use to stretch out.

As always, the bodyweight exercise Guru delivers more than what he promised .. and thats how it SHOULD BE, my friend.

Truly, with all my background in climbing hills and such, and now this, and my “slim legs” “slim long muscular legs” which Carol giggled so much about – well all of it makes me the perfect candidate to bring this book to you, and all the rest…

Get it NOW.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Joke from the wife, but it speaks volumes and is testament to my focus on PROCESS and then results … or visualizing the result during it …

Daughter keeps losing stuff the wife and mother give her.

Opposite of when we were growing up, we barely had nothing, now they have everything, molly coddled and more.

Bratty too sometimes!

So she often gives me stuff she buys for the daugher for safekeeping.

I’m supposed to hand it out “within reason”. If the wife does, it disappears, then I get phone calls on trains in China saying “your daughter gifted her pencils away to her classmate again!” … Hehe.

True incident, happened when I was on the train from Shenzhen to Dongguan, hehe.

Anyway, the saying goes thus.

“He’s the security officer. Not even God can get it from him”.

Why, daughter asks. God can!

“Because he’ll ask God for REASONS And logic”.


So I probably would!

But process is process, taking care of one’s own things is an art, just like with one’s body.

And there is no better person to bring you the art of caring and training your own body, my friend, indeed, as rabid customers keep telling me “if people dont appreciate your art, to hell with them”.

And thats always been my biz philosophy anyway!

While the 0 Excuses Fitness System videos have had many good things said about them, flowing art was something I heard most recently, and I truly, deeply, am appreciative of the real man that made that comment – as well as the verbal ASS KICKING he handed out when I needed it .

yes, yours truly does on occasion too!

Thank you, John. I mean that – again!

And thats that. Back soon.

PPS – Actually, security officer? More on that HERE, hehe. True story that too!  (thank you to Amazon on that one, I suppose? Hehe)