Overly processed foods – and more.
- Diet, again!

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In modern day society, the following items are almost staples -bread, pasta, instant noodles – and so forth, and not just if you’re broke and starving either, my friend.

People seem to not just survive but so called THRIVE on these items.

Look at my wife, for instance, apparently “processed noodles” are the best thing since sliced bread, which ain’t that good either in my opinion- and dont get me wrong, to each his own, or hers, but I never ate that in my life until last year, last year I did, and after eating it – my reaction?

I’d rather starve than eat THAT.

And I mean every word of that.

Pasta – unless it’s cooked in rich natural tomato sauce falls into that category as well, unless it’s wheat or other more natural pasta.

And this holds for a whole host of other processed foods – including a lot of “packed” frozen meats and such.

Now, dont me wrong, I dont take any of this to giddy limits.

I know damn near everything has hormones, chemicals, and I’m hardly rabid about these things – unlike my current “significant other” who won’t start a single task without several trips to the “mandir” (temple) and chanting God’s name 108 times – literally, these Gurus on youtube (the so called ones that drill this nonsense into her mind all day long – more so since 2020) will be the death of most of the herd (not a bad thing haha).

Point of this is though – these foods might be the very ones preventing you from losing weight at super high levels, despite your workout routines.

If you’re REALLY, really looking to get FIT – from the inside out – being ripped is NOT a requirement.

Being slim and not having a belly and having a Corrugated Core and such – is very much a requirement, if you dont have those things, you ain’t fit by any standard (Bozo standards dont count, neither does pumping in the mirror and saying “I lost weight” when you’re fatter and more triple chinned than ever. I mean really, when guys have to take pictures of themselves at “flattering angles” so the flab doesnt show that much – its bad enough for women to do that but guys – give me a fuckin break!) …

But there’s nothing wrong with wanting to be TRULY FIT – and RIPPED – at the same time.

And the latter will only come with low fat content, and the proper diet.

A huge, huge culprit in today’s society?

A lot of the BREAD you eat, and other such “white” foods (rice might be an exception but for me it ain’t).

I’m firmly a believer in NOT eating bread – if I eat burgers, I usually toss the buns.

I’m a huge believer in WHEAT yes – and Indian style flatbreads, only if cooked with wheat (or Iranian, Afghani etc) – and in the West, wheat pasta, wheat bread (“brown”) etc).

It might not taste that good or be that fluffy, but its a hell of a lot better for your health.

Part of the reason my daughter is unfortunately showing signs of a belly is this – lack of activity yes, one thing – thats kids globally, but also … improper diet, and way too much junk food.

There is a constant battle going on in the house.

Granny gives her junk food “because Mom will not allow healthy stuff”.

She comes to Mom, Mom drills “Dont tell granny I gave you this into  her”, and just “because she’s the boss” (as she likes to say apparently) – she’ll give her more junk food.

She does try and feed her healthy.

But she does it in strange ways – often times, she’ll tell me to eat something which she’d toss otherwise. Hehe.

Perfectly good stuff you’d think, cans of tined meat and such, and of course, that lovely fluffy baker’s BREAD.

“I wont give this to the daugher”, she yells. “She has enough junk already!” 

Now, for reference, my wife wouldn’t give me any food if I was starving unless she absolutely was forced to. Thats how much she hates me.

Which is fine … but I’m putting this into context.

I of course, with my workout routines and such – I rarely eat that crap anyway, but sometimes?

Its nice to taste some decent bread!

(although I’d rather the wife’s flatbread).

(which is what I eat when at home, no rice either usually).

Anyway – I ate it last night. Loads of it, along with a lovely tasty mixture of brinjal, spring onions, and more … remember, the more vibrant the color it is, the healthier it is for you.

I did this because I knew I’d get it out of my system anyway – and because I hadn’t cheated on diet in ages, apparently – I haven’t had pizza for months despite loving the damn stuff – and because of the vegetable gravy, the healthy component.

But I Can still “feel it” today. In that … well, my digestion is so finely tuned now that I can literally feel my food digesting when I eat, and if I eat something a bit unhealthy – I dont fall sick, or have China Belly or what not, but I do “feel it” the next day.

The above might sound strange, but if you pay attention to your diet, proper attention, as you should, you will know what I mean.

Believe it or not, part of the Indian wrestler’s routine in India is to … well, defecate together in the open fields outside the akhara.

Yes, you heard me right.

And they generally look at their stool once done to make sure “everything is well formed and OK”.

I realize that put gross pictures in your mind, but that is how it’s done, my friend.

And while there are other ways to figure out the state of your insides, the above, well, scientifically speaking I cannot argue with it, though I dont do it myself! Hehe.

Anyway ….


All of this, and more will be covered in a book on diet and fasting – another one of those upcoming books, this will take the “Simple and Effective Diet” to new levels basically.

I’m going to pour nigh ALL my very extensive knowledge into this one, so y’all -stay – tuned.

And second?

To lose weight, or to help in doing so – cut out the BREAD from your system.

Cut out PROCESSED stuff – and packed stuff as far as possible.

Ramen noodles, SUGAR, packs of soft white BREAD – cakes – doughnuts – all go into the BIN, my friend.

Not to say you can’t enjoy themselves once in a while, but be ready to work it out of your system! (or suffer the long term consequences).

Anyway, thats the tip for today. Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

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