That thin (often) line between criticism and CONSTRUCTIVE criticism
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I still remember General Michael once telling me about “criticism seems to be your specialty, Rahul!”

For a guy who took a piece of code I wrote in 2004 (and there was NO other module available in that regard for Php Nuke at the time for what we wanted), and the first comment he made before “but it works!” – was “could it be prettier?” … well, that was interesting.

I suppose we all have our own ways of looking at things.

To me?

Yes, criticism has always been something I do – either mentally or verbally or both, directly or not – and I think it’s a damn good thing if done right.

For instance, if you don’t criticize what could be improved but isn’t due to sheer lack of willpower or laziness, then you’re in my opinion “joining that same herd”.

When I live in India, the state of the roads around me, the fact that monkeys, cows, dogs, all share the same living space as people in the capital of the country … when they shouldn’t be, it should be the Civic authorities job to put ’em in animal shelters, or do away with them, or cull them, or I dont know, as in China, just eat them, hehe …

When you dont have a trash can  – or dumpster around to throw your trash in – the most basic of items, and you have to depend on a guy showing up in a pushcart (if he chooses to show up – else you have mounds of trash sitting at home and there ain’t squat you can do about it) to cart it away …

When organizations like Walmart, Target etc – or supercenters of ANY real sort are not allowed into a country because of politics .. .

And so many other things you and I take for normal, granted (like walking down to the 7-11 to get a beer, for instance) – not working in a country which purports itself to be a world power – well, seriously, when I criticize these things and say “if we really love our country (we being “the citizens of any country”) then these things should be improved, period, there is no excuse no blaming the Brits or what not, this is something India and Indians need to fix, the MENTALITY, the thinking, period …

And there’s a lot more I haven’t brought up here. If I did, I’d write a book.

When I bring this up, people shrug and say “thats how it is”.

No desire to change, so nothing changes, same ole same ole, well, thats fine – but yours truly desires to change, which is why yours truly hardly ever lives there unless “forced to” for whatever reason.

And oddly enough, these same things I complain about publicly, people sit around the dinner table, my wife included (who complains when I bring it up with her, but apparently it’s ok for her to bring it up and say “India will never improve!”) .. .and discuss and moan about the same damned things.

Same thing in China, people complain about foreigners whining and moaning about things, but look behind the scenes, the Chinese do it too.

Some of it is excessive, yes.

But where is the line between constructive and not?

As I hear my wife holler at my daughter as usual (Which she, like me, now just tunes out “in through one ear, out through the other”) about some nonsense or the other, something about “I can never be criticized” – I wonder what happens when the shoe is on the other foot?

My wife, like most modern women “turned liberal” (read Nazi feminist) has no inkling of how to raise a kid.

And of course, with a mother that believes in the core tenets of Nazi feminism just as fiercely – it’s pointless to say anything to her about it.

It all descends down to one thing “I’m the woman, so I’m right”.

Oddly enough, she yells at my daughter for being on the phone all the time. OK, faire enough.

But when I told her NOT to buy my daughter a dumbphone, she’s not old enough as yet – no-one listened.

OK, fair enough …

Then the first thing my wife does after anything – upon arising in the morning – or just about anytime in the day?

Get on the dumbphone.

No exercise, no walking about, no outdoor activities, yet, she complains when my daughter follows her lead (in terms of the phone).

Like, kids ape adults – that is normal, eh.

But when adults set a terrible example themselves (and I just pointed out ONE) – then who is to say criticism isn’t warranted then?

She claims “but I do my own work too” which is her right to say that, but she doesnt do any of what a real woman should do, and she has no logical or other reason not to do so.

If there was a reason, I get it.

No goose and gander, thats fine, thats this sort of woman for you.

But we’re talking criticism – logical and constructive … so it begets me bringing it up … (as another example).

I still remember Marc the African Silverback Gorilla telling me in 2018.

“They need an alpha male there!” (which he was referring to me – and him as).

They need a padded cell is what I think. Hehe.

This alpha does NOT want to deal with any of them.

Hell, I even asked Gorilla Girl about this, about how her daughter, older than mine, doesnt have a phone, she gave me the same answer as I gave you …

Fitness wise, this applies too.

Way too many people are thin skinned.

They can dish it out, but they can’t take it.

And look, if you’re fat, you’re fat, I wont hesitate to point that out – but I also wont hesitate in HELPING – in case you’re open enough to being helped, if not, well, go your own way and be fat is what I’d say. Hehe.

Am I saying I’m perfect ?

Hell nawl …

But I’ve been very open about my imperfections – and working on the weak links in my chain, and bottom line – when someone with a genuine interest in my health called me out for “looking unfit” the past year (and admittedly I wasn’t fat, but I wasn’t up to my “high standards” either as I was now) – that was the best damned birthday present I could have ever gotten, John, I keep telling him!

That was earlier on this year.

And the results since then speak for themselves.

Thats what counts, results.

I mean, end of the day, if what you’re doing is working, it’ll show.

If not, the blubbery gelatanious “whales would be proud” mass around your waistline and man tits will show too …

I mean, back when I was fat, everyone – family included – found a reason to call me out on it (though they’d never notice the fact that I could do pull-ups even with that weight (admittedly a lot was muscle, but a lot was phat too!) – and thats FINE.

Now when I’m a fitness machine “I’m too thin” or “I dont eat anything at all!!!!!!!!!!”

Or other nonsensical stuff about “dont lift so heavy!”

People act like idiots, really. And this isn’t just me, look at any fitness icon, ask them about their journey, they’ll tell you the same damned thing about comments from idiots.

And last, but not least – criticism?

I dont walk down the road looking for reasons to criticize people.

This is something I keep telling my daughter, she hasn’t learned it as yet …

I mean, if I walk down the road and see an obese person that is proudly flaunting it with their neo liberal “it’s my body type” crap – I think to myself “yet another fool”.

But I dont walk up to them and tell them that, now if they ASK me, I’ll tell ’em!!

And if they get pissed off about it, thats their choice.

With my daughter, she’s young, she sometimes has a habit of pointing out other people’s flaws and saying “I’m better”.

I keep telling her, to hell with their flaws.

Focus on YOURSELF, making YOURSELF better, strengthening the weak links in your chain.

It’s what I do every workout.

Getting better in some way.

Workouts, life, all of it …

Anyway, birthday wise – one of my friends has a birthday today, so I best go Whatsapp him before I forget, hehe. He’s the lawyer that handled both court cases in 2008 and 2009.

When we meet, which is rarely, he proudly still tells others, “I got two police vans to show up right then!”

And he did, hehe.

The High Court speaketh …

Anyway, bottom line – to get in the best shape of your life – get the 0 Excuses Fitness System NOW – and start implementing. Way too many of you are being lazy and not doing – and some of you haven’t even bought this great product as yet, I dont know what you’re waiting for? The moons will never align in case you didnt know, hehe.

And last, but not least, criticize – but always find a way to do so in a manner that makes – or tells – the other person how to IMPROVE.

I dont mean whining and pandering here.

I mean, tell them how to improve, and then watch what they do.

If they implement, they’re a doer, if not, they’re fools, let ’em go … (same philosophy I apply business wise on a daily basis too).

And thats that.


Rahul  Mookerjee

PS – For those of you “stuck” fitness wise, or otherwise … (this applies to handstand pushups, pull-ups, a lot of tougher exercises – muscle up, iron cross, you name it..)

Fail – first attempt at learning

No – Next opportunity! 

And so on and so forth. Hehe. I got that from my daughter, but thats a sage something to pass on too, for those that will listen ..

And it’s true, success at anything to me isn’t so much measured by the final result as it it is the number of times you’ve failed, gotten up again, gotten smacked back down again, then failed again …

More on this in Gumption Galore

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