Rowing and Squatting
- Two of the best darn exercise ever!

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Rowing, my friend is an underrated exercise and workout unto itself.

As I sit here writing this, sweat pouring off me – have you ever tried padding a boat – even with a gentle current in your favor?

I’m not talking white water rapids like in Uttarakhand, or perhaps the Niagara falls if you’re crazy enough to try the latter, hehe.

I’m talking rowing.

When I was like 7 or 8, we went to a lake which was supposedly infested with crocodiles – I believe alligators is what they told us – near the “Pink City” i.e. Jaipur in India.

What they really meant was the Indian “gharial” – a harmless enough version of the croc which with its narrow snout can eat only fish, and isn’t that aggressive to humans.

Still, they’re wild animals.

So as my Dad paddled, I remember looking around nervously…

Nothing came, of course, or we likely wouldn’t have gone.

But rowing, my friend – done right – gives you a lat and upper body workout – brutal one – like nothing else.

And with squats, well, you get the benefit of both movements if you do it right, my friend.

Now, with the Hindu squat, although I’ve never specifically mentioned this in Squat 101 and 0 Excuses Fitness, it’s something you learn for yourself as you “do” – you’ll find the rowing motion of the upper arms, just the back and forth with the right BREATHING – is what causes “rythm to flow”.

Like I said in Squat 101, do NOT make the mistake of thinking “just thighs” or lower body and focusing on those alone.

It’s an entire body workout is the squat.

And while you know all about the Hindu squat, in Squat 101, you’ll see I devote a lot of time and space, and most of it to the BODYWEIGHT (regular) squat!

Which hasn’t had enough written about it, to be honest. It never will, like the regular pushup.

And YES, if you do these right, you’ll find the rowing motion works with these too.

Look, I just got done with 200 of these, my breathing is … well, its like I climbed a hill or something, my core, lower back – all of it has FELT IT!

And so will yours if you do it right …

Thats what I love about squats, the pure simplicity and the BRUTALITY of it all, like dips – and pushups.

Lots of you have been asking me to expand more on dips, which were covered in Fast and Furious Fitness. They deserve a book unto themselves too, thats for another time though …

Maybe soon!

For now, enjoy.

And write back – let me know!


Rahul Mookerjee

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